What did I think of this movie?

What did I think of this movie?

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Do you think this movie was troublesome for his career?

lmao at brando's face

Worthy of a megapint, I'd say

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kinos for driving away?

Depp confirmed tardy.

comfy kino

if you love a tranny, tell him that she's really woman

Nearly 5 hours of answering "do you think" questions. How has this guy not hone postal on those mirrors yet.

What happened in 2016 that made Johnny unemployable bros?

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Give me strength.

>Volume 2

a volume 2

I don't recognize Marlon Brando.

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Marlon Brando had a really good cameo

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>there's a Vol. 2

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>but first a word from our sponsors

as if we needed a sequel

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Someone post
>Just look at the time
edit of the judge

A sequel! KINO

release the snyder cut

>close VLC
>thank god it's over
>we'll now play volume 2

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i am the judge, ama

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and five hours of deposing that guy there is still a volume 2?

She's imitating vape-bro
Why are Amber's team such monsters, bros?

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For anyone wondering, Pirates 5 still mogs most movies.

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This entire day is gonna be depositions, isn't it?

da fuq is this

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>a niga pint?

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yeah they printed money with that. who watches those kids? I remember I liked the first one when I was little

Literally me irl

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>the House Janny driving and vaping during his deposition

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Is the new Pirates of the Caribbean even in production yet?

How much qualifies as a mega pint? In your assessment.

was just thinking about this
they only came back from an hour and 20 long lunch break like an hour ago and now they need another break? wtf is wrong with americans?

band was actually named after the jack sparrow quote

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Objection, speculation, sustained

Pirates was the biggest running cash-cow when it was axed.

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dont call him a janny, depp pays him hard

It's called an "ask me anything" you stupid fucking bitch.

well it has to be more that a pint

>ey listen senorita, i dont know okay, cesar always works the saturdays *drives off*

at least 50 pints

constantly thinking about shitposting

I Depp's music even any good?

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we will never get honest kino like pirates again. the character interactions were pure soul

It's boring as shit and the judge has to call a break every time she notices that the jury is getting fatigued from the boring shit, because if their attention starts to waver the whole thing becomes useless. You and me have memes on here to entertain us while it goes on, the poor jury just has to listen to the rambling lawyers.



I think it was yesterday when the judge announced the lunch break and this ham planet excitedly burst out "OOOH YAAY LUNCH" like she was counting the minutes lmao

Mega literally means a million. Kilo is thousand. Giga is billion. etc etc. So a megapint would be 1 million pints.


You'll be fined 500 million US dollars.
Thank you, Jury, for your service. Court is adjourned.

fucking kek no way bro, i did hear something and thought "what the fuck was that?" but that would be too funny

300 mega dollars and 1 mega alpaca

>it's cough syrup

its just a megapint of cough syrup your honor

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is amber ever gonna testify and be cross examined like johnny was?

Jannie is here. Everyone act cool.

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I would assume so. There's still like another week left in the trial.

>hey user have you decided where you should sit for your hours-long video deposition?

Yes. And she'll cry for 5 hours and every objection will be overruled because the dyke judge will allow it. I have like 3% hope for johnny to win. I'd go as high as 6% if everything goes well.


Jeez, it reads like something that Chris Farley would OD from.

Kino webm

>another week
This is week 3. This is a 6+ weeks trial. There's still a shitton of witnesses and depositions to go through

my iron clad prediction is that johnny will lose the case but win in the court of public opinion, but unfortunately it won't save his career

>says he's tired of the case and just wants to get on with his life
>20 minutes later literally drives away

great writing. chekhov's gun, setup and payoff. excellent character study

>Everyone in the courtroom seems to be neutral, even occasionally smiling with some of the absolute lads in the trial
>Heard looks like a fucking harpy
Dunno if the Jury will believe her crocodile tears.

>call my sister
>miss half hour of courtkino
fill me in brehs

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I am OJ, this trial is boring as fucking shit. AMA.