Dark Forces / Jedi Knight miniseries when?

Dark Forces / Jedi Knight miniseries when?

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I have something cool for you.

I remember Jan looking better in cutscenes than in-game

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Whatcha talking about?

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In return, I've got something cool for you too

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What race is Jan?

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The original sw Mary Sue.


When Israel is dead


Never. The lore's been too fucked up at this point. Nothing makes sense.

Not Mary Sue, Chuck Norris.

Where would I be without you OP?

Iirc Kyle made it into some card game or something so he's canon again I guess
Doubt he'll get his own show though. Rogue 1 pretty much destroyed the first game (and is one of the many reasons I don't like that film that much)
If Disney was smart they'd expand the legends label to include shows but they'd probably be worried about confusing people

Watching SW after the abortion of TLJ

>"We need a director for an upcoming Star Wars series starring a WMAF coup-"
>"She's been waiting in the studio parking lot for two hours already, sir"

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>Angela Harry was born in Fukuoka, Japan.

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Thank you user

I have already the perfect casting choices and they are even a real couple. I know it's risky giving roles to models but they gotta start from somewhere

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>mary sue
>Kyle Katarn

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>He's Han Solo, but COOLER
>Oh and he's an ex Stormtrooper
>Oh and a Jedi
>Luke likes him so much he made him a master because he's THAT FRICKING COOL AND BADASS

Ruby Bliels.

Yeah he just magic achieves them all without losing, having help or going through hard challenges, right?

Rogue Uno replaced Kyle and Jan with Jyn and Cassian tho.

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>he didn't play every single one of the games
I lived it, zoomie

I played all of them too

What's the cheatcodes for the first dark forces game for weapons and skipping to a new level
no cheating and looking it up

>stormtroopers are all mary sues
I don't understand this argument

I don't know because I didn't use cheats.
I do remember that finding paths was pain in the ass and how surprised I was to face Boba in there
Doubt as you like but I played them all and liked them all

what horror movie is this from?

Dark troopers are already in mando

Kyle is already in nu-Wars tho

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Not him but I was so stupid as a kid that it took me years until I understood the cheat code "helpusobi 1" I thought helpusobi was some stupid made up word. The games are 10/10 and would make top kino, which I think would be if Sam raimi was assigned, due to his kinematic style

you know theyll ruin it right

No likes that fag.

Yellow Fever 3: The Revenge Of The Chad

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You’ll get kino and like it!

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To be fair after i sliced him in half and made rubble fall on him in jedi academy and then in the following cutscene he gets up like he didnt just get bissected

Take this cartoon trash out of here, user.

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Imagine how horrible live action version of him would be if Nucasfilm laid their claws on him

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All of desaans quotes and lines are all greatly delivered and memoreable, more memorable than any actor in disneyewars

Only ones I remember are "jediwannabe" on and "eriamjh on", a reference I didn't get for years

He even did the impossible-to beat-boss fight stuff way before Fallen Order


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In my first playthrough i used the instant saber kills cheat and if i remember right desaan was still able to eat 2-3 swings before youd kill him while hed still kill you in 1

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Hopefully never, at least until Elon gets around to rescuing Star Wars and Marvel from Disney.

>Welcome Kyle Katarn. Welcome to the future
absolute kino villain and voice actor

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I had dark forces for ps1 and Jedi Knight for PC, fucking loved those games although I had to cheat my ass off to get anywhere. I used to stare at the box for Jedi Academy at the store and thought choosing your saber was so cool.

Star Wars has pretty much always a videogame thing for me, I have fond memories of the OT because I watched them on vhs with my dad, but that's about it.

The ape thing in the desert level from Shadows of the Empire scared the absolute piss out of me as a kid. Realizing it actually could be killed if you shot it enough was a cathartic moment.

I honestly think those were the first things I learned to type

>I used to stare at the box for Jedi Academy at the store and thought choosing your saber was so cool.
I had a magazine with a preview of it. Thought being able to make my own character would be awesome and I dreamed of making a 4 bladed light Saber (retarded I know but I thought the game would let you do what you wanted)

And thing that scared me in Darkforces were the phase 1 dark troopers that were basically just terminator skeletons. I remember I'd skip to the robot factory level, get up in the vent before you drop down to fight one and be on edge and not wanting to drop down cause I knew there was one below

>The ape thing in the desert level from Shadows of the Empire scared the absolute piss out of me as a kid. Realizing it actually could be killed if you shot it enough was a cathartic moment.
It was just a palette swapped wampa from hoth but sandy instead IIRC.

Game Over theme

The scariest shit about that game was this part of the ord mantell level.
This motherfucker and the spooky mechanical sounds as he hunts you through that gloomy trash.
Fuck that level. And the whole train platforming to get to it was annoying as fuck too.

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Robots are scary

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It't the sounds and jerky motions.