Millennials literally had explosive diarrhea from laughing too hard at this

Millennials literally had explosive diarrhea from laughing too hard at this

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this was zoomer era dude


Spot the newfag this guy was a major faggot back on old b

No cap Millennials are the worst generation fr fr

Eh, I'm 23 and even then I found him to be an obnoxious faggot. Tosh.O was based though; is he even still around?

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no it wasn't fortnight and minecraft came way after this dude handed the reigns to another

Zoomers were like 10yo at best when he was popular


what's habbening forum?

RWJ is in the same realm as Nostalgia Critic, there's a certain endearing quality to him now.

tell me this isn't funny

Minecraft was playable in 09-10 bro. I started playing as a 20yo because the infidev threads on Yea Forums

gaylennials are the most retarded generation to ever exist
death to faglennials

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yeah so? kids love to watch youtube

who do you think watched his dogshit
Adults? Me and my mates were watching his shit in the middle of classes


how old do you think zoomers are? We were born late 90s/early 2000s

Ray William Johnson launched Cr1tikal's career

I was more of a Smosh guy

I don't know how prevalent it was to react to other people's content at the time but there are millions of react channels today with people being lazy and doing nothing but just reacting to content they have stolen from other people, i guess he was innovative in some sense already doing it back then

What uuuuuup?!
Surprise buttsex!
This cat didn’t ask if he could has cheezburger, he just took it!
This guy….this guy will make you LAWL!

>I'm 23
Then you’re a zoomer, not a millennial

i'm literally laughing right now. so wholesome. when people were sane.

Mostly girls and a few guys late teens early 20s. Same with philly D generally. And tobuscus. If yall kiddos were watching in school and shit yall must have been middle class with the first smart phones I guess.

Not really. He was good enough to watch.
Not to mention he just banked on other people's content.

The first outro girl was smoking hot.

No shit.

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Why does nobody talk about IgualATres in these threads?

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What's his ethnicity? He looks vaguely indian


nah, millenials are based and avocados are delicious

This guy's format is literally the groundwork for all current celebs. Just watch some shit and then say something.

I can't tell if he ever said that or if it's a parody of him but this is so fucking good.

Man, I just looked this up, and I can't believe this dude has actually tried to pass as white. jfc. English German Scottish - what the hell are they talking about lol. The only question for me would have been is he 100% indian/south asian or 50%.

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Any of yall remember everyone saying smexy and buttsmex etc back then?

That wall is so gay compared to Ray's Watchmen mural

I remember "sexeh" too. Not sure what we were thinking.

Who is that pale SLUT on the left?

>most subcribed channel at one point
>12 million subs
What the fuck went wrong? We need to remove 90% of the population from the internet.

Starting with (you) faggot.

Lol I heard these all the time but I had no idea they came from Ray William Johnson

And I, the quintessential millennial, was 20, and didn't watch the =3 guy. That fag was never funny.

Nigger, zoomer era of Youtube is 2014/2015+. At this time, everything still was twee and cute and epic which is better than the tryhard dead eyed zoomer girls

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fr fr no cap bussin

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>zoomer girls
Why are they so retarded and untalented?

This was also when you could get monetized doing whatever as long as you were big. It was a fucking gold rush. Now all youtubers have to sell you NordVPN, shill their patreons and censor their cursing.

Me too but I'm not a millenial

This made millenials catatonic with laughter

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I laughed when he kicked the shit out of that baby.

>Ray William Johnson launched Cr1tikal's career
That's terrible that guy is the most boring heavily shilled thing on jewtube.

Nah back in the day people did it for free just because of passion

More specifically, this was the late Millennial era of Youtube when everyone was having an epic fail while planking

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wasnt critical shilled by Yea Forums hard until normies took notice?

He was probably shilling himself. His content is the most generic soulless by the numbers shit I've ever seen.

his early gaming stuff is very different from the generic shit he's doing nowadays

The only thing I've seen that I liked was this condensed Bloodborne let's play it was kind of funny. He's really gaming the algorithm and has it down to a pat with all the soulless shit he's pumping out I get recommendations in my feed for him on the most unrelated shit.

>Is Kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?

oldfag here
what is this?

Exactly. No one over 20 watched this

>No, absolutely no one wrote headlines like this before millennials. And that's a Good Thing!

>is he even still around
He's trying his best to stay relevant doing boomer-tier TikTok sketches

A screencap thread, in video form.

This was great but it was short-lived. Probably for the best in retrospect.