That episode where squidward had his own ethnostate

>that episode where squidward had his own ethnostate

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Other urls found in this thread: Weather Underground was a,Society (SDS) national leadership.

>rejects peaceful harmony because spongenigger infected him with the tard mindvirus

Peaceful harmony is boring. If you lived in a white Christian conservative society you would end up killing yourself because you wouldn’t have a tranny to harass

cast him

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>implying I'm Christian and white

>move back to your multicultural neighborhood with loud, retarded neighbors
Yeah it wasn't propaganda or anything.

Michael Cera

Now cast HIM

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actually what happens is, they decide that one group of Christians (or muslims, or commies, or [insert ideology here]) isn't X enough, or is the wrong kind of X. then they do exactly the same shit as before with the new outgroup.

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Why haven’t you moved to Somalia yet, faggot? You’d have a great time

This 1000x

>bro just move to a black ethnostate if you think ethnostates are so bad


Pierce Brosnan or Mel Gibson

Here’s a list of fun places you could move to, faggot.

Take your pick

i wouldn’t be the one killing myself lol

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proof that ethnostates dont make your life better like cuds claim

of course, this map uses the local tribal conception of ethnicity, when someone like yourself actually puts all black people in the same category in practice.

if you did a similar image for 18th century europe, you'd discover everyone thought Germans, French, Spanish etc were different races, like the Ben Frankin quote. because race is a social construct. :D


>somalia is an ethnostate

why are liberals so low IQ and uneducated?

>race is a social construct
i remember when i was 15

Only women and gays need drama to keep life interesting, Squidward had very metrosexual tendencies

>race is a social construct
>don't be racist
Is like people can see race, but just pretend they are above it or something.

>you would kill yourself
>wouldn't have a tranny
I'm a bit perplexed at the state of this site.

So Spongebob is the goofy annoying tranny that we can't live without having him around to laugh at?

holy amerishart

You are a total dumbfuck.

thank the western education system. pattern recognition and trusting your instincts or experiences are cardinal sins


now cast HIM

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then you should kill yourself out of principle


>race doesn't exist, also we Whites need to apologize for historical sins our race committed against other races :^)

I feel a strong urge to maim these people.

This is like Israel and squidward is one of the liberal jews that prefers to stay in America

Yesterday I watched this video:

In the first seconds they say: "It's a very diverse community, it's really nice here, this has become a Jewish area again".

So is diverse but belongs to a distinict ethnic group?

At times, I really do question how people think like this.

It's true tho

they have over 12 different ethnic groups, what are you talking about?

You've mistakenly used "is" in place of "it's" twice. What is your mother tongue?

I just checked the subtitles, since I tend to miss hear or rearrange the sentence otherwise.

I didn't spell check the subtitles, I was just making sure I didn't write different from what was said.

I'm not talking about subtitles. I'm talking about your posts in this thread. I'm not trying to be inflammatory, I just like to see what kinds of mistakes people who speak other languages make when speaking English to see what kinds of patterns different groups form. Like how Indians don't seem to have a grasp on colloquialisms or how whites can't stop being racist. So, what is your mother tongue?

Watched Squidward's Tiki Land this morning.

I'm Swedish, I think my English is just fine.

You could just be mistaking every error to be from one user, when in reality, every person on this site has bad writting skills.

Diverse literally just means non-white

You're genuinely obsessed

I thought of it more as foreign.

Since white people aren't "foreign" or even considered "native" in their own land, so we don't get to be inclunded in the modern concept of peoplehood.

I still don't understand how people can wish for racial diveristy, if they also belive there is no racial difference in the first place.

It boogles my mind to no end.

It's a code word. When certain people say diverse, they mean non-white. The entire PC woke shit is a joke because it's all contradictory.
>no such thing as race
>except we will constantly refer to race in everything constantly
>except we will now divide the entire world into whites and people of colour, thus erasing the actual diversity of world cultures

If it was up to the left, Europeans would cease to exist and every non-white race would be melded into an identity-less generic brown. And that's hella diverse fr fr no cap. The entire POC thing is so fucking blatant.

I recall this: Weather Underground was a,Society (SDS) national leadership.

Forgot the video, in one interview they were told that is their duty to end the white race.
Media says is just a "right wing conspiracy theory" till it isn't.

With what?


why is everyone memeing this episode all of sudden?

>google Ethnostate
>white ethnostate comes up first
>not the fucking definition of the word
>not some diverse examples of it
i wonder who owns that search engine...

Communism is... LE GOOD?!?

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the world would be a better world if all countries were ethnostates

The correct analogy is that you wouldn't want to live in a neighbourhood of anons like yourself. It would be fucking horrible.

Lol the irony of this post is tangible. You have a permenant victim mentality and if white people every stopped existing you'd have nobody to claim as your oppressor.

he's just different that's all man.

I tried destroying the establishment and told the police I was fighting for SpongeBob. Got fired the next day.

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a-are you...A FOREIGNER???

we're literally just living beings on a rock in space, so whats a fuckin race yk? who cares

This but unironically

Anchovies were like the Chinese of SpongeBob

This but ironically

i changed the timeline and made germany win WW2.
world was so fucking boring, everyone really polite and smart, people getting good jobs with good paychecks, i couldnt make sense of the stuff they posted in social media, really complex words.
trannies didnt exist because in that timeline schizophrenia is easily cured, same as cancer.
i had to get back and kill hitler myself and disguise the homicide as a suicide when i discovered that Wakanda was real in that timeline.


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I cannot stand this kind of nihilism, your perspective is lacking, attain awareness

why does an eleven minute children's cartoon need three writers

>i had to get back and kill hitler myself and disguise the homicide as a suicide when i discovered that Wakanda was real in that timeline.

Your brain on leftistim. Literal holes in the grey matter lol.

For triple the poz

Even as a kid I thought this was heavy handed agenda pushing.
Going to public school with niggers will do that to you.

Propaganda quality control

>I can't stand this level of truth, please put me back in the cave

In that graph why is the total lower than the male?

If you're just a bunch of cells, why isn't it okay for me to kill you? Because you want to live? So did that baby. Attain perspective.

You hate whites because they dominated the past, and that makes you feel inferior. Don't project your racism onto modern whites, we're your only chance at living like a human these next coming decades.

Lmao what?

Classic Paul Dano

is that why the roman emperors thought the best way to pacify society was simply to make games?

pseudo intellectuals really need to shut the fuck up. Especially the atheist/liberal/commie ones.

Oh they'd have (((somebody)))

you're the one in the cave retard

Isn't Squidward a Jew? So is Squidville an anti-Israel episode?

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God brainlets are a pest