What was her problem?

What was her problem?

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Hated her father


She killed a marine and stole his money.


She looks like she traumatizes 17 year old boys

Her husband never wanted kids
She wanted kids
She divorced him right before her eggs dried up
In all the craziness looking for validation she banged out michael for awhile even drank and smoked at work till she gor fired.
Then she played “housewife” with michael till she sobered up and got artificial insemination and left him

Did you guys know she was supposed to play Jennifer in Back to the future, but when they replaced Eric Stolz by Michael J. Fox, she was fired because she was much taller than him…


Thats crazy
Anyway, i really want to fuck a milf like this before i’m the same age as her. Problem is i’ve been in a relationship for 6 years. Do milfs want young stud dick Yea Forums? I saw a study that said women mostly want men their age while men obviously want prime pussy

How do I get a mommy dom BPD gf with big milkers

Jan unironically the most attractive female on The Office.

for me?

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm booba...


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I had this milf fetish. I unironically went after a 38 year old woman to lose my vcard. It was really fun because she never fucked a virgin. I feel like older women tend to feel less guilty in regards to receiving pleasure.

There is plenty women who want to experience a younger guy

user, I’ve dated a few MILF in my days after my divorce and it’s far from easy. Most of them are extremely hungry in bed, following years of being married to a burned out limpet, so you better bring your A game every night.
The worst part was most of them had huge mental baggage, s9 get ready for interminable discussions about their exes, ponctuated by mind boggling sex sessions.

Gosh she was gorgeous. Jim was an idiot


imagine missing out on getting your dick sucked while looking down at this you retarded faggots, pam's sister was the goat

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For me its s6 Pam's mom

And just dumb as a stick too. Imagine the fun Plop and Dwight Jr would have had if Andy didn't fuck up the plan.

I dated a MILF co worker for a few months. She was completely crazy but my god the sex was fun, she changed what I look for in a woman. She let me do whatever I want to her, and would cook and clean for me. It was pretty great if she wasn't a lunatic I'd have married her.

Not playing another set at the South Seas Club

unadmitted sex addict

She was fed up with her husband's obsession with wet wipes.

That's not her sister, just a friend. Her only sister is the blonde.

I'm sorry but even I would have simped for prime pam. Frumpy, nerdy, redhead with huge cans. Where can I sign up?

pam is not a redhead you color blind retard

That time she was singing with her daughter, asking her about her day. I never owned or wanted to own a gun, but if I did, I would shoot them both, no regrets.

she looks exactly like my sister

Asturd's mom had it coming.


What happens in that scene again?

That's why:

Not the one where she tells him he's not the father?

I would sell her my papers if you know what I mean

The writers giving her a happy ending was such a disgusting pull.

amy adams mogs pam so fucking hard. she looks like her hot sister.

Yeah idk, Amy Adams really isnt that hot at all in fact I'd take a trans woman over her any day

Big Tit energy.
im not joking.
big breasted women know they have power and often abuse it, on rare occassions, graciously.

>erin>your trash taste

Thats why mid 30s divorcees tend to get boob jobs?

You say that as it's a bad thing

genuinely one of the funniest female sitcom characters of all time. That actress is great on the show. "Dinner Party" wouldn't have worked if it wasn't for her performance, she's so fucking good

What was her happy ending, from what I remember she was a single mother, who didn't know the father due to it being from a donor and still completely insane

>I'm a faggot
ok fag

>I'd take a trans woman
i found your problem. you're a homosexual.



>If I had a gun with two bullets, and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin-Laden, and Jan, I would shoot Jan twice.

extremely low self-esteem paired with being middle-aged and having nothing/nobody in life with meaning.

worried about career instead of getting a family and getting breed in the right age, went insane after hitting the wall, later got inseminated but due to her old age the child will probably grow as damaged as her. very sad, very common.

Post your sister bro

why was she on this show? was she not as big a star when it first premiered?

The bonus clips ruined her character.
Hated her. What kind of idiot wanders into an office in the middle of the workday to peddle handbags?
The friend was one of the better girls on the show.
Would probably be fun for a casual fling, but Erin wasn't the type for casual dating.

BPD and too many simps in the world.

>bonus clips

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How was he do surprised with her age? How could he figure after fucking her multiple times?