its happening.

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"why do you wear that stupid jacket with the bug on it? Ken are you listening to me?"


"Ken you think you are so cool but standing there aloof and not saying anything isnt a personality"

".................. im going for a drive in the convertible"

*sunset driveby of the california coast to MR.kitty after dark*

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why does nobody care about kino anymore

Margot Robbie can't act

she doesnt need to


Does she have a barbie-esque body? I need research documents.

She's hot. Doesn't need to.

Margot was only hot in wolf of Wall Street.


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>he doesnt remember her in joe dirt

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Yeah she was hot here, very impreslive

Yep. Nothing has changed from the last thread. Best Margot is obviously Jamie Pressly.

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How much would you bet that in this movie Barbie will be a lesbian?

>OK, Margot.. You know how this works
>We're gonna need you to turn at an angle and stay at that angle
>Because.. you know... you have a fridge body and we have to hide it

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>omg how much you bet a brown person will appear onscreen?

shut the fuck up ffs

I think I can see her vagina bones.

this website is brown person central, noob. they would murder your entire family to have that celeb

Isn't Barbie supposed to be young and sexy, not old and looking like a fridge?

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will this be played in the first scene or shopping montage?

why are her arms so damn hairy?

based Good Samara-tan blowing the fuck out of Margoplebs

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best barbie

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>he doesnt know how real blonde women work

they call us cave demons for a reason nigger

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what a blockhead

Emma has better tits than Margot as well. Margot’s Look alikes are all better looking

Unequivocally based.

Faggot doll collecting bros, are niggers canon in Barbie universe or can we expect all white kino?

I googled "blonde cave demons" and the only thing that comes up is porn so explain yourself cracker

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Is this a family movie? Yes I have googled that and found zero compelling evidence one way or the other. If it's not a family movie, what am I supposed to tell my daughter?

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me on the far right

>is this a family movie

I think so

isn't Barbie supposed to look young?

The silence of the Barbie fanbase is deafening

Hey crabman!


LMAO imagine all the little girls getting far right on their birthday. They can get Barbie to hang out with Burt the rock guy from Big Bang Theory

>It will be a PG movie
>There will be one or two blink-and-you'll-miss-it risque jokes with a wink to the parents
>Most of the focus will be on wacky comedy
>Barbie will reveal herself to be a surprisingly deep and ambitious person who simply also enjoys the girlie-girl aesthetic, but gets mistreated or misinterpreted by others
>There will be one shirtless scene with Ken
>Ken will be kind of a dopey himbo. Barbie deciding whether or not to stay with him will be a big plot point.
>There will be a funny scene of Ken and/or Barbie being slovenly to contrast with their put together aesthetic
>Barbie's nemesis will be a mean girl who resents her for her appearance, but they ultimately become friends

I'd be more specific and say she doesn't have the charisma for something like this.

Legally Blonde and Clueless weren't oscar winning performances but they were fun to watch and she's not shown she can performances that can carry a film

You know how to take a gigantic shit on this movie? Just make her a coalburner.

Too difficult for modern audience to comprehend.

She makes my dick get hard.

Saw a bit of the Barbie Dreamhouse show and was surprisingly decent with the humor. Can imagine them doing some similar jokes for the movie.


The theme of misinterpretation sounds a little too adult for a movie that's mainly going to be watched by girls under 10. It's only at the upper end of that age demographic that children began to theorize about other people's perceptions of them. It's probably going to be about how Barbie has accomplished everything imaginable (all the different dolls have Barbie working different jobs, right?), but isn't really happy. The movie will be her trying to figure out who she really is and what she's meant to do in life. The resolution will be her figuring out that she can be happy by inspiring other people to be their best selves. Yes, Ken will be an important supporting character and will be mainly a comedic figure; Kelly and her black and Asian friend will also be there.

>no Barbie RV

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will never be beat

"Fridge body" is such a nonsensical meme. What the hell does that even mean? I know what a fridge looks like because I eat way too fucking much, but have any of you picky coomers ever seen one? They don't look like women!

But women can look like a refrigerator.

There will probably be a lot of meta-references and apologies for the traditional Barbie stereotypes.

Explain. Is it just that their torsos are the same width as their chest and legs? You'd have to be some sort of homosexual gaymo with a measuring tape to care about that.

Imagine being retarded enough to think this is a kids toy movie.

This will be Logan for wineaunts

>what am I supposed to tell my daughter?
Tell her, "Feminism will turn you into a miserable, soulless, demon, witch.

If she doesn't take off all her clothes and do stuff naked then I can't relate, because it was the only thing I ever did when I came across a Barbie doll.

High T. I'll tell you more about it later

Every little girl that sees a trailer or a billboard or a poster for this movie is going to want to see it; if it's not for kids then this verges on false advertising.

Would that thing even be legal on the roads?

>"Fridge body" is such a nonsensical meme. What the hell does that even mean?
How much more obvious do you need it to be

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it's basic shapes, user
women are supposed to have curves
it can be multidimensional depending on the person who says it.
>a rectangular block, cold, use it for sustenance (when they're rich; a sugar mama)

Because little girls just LOVE Barbie dolls in 2022

good casting
i can't think of anyone better suited to play a soulless plastic doll

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will she be smooth and doll-sized with doll joints?

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Barbie sales have actually gone up in the past decade.

Have you ever touched a living body before?

that's because parents are buying them for their sons now, too.

I don't know what point you're trying to make anymore.

We're coming home, anons.

Do you not understand nuance, or what a simile is?

You said "cold" while specifically talking about bodies.

>bleached blonde
Hard pass

>I am a Barbie girl...
shots of Barbie laughing with friends
>In a Barbie world
shots of pink city
>Life in plastic
shots of manequins store and Ken looking at them
>Is fantastic
shot of Barbie running to Ken

>bicep tattoo

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>bug worshipper accusing others of being soulless and plastic

God I want her to kill me.

A refrigerator is cold on the inside.

>Depp has never said just how many dolls he has in his collection, but sources have reported that the actor possesses dozens of limited edition Barbie dolls. And his collection goes beyond just Barbies, as he has also amassed some celebrity dolls.

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