Is there a single Amber Heard movie that you even remember?

Is there a single Amber Heard movie that you even remember?

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I keep getting her confused with blake lively

um, wasn't she in zombieland?

NBD 1, though she was only a side character

Drive Angry is fun, but more for Cage.

no and i find her face very boring. attractive but boring, and pretty cunty as well.

wouldn't even fap to her

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Drive Angry. But that's because Nic Cage to be honest.

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Was she the zombie in the beginning of Zombieland?

all the boys love mandy lane.


amber is exactly what I assume the devil looks and acts like

She honestly was insanely hot in Aquaman.

>yfw She was 22 in Zombieland

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shes more known for the man she fucked than her roles

>when youre at the bar vs when you wake up next to her

I was one of the 6 people that watched The Playboy Club...which wasn't a movie...

She had a couple of nude scenes in The Informers, which I only watched because it was a Bret Easton Ellis adaption. Only thing I remember from the movie is her nude scenes. She was crazy hot back then.


>36 now
big yikes

I watched the first episode and it was awful. Why would you do a Playboy show on fucking network.

That's the one where her character just does drugs and has AIDS at the end, right?

She was in that movie with the yuppies, it’s an older one, gets naked in it.

drive hard, the london one she just did and the one she with depp and billy bob thornton and aquaman

buckets to the foursome seen
that redhead too jebus

yes, the one in my head where she's a dominatrix and I'm her rubber gimp slave

that one where she's in cuba and her husband tries to get her to leave a bar but she wants to stay and she gets gang raped

Drive Angry
Pineapple Express
Justice League

Yep. That last scene on the beach was also memorable to be fair, but that was literally taken from the book.

22 what? Oh fuck
>Zombieland was released in 2009
>2009 was 13 years ago
>13 years is long enough for a baby to be born and grow into adolescence
>13 years means there was enough time for three presidential terms
>Obama was president for two terms during these 13 years
>13 years is long enough for three world cups
>13 years is how long Star Citizen has been in development

Time is fucking me up

Couldn't name one if you put a gun to my head.

pineapple express just because she payed the part of retarded bitch so naturally it was memorable, and i mean that as a compliment

Yeah I remember her phoning it in in this one with her hawt ass doing the work of being tightly fit into a green ensemble. She crazy pussy

Never back down starring Tom Cruise and Amber Turd

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>Never back down starring Tom Cruise and Amber Turd
this movie is fucking kino

All the boys love Mandy lane is good and you won't see the twist coming

Baller movie NGL


She should lose the trial on that alone

doesn't she get raped in North Country where she plays a younger Charlize Theron

You need glasses.

Yeah, these two.

No, I never consciously perceived her in any movie tb h.


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Machete Kills

Aquaman was fucking great!

> This is legitimately probably the most visually beautiful film I have ever seen.
> Choreography is outstanding in virtually all battles, chases & fight scenes.
> 90-95% of the film's CGI is shockingly impeccable. It's astronomical how much better this CGI is compared to that from Justice League and they came out back to back years. The scene with the Trench attacking the boat was some of the weaker CGI and it was still plenty decent.
> The outfits for Aquaman, Manta, Orm & Mera are magnificent and some of the most faithful in the history of superhero films. Mera's was the "weakest" of the 4 (I don't love the flat octagon pattern compared to the sharp scales on her JL suit) and it's still fully great. It truly shows how there is no damn excuse for the awful outfits in Birds of Prey.
> Score is great, fluctuates from epic choir to 80s techno and does it virtually seamlessly.
> Entire cast does a good job. Heard is a little inconsistent but not bad.
> Mera isn't as charismatic or nurturing as I feel the comic version is but the film didn't really give her time for such, they treat her as a very practical, straight to the point badass woman.
> I think they got the tone just right wondrous, epic & fun but not silly.
> Manta & Orm are the best Dceu villains after Zod for me so far (haven't seen Shazam or bop). Manta's origin scene with his father is well done.
> Love the mass assortment of globe trotting locations.
> This is exactly the kinda epic battles & massive sense of scope the Thor movies have all been missing. And they also don't outstay their welcome like I have heard the battles in the Hobbit films do.

> The romantic stuff in Sicily is weakly done but it doesn't last long.
> Black Manta's voice when he first appears in his iconic suit is a little hard to understand.
> Just a few cringy lines or moments (the toilet gag), not even close to as many as Justice League17.
> Film felt a little long but there wasn't much I would have left out.

her performance in The Town is better than anything Amber's done

I couldnt watch drive angry cause she looked so hot it distracted and frustrated me, i didnt even know her name
Shes dangerously hot, and now i know shes Crazy it just makes her 100 times hotter

I know what you mean. I'm 100% sure she's the best in the sack. She has to be the best fuck one could ever have.

Do you think she knows shes gathering a whole new folloving just cause we fetishise her as a Crazy bitch?

Never Back Down is kino

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i can understand blake lively and rachel mcadams but how do you confuse lively with turd?

She looks extra super hot in that poster but whoa nelly, that's such a low-quality photoshop. I hope whoever made that got fired.

I was going to cite a romcom from 2010s set in the 80's in which a nerd pretends hes a big shot and gets to hang out with his high school crush, but I just realised it was not Amber Heard. And I dont even remember the name.

>Kevin Costner was in his trailer when Ms. Heard shown up naked unexpectedly and was told to leave by Mr. Costner.

No, I don't rim Amber

She does get my dick way harder than she merits. FWIW for anyone here who hasn't had sex, crazy girls are never worth it, just get a stable girl who actually loves you and she'll put in the work to make the sex good.

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She was at her peak here when she was a bit thicker.

A couple of them but she's always just been a pretty face.
She was incredibly hot in that movie.

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People that go for crazy girls are sadomasochists, i know cause im one, i cant keep my dick out of crazy, its like a nightmare come true

Never back down. I'd beat somebody up to dump loads into that crazy ass bitch.

What exactly is the correlation betveen incredibly hot girls and absolute psycho?
Cause its realy frequent

The Ward

normal female insecurity and often sexual abuse in their tweens by a family member or mother's boyfriend. they almost always have weak or absent fathers.

I haven't seen any of them, I know she was in Aquaman but I never saw it and I can't name any other Heard movies.

Is she good or is she just a cunt?

damn girl

This is literally the 3 stages johnny always went through with her lmao

Post the webm

She was in zombieland?

Is that Draco Malfoy's dad?

For like, 5 minutes

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