>skateboarding renaissance, tons of poser new blood, discipline in the Olympics
>still no skatekino
What gives?

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subcultures are void of soul now, they may be revived, but they're merely zombies

A movie would be pretty boring. Skate videos are already kino.

But there was kino recently.

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Why does it look good on video but retarded in real life.

Man, seeing his interactions with his mom was sad as fuck. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I spent twelve years of my life trying to kickflip and was never able to do it. How the fuck do you even accomplish something like this?

git gud

Because you never see a Casper slide Tre flip out in real life, most you see if people fumbling a kickflip

I still remember when Squid totally beefed it

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Skatekino was always here. It's called Fancy Lad.


Jonah Hill ruined skateboard kino for at least a decade. We have hater though

By recording 5000 times and posting the one successful attempt. Even at the Olympic level the supposed pros looked no different from skaters at a local park falling every 3rd attempt. What a joke of a ""sport""

inb4 lol cause you can't skate

What a time to be alive


They all sucked at the Olympics but pros at real competitions do really good. 2/3 is pretty good anyways, most Olympic sports give you 3 tries for a reason

You sound like you walk around carrying a never skated skateboard by the trucks.

i like those comfy skateboard, japan videos

this. I was the camera guy in middle school during the early 2000s and you'd get like 2 landings out of tons of tries. One time I got some girls boobs on camera though but they were really fucking bad lol.


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wtf are you talking about?

>rails on boards
>people doing tre flips
>80s wheels

whoever worked as advisor on this film has no idea what they're doing, and Jonah Hill's fat ass didn't either

Jonah Hill was a skateboarder back in the day.

If you aren't breaking bones constantly then you're never going to make it. When I used to skate in my early teens I was the average shitter that was barely able to do anything, but this one dude that my sister knew broke his arm a couple of times, his left leg I think 2 or 3 times and a few ribs. He was able to do most of the stuff you see in these highlight videos from the 90s/00s. I know he wanted to go pro but he fucked his shit up so now he's a druggie.

My local skate park is full of decent skaters. Even the kids I rolled with in 03 were pretty good doing insane shit because that was the peak of skating back then.

>discipline in the Olympics

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No he didn't. Jonah hung out with a bunch of skateboarders, he was too fat to do anything. they literally called him "Jonah the Jew" to his face and he was the kid they kept around because he was fat and funny.

Yeah, skateboarding is a joke because deep down all critics wish they were skaters

Lol that dude looks like he should be playing golf in florida

it'll never go back to the golden days

Skateboarding is one of those things where its actually more embarrassing to be good at than not

Just because America sent fat trannies doesn't mean there wasn't decent performance. Japan did pretty well. The new USA skateboarding looks promising though

Lol no it's not. Fuckin dorks on Yea Forums.

>Spastic take on skateboarding

"Extreme sports" lose their soul when brands, money and ideas not grown from the sport itself get involved. Same reason why Redbull Art of Motion feels like a parody of Parkour.

Gleaming the Cube is all you need

Tony Hawk era vert skateboarding still had plenty of soul and there was truckloads of corporate money involved


That's a dyke. The womens skating is hella boring cause they barely do shit but the course for the olympics was way bigger than it should have been so it was even tough to skate for the male pros. The same thing happened at the recent x-games that was in Japan, the course was complete shit again. Japan wants to embrace skating because they have a bunch of good pros now but the japs they employ still don't know how to build a good skatepark.

If you need a reminder of how fucked humanity is look no further than the comment section of that video

>tfw recovering from a broken ankle
Just got my boot off and am finally weight bearing again, the temptation to jump straight back on my board is cripplingly bad (pun intended) but I know I need to build up my strength again before I even try a kickflip. I love skateboarding so much bros it’s so hard ;_;

Lol damn that bitch fooled me.


He’s exaggerating, if you broke bones that often you’d spend most of your time having to relearn everything instead of actually making progress with your tricks. No pain no gain is absolutely true, though. One of the most important things you can learn for your longevity in the sport is how to fall safely, but you literally can’t do that without falling in the first place. you’re gonna eat a lot of pavement if you want to progress.

watch the "do a kickflip" series on youtube, lot of randoms can do kickflips on call, youre just bad at it

>likes skateboarding
>calls others dorks

literally what killed the whole scene

eh, that happens to most people, its just part of life. your parents get old, you just do what you can to be with them

Fish eye lens

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Even on here no one wants to get blackpilled but it's true

>"i am not here to win but to have a good time and represent fat latinx americans"
the olympic spirit in action

what happened?

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Mullen was easily the best part of it.

Skaters are very boring people even by teenager standards desu.

how can skateboarding be a sport if there's no goal?
>inb4 muh figure skating
that one's grandfathered in


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there is the goal of doing more difficult tricks than the competitors without fucking them up

This was KINO

I'm sure that it will actually be dogshit if I watch it now, but remember loving it as a kid

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Yeah it is actually. A grown adult male in his late 20s/early 30s who skateboards is much worse than one who doesn't. Its the equivalent of still playing with action figures. It's fine as a kid, but we put these things down with age.

so it's still a bunch of dude lmao trying to outdo each other who can land the sickest trick.

still not convinced that's a sport

Lets pretends i've got 10 girlfriends and make amends in my benz with a fish eye lens!

rollerblading was better. a single asa event had more value than the entire skateboarding olympics event, and those comps were 20 years ago.