Cash me outside

cash me outside

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yall need sneedsus

God I'd love to see her get deep dicked by a massive black cock

marketing companies are the worst

>cash me outside
So she’s a hooker, eh?

>american coomers made this cunt a millionaire

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she makes 50 million dollars a year off onlyfans kek

Hey Vicky is better

post her onlyfans content

>ywn save her

Bros... look at what we lost...

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Nothing, she was an ugly mulatto before and she remains one now.

it's lame as fuck she's not even nude in it and is covered in awful tattoos now

Already hit the wall now it's just waiting for the overdose.

She's not even part black or even Mexican. She's half Jewish.

*Whoa vicky

>starts an OF
>still no nudes
Just want to see those tits once and I can happily stop fapping.

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Whatever, jews aren't white.

she doesn't need to she made 50 million not showing them

it all makes sense when you lead with this

She had nudes before she was even legal lol there was a video of her pissinf

Ugly. You have no taste if you find this attractive

She had literally DD honkers in grade school and americans don't see a problem with this

>all those tattoos
>getting railed by negroes right after appearing in the tv
she was never able to be saved

>She's half Jewish.
Then why she named herself Bihad Bihadi like she's Iraqi or something

Because she wants to be a nigger? Don't ask stupid questions.

I am American and I don't see the problem
They should just make younger girls legal they're just gonna have sex wirh older men either way, it happened countless times in my school

>Hit the wall before legality
Must have bong dna

I have never seen a girl hit the wall in their early twenties before.

I’ll take one of those mayfairs now

>She had literally DD honkers in grade school and americans don't see a problem with this

What action should have been taken to prevent a girl from growing tits, incel?

wasn't she going to do onlyfans but got bogged at 18?

you say that as if getting bogged and having an onlyfans are mutually exclusive

i still have no clue what the fuck that means

Jewish people, and women in oarticular, are notorious for doing all manner of things to not appear Jewish. Name changes, nose jobs, etc

It's how she thinks a black person would say the word "catch"

It's nigspeak for
"I'll be waiting for you in the parking lot to assault you. How does that sound?"

Sorry I am not up to date in the goings on of the pedo underworld you dumbfucking nigger

>starts an OF
>still no nudes
wait, is this seriously a thing? people will pay for an onlyfans that doesn't even have nudity?
whats the fucking point?

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>bad babie
Do you people ever get tired of bingo sp fucking stupid all the time

she literally calls herself bihad bihabie

The vast majority of onlyfans content is poor beta males getting milked by women who just tease them. Someone like amouranth is a multi millionaire and she only started showing nipple this past 2 or 3 months. Ashley tervort is a mega millionaire who has never once given a good view of nipple. It's beta males paying for teasing.

>pedo underworld
She posted them on her Instagram lol

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Again, do you ever get tired of being wrong? She calls herself Bhad Bhabie. It doesn't even look Iraqi its just bad babies with extra letters to differentiate herself from the other bad babies
And? ig, tiktok and snapchat are essentially the pedo open market

>bingo sp fucking stupid

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>with extra letters
it's arabic you dumb fuck

>pedo open market
Well she was already on dr Phil at this point so she had a lot of attention.
Tiktok is my favorite place to get underage girls tho ur right

No its not lmfao
Noooooooooo TYPOS

>No its not lmfao
yes it literally is lmfao

Prove it. U cant

learn to read. u cant

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Amerimutt females are vile

Its Bhad Bhabie (bad babie), you literal mouth breather.

This is not proof. It is not intended to be Arabic nor does it look Arabic at all

literal retards who never saw an arab before in their entire life

Nothing Arabic about it what dialect does it look like

البهيبى الوعرة

>what is transliteration

fucking terrorists and their god damn squiggle language

Yalla ya donkey ya styoobid mesh habbibi