Favorite driving scene kinos?

favorite driving scene kinos?

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whats the story here

witness in the depp v. heard trial drives off and vapes during testimony

>Mr. dude, do you recall if she was wearing concealer?
>do you recall if she was wearing makeup?
>do you recall if she was wearing mascara?
>i don't even know what i had for breakfast
>rips a fat vape
>starts car and drives off

Why wasn't he there?

>drives off during deposition

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Literal kino

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>do you recall if she was wearing concealer?

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This threads are too comfy

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I legit lost my shit when he started driving, how is this man son based?

>what, you think we're gonna crash?

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When jews and bitches keep asking the same question, you gotta just drive off

Admit it. You think the judge kinda cute

make a webbum of the judges face right after he drove away

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Based alejando BTFOs all court etiquette

they even have a kinographer working the camera

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comfy puzzle time

He don't work Saturdays

I see she’s wearing pink today.

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>how is this man son based?
he makes his entire living by like organizing maids and drugs for johnny depp

>lawyer asks one question too many
>rolls eyes and drives off
>give a thumbs down and makes raspberry noises
>stream cuts out

I'm an attorney that actually practices in that court, let me know if you have any questions. No I'm not there today or during this trial

someone please make a webm of him taking a hit

How often does trials get this bizarre?

Can she do anything about it? Not that anyone should but the shit he pulled would have him in contempt

is this better than oj simpson trial ?

no the part where she takes off her glasses and just stares at her monitor in confusion then it cuts to johnny depp its like a movie scene

How do I change a tyre


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Anyone got the timestamp to this?

I don't watch trials like ever. Is what we've been seeing pretty standard?

>Mr Sanchez, I find you in contempt of car park.

>ben king
>dr mommy
>based mexiCHAD
i am kneeling to this trial, more kino than any movie in the last decade

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>Audiably vapes off camera

WHAT the FUCK YOU WANT pendejo

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Anyone got the timestamp to this and willing to share it?

make a webm of him taking a puff of vape and blowing it out

*leaves thread*

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New York "artist" (mooch) was also kino, still my favorite witness so far.

Someone post the stenographer and her fat gilf tits already jesus

link to this fella on youtube?



woah ginny weasley looks like that?!

what is your income and how much do you spend on cocaine

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we really have been treated to kino of the highest order



You can get away with a lot in court apparently. When I was younger I used to think you could get thrown off the stand by omitting to call the judge "your honor", yet apparently it's OK to skype and drive during a deposition lol

Legitimately the hardest I've laughed in a long time

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Pretty much my reaction

Based likeminded user

I mean they can't exactly discipline him while he's in his car. They were probably just trying to get any testimony they could out of him.

Fuck, I feel like drinking.
I haven't touch alcohol in months.
God bless Mexicans.

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yeah whatever

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Imagine asking this guy if a woman in the building he works was wearing concealer or foundation 2 months ago

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Say please

>"Yeah I'm done, good luck with your traffic ticket or whatever."


I don't remember.



I enjoyed some megapints and watched pirates on monday. very comfy.

>that was a first im sorry
>i will say your honor that was the most bizarre episode
>yeah ok i will say ive never seen that before ive seen a lot of things
>he started driving
>yeah that did it
>alright so um we'll come back at two

Not often THIS kino/weird but a lot of trials have their own weird idiosyncrasies that no one ever sees. You do see a lot of absolutely retarded people/witnesses though.

Well things are different with the pandemic and all of these video stream testimonies, but that has been "normal" for two years now. Otherwise yeah it's pretty standard. The weirder thing of this trial is the legal claims themselves; you hardly ever see this type of case litigated because it is extremely difficult to prove and to make it worthwhile for a plaintiff to even consider pursuing, you need huge damages - which this case has.

Comfortable 6 figure. I don't do drugs.

i would just say i have no idea what that is because i'm not a tranny lmao

Me on the left.

Is that ozzy on the left

You Eurofags are missing top kino. Just watch it.

these are computer controlled and the clock angle is a preset, you just press a button and it snaps to the clock

t. ptz camera operator


Were Amber's side banking on this guy as a witness or something?

what the fuck lmao
anyone have higher res

suck my bollock (plural)

Any webms of this absolute chad



does this trial have to be a jury trial?
couldn't the judge decide it?

That was Depps side

link to audio version?

Someone track down old photos of her? Bet she was a real girl next door cutie.


I want to hug her while she tells me everything will be okay.

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kay from kay's cooking actually

Is Johnny laughing a bad thing for him?

You need a jack (it looks like a mini scissor lift/cherry picker), a tire iron (looks like a wrench with a head that fits onto the big bolts on your car's wheels), and a spare tire obviously.

Most cars have that all in the trunk ready to go.

Find the part of the chassis intended for lifing (it will look like a flat plate about 6x3 inches around the middle of the car, underneath the trim), put the jack there and turn the mechanism to extend the jack and slowly lift the car.

Lift the car enough on the side with the flat to raise the car enough to remove the wheel

Use tire iron to remove bolts from wheel, don't lose these, don't be a retard.

Remove tire/wheel

Put new wheel on top and tighten bolts. Don't overtighten them until they snap, just make sure it's firmly on.

Once you're sure it's good, lower the car back down, remove jack, put all the tools in the trunk with the old tire, and then take the car to a shop at the earliest convenience as the tire from your trunk was probably an emergency tire designed for short term/low speed usage.

Is John Oliver based with his exposé on shit practices like SLAPP suits?

You don't want judges doing that.

Yeah, there's $150 million on the line so this is big enough for a full trial.


I hope she brought johnny some toothsome delights


these threads are too much fun

Even if Depp loses there is no way amber can countersue now


I think you can ask for only a judge to decide but the default is to have a jury.


I wonder if he knew that the interview was going to end or he just decided to start driving.
The woman was like

The plaintiff can request a jury or judge (bench) trial, but it depends on the dollar amounts involved. Some low dollar amount cases are automatically bench trials.

Certainly they did some research and mock juries to determine their best bet.


it's not on the line for the jury, so why do they bother showing up?

new puzzle


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why is that?

>there's $150 million on the line

I participated in a mock trial competition back in high school where I larped as a defense attorney, do I have a decent chance of making it in law school?

Give me a qrd why. Do judges err on the side of not guilty?

She's the counterclaim defendant in this case, it'll be decided without any need for any more trials.

>posted the finished result
not this time

Did he know the camera was inside the car, so driving away wouldn’t end it?


I need a tier list of all witnesses so far. This Mexican Driver and British Butler are clear S-Tiers for me.

stop posting the completed jiggy you goddamned gorilla nigger

It's over because he said it was over, he said it by driving away. Suck my dick, court.

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Depp Vs The Sun, for one.

That guys a tard but Jonny is suing for $50m, Heard is counter-suing for $100m. 150 isn't on the line, $50 is, and $100 is in the opposite direction.

I meant for any great amount, my bad.

Sexy doctor.

Depp's suing Heard for $50 million, she's counterclaiming for $100 million.

I was the judge in a mock trial and openly accepted bribes in my court. Should I apply to be a janny?


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Yes, 150

>tfw try to escape the questioning but the camera follows

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No, they don't add together lmao.

No, if you want bribes, you'll never make it as a janny, they have to accept zero monetary compensation

Accepting bribes shows you care about money, one of the janitor requirements is doing it for free so you won't be accepted.

I assume the UK and US have differences as well as between a libel and defamation case.

Dr. Curry was a definitive A-tier.

Sometimes yes, when he was on the stand, it often didn't help because if you are trying to show how SERIOUS this whole thing is then you don't want to be laughing. But at other times, like today when he was laughing along with the rest of everyone, it definitely helps because it humanizes him. Definitely a fine line though. In general, I would counsel him not to laugh on the stand or be a smartass to the other side.

I don't watch that idiot so I have no idea what he's saying.

Anyone of reasonable intelligence and work ethic can become a lawyer. Probably 50% of lawyers never even set foot in a courtroom during their careers anyways. There is a ton of legal work that isn't litigation. But first take the LSAT and see what you get. Don't go if you have to take out loans to go to a shitty school with poor employment prospects.

>listen I dont know, chica
>cesar works saturdays
>*drives off*

I am grateful for all the free entertainment provided by this trial
thank you amber for being a bed-shitting psychopath

Kek, absolute sigma male.

this nigga takin on celestial bodies n shit


The only way that makes sense is if you're looking at gains from winning VS losses so +50/-100 which has a spread of 150 but noone comes away with 150

Bottoms up lads, this ones on me.

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It's 150 though

someone make another

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What he was doing there then?

>The only way that makes sense is if you're looking at gains from winning VS losses
how else would you look at it

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>He doesn't consider potential gains lost as losses

How are you going to pay for my liquor? paypal?

Johnny either gains 50 or is out 100. The maximum his pocket changes from how much he currently has is 100M

managing the premises not analysis the thickness of heard's foundation in thousandths of an inch


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Deepest lore:
>Mega pint
>Dropping a grumpy
>BPD and Ecstasy
>Because you're a cunt
>Hello Mr.Rottenborn
>One million alpacas
>DJ Maxipad
>Officer Squarehead
>Festival of icecream
>How many dabs am I allowed?
>Amber hit the wall hard
>Take your meds
>It looks like it would fit come cocaine
>A pill to make Marilyn Manson stop talking
>Fecal delivery
>People are gone after they leave
>Curry muffins
>Drives out of court

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>Didn't buy a lottery ticket today, could've made 10million. Better put that in my losses