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go ninja

best april


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>what if movies based off of comics were…le good

T.U.R.T.L.E Power > Ninja Rap

Helluva entrance

I'm joining Foot Clan for the free cigarettes

me too. and the skateboard ramps. theres probably a lot of skanks hanging around too

well you may be expected to occasionally beat up turtles

i bet that place was like action park. master tetsu having to pry fucking kids apart and break up fights all the time

It's hilarious that the execs at Playmates Toys thought the movie was absolute garbage and told the one exec that oversaw the production that it was going to be an embarrassing flop.

How many packs would I get for assassinating Mitch McConnell?

I'm convinced that this show gave me a redhead fetish

We will never get turtle kino like this again and it's not fair

if you want to fork up the cash for practical effects, it can happen

Absolute fucking kino. And I'm not even being sarcastic, I fucking love this entrance, and the rooftop fight later

Where did this small-headed 'roided out look come from? The 2003 cartoon?

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You just know

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I somehow completely missed that there were two of these movies.

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I actually liked the second one. It's better than the first one at least.

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Cinematography was great.

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how did they manage to make these suits so good and the Michael Bay turtles look like roided niggers?

Why does no one ever mention this one, was it that bad?

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I didn't have any problems with it as kid. The puppets did looks worse. First one is the coolest, second one got neutered to be be more of a kids movie and third one is supposed to be shit. I'd have to rewatch it to see if it's that bad, I have no bad memories of it. I'm out of webms

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It’s bad and came out after Turtlemania had run its course.


Best comic book movie ever made, no question. We didn't deserve it.

Out of the Shadows is a massive improvement on the first and the cartoon nostalgia goes a long way. I really like it.

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I think the puppets they used in the first two got lost. Maybe in a warehouse fire or something idk. They looked 'off' at times. Lower quality than the ones they used in the first two for sure. Can't talk about the story, it's been too long ago.


Jim Henson Creature Shop did the first two movies and then some literally who's did the third one.

The effects in the second one are crazy, probably the highpoint of animatronics

literally not chopping shit kek

look closer jackass

dullest blade ever bitch

>not even keno

Like tears in rain.
Animatronics are not dead yet though.

Damn, this brings back memories.

they all had really great soundtracks

The first one isn't half bad, but you're lying to yourself if you don't think the 2nd one is pure cringe. To this day I still haven't watched Turtles in Time because Secret of the Ooze totally killed any interest I might have in TMNT.

Coincidentally, I really liked that 2007 CG reboot and even the Michael Bay movies weren't half bad. Best Turtles are the 2003 animated series though.

Michael Bay only directed the first one and it was shit. The second one is far better, but tanked. So we never got a third one. Bay should stick to transformer shit.

toy company directed the second one, it wasn't better but it wasn't bad.


i got it on dvd as a kid and i honestly remember nothing about it. i remember more about the tv show with venus than i do the third movie.

It's unironically the best comic-to-movie adaptation ever

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I feel the second one was more a 'Turtles' movie.
The first one was just big action all over the place.
Second one still went too fast, for my liking. But there was something there. It's been a while, but maybe the first one had more comedy and nostalgia pandering while the first one took itself too serious and tried to be epic? Second one still had those 'way too epic' moments, but it toned it down a little. It's a movie about Turtle Ninjas, you know. Second one had more humour, I guess. Without being too tongue in cheek and self aware.