What was your opinion of him before his noncery was uncovered?

What was your opinion of him before his noncery was uncovered?

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horrible teeth

Always thought he looked noncy.

Still have his autograph somewhere around here though.

How come the Brits had to wait for his death to accuse him? You guys gay or what?

“Probable queer”

I'm not british, and i wasn't born before or during the 80s.

but 80s british tv has some strange appeal for some reason. i like watching it

Did not know he existed.
I am American. Little shows and tv specials of Bongistan have never interested me.
At least until Rome. That show was awesome.

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Mf be looking like a bond villan fr fr no cap

i have similar hairline, should i become nonce too?

Absolute gent. His charity work is unparalleled.

Just be yourself bro

Genuinely what was his appeal? Ive watched clips of him and just feels like a charisma void. Everything feels so forced and not even remotely entertaining.

It's obvious that he knew stuff about the elite.

People in 60's and 70's Britain liked some proper weirdos.

he probably had dirt on well known people

Didn't even know he exsisted.

I wonder when his noncery will be uncovered.

As a kid that grew up watching him, he was like a santa that actually existed almost godlike
shit he made dreams come true, i would be surprised that any child at that time wouldn't of done anything he asked of them.

I'm an American so I never heard of this weirdo until the noncery


Britbong here, he looked very peculiar but I won’t deny he came across as quite charming, at least when I was a child. It’s a common aspect of our culture to celebrate “characters” and Saville was no different. It’s very easy to look back with hindsight and say of COURSE he was a nonce, but back then it just wasn’t something that was openly discussed so there was no reference point for what a nonce would look or act like.

It’s crazy though, there were so many red flags. He was so brazen as to even make jokes about his predatory reputation live on TV. He really did keep getting away with it until his death.

I really don't get how this dude got away with so much. Literally climbing through windows to go stick his tongue in the throat of a random girl he saw. Were his victims really that scared of coming out?

I'm an American so like most Bongshit he was beneath my notice and I'd never heard of him.

Dude was close friends with the royal family.

In the UK instead of race class is the divider and he was protected. No one gave a fuck (and still dont) about the working class.

This, he always seemed creepy on TV. I don't know how anyone could think he was at all wholesome.

Did nothing provably wrong

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>I really don't get how this dude got away with so much
They have been protecting nonces in high places for decades now, and they have become exceedingly efficient at it.

he was friends with Prince Charles. pretty self explanatory

Please redpill me on the reality of how bad noncery is in the UK amongst these elites. Anything concrete on the bad stuff the royals do?

Jimmy Saville ate dreams

The rot went right to the top.
He was in bed with everyone from the media to the government and even the Royal Family.

Lots of people knew, he was too powerful.

Why are so many of the elite class of society pedos?

He was working class and spoke like a northerner.
He did a shit ton of charity work, if he wasn't a sick pedo he would remembered as a saint.
Like all psychopaths he was extremely charming and good at manipulating people.

what are you talking about, in the few clips of him I've seen he was hilarious

how fucking old are you

so he didn’t point fingers

It's kind of funny how you guys spent a decade complaining how evil jews are but give a free pass to anglo saxons who have literally done every kike tier thing (pedo shit, war crimes, sanctions) times 1000

pedos are everywhere, the poor ones just stick to fucking their own kids. only the rich have the gall to get really creative

It's kind of funny how you guys spent a decade complaining how Whites are but give a free pass to Kikes who have literally done every kike tier thing (pedo shit, war crimes, sanctions) times 1000

It's funny how you have zero argument so you just put words in people's mouths

Kikes and Whites are the same to me

Reminder that he wore a dead man's eye for a ring.

An entire nation worshiped this satanic fuck.

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Be more grateful to whites or else stop using our language, websites and internet.

Nothing concrete, but it goes without saying that Prince Andrew was involved with (or at least a customer of) Epstein. If someone of the literal royal family is getting up to no good, then clearly something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


the elites here are complicit all the way to the top, and the british people are comfortable with their position as subservient human cattle


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deep state kikes
rule of conquer

little man is mad lol

>here is an ugly fat anglo saxon! this will make you respect all anglo saxons jew!

um? good job champ

>glowie comes in to derail

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Meds. Now.

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He knew that the royals were a bunch of inbreds with reptilian ancestry. He knew who really ran the world at that time / perhaps still do.


Why is it always a mix of the above

Culture of hedonism + makes everyone complicit and on the level, it's mutually assured destruction

not the catchiest acronym, work on it more

You, a nigger, only exist due to the actions of whites

Actual necromancer

Talk about pure pedo energy

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It wasn't mean to be an acronym you faggot

Although it could be

without goalposts or strawman
tell me why all jews should be blamed for their elite but not anglos?

just give me a proper answer

all i want

was he more powerful than the Queen?

I knew he was a gangster of some sort, and thought the rumours of necrophilia were probably true - those rumours were going around before the Theroux doc, even before his mum died. I never thought he did do it with his mum's corpse, actually, always thought Theroux was trying to use that to point towards the existing legends without coming out and saying it.

He was powerful because he knew the royal family.

"The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends". It's all about influence and connections.

The ones who weren't weren't listened to. He was a pimp to other paedos, and made a point of befriending the powerful.

I'm not him, I'm just calling you a nigger. Anyway the jew must be named but so must all elite satanists they're in bed with, no matter who they are. They're all connected. A matrix of evil.

Jimmy Savile was Prince Charles and Princess Diana's "marriage guidance counselor". And yes, Diana put it in those terms, and recalled Charles saying "No one will ever know how much you've done for this country, Jimmy." Late in life, Savile referred to himself as "the eminence grise". Which may also have been a pun - emi-nonce. He liked a joke, did our Jimmy.

He literally had the biggest fucking boner with a child on his lap. How the FUCK did nobody notice?


>An entire nation worshiped this satanic fuck.
More like "An entire nation wondered who he was supposed to appeal to/vaguely tolerated him".

You'd be shocked to learn just how prevalent satanism/luciferianism is in the undercurrent of the country

That doesn't really look like it's at the right angle to be his dick.

Thought he was probably a nonce.

It's not, it's his boots.