Television is beautiful thing. It’s like cinema on a smaller screen

>Television is beautiful thing. It’s like cinema on a smaller screen
>Mad Men and Breaking Bad are my two favorites. They brought me into a world and pulled me along in a good way.
I’m starting to think Lynch is a pleb

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His opinion is formed by feeling threatened. 40 years ago, night time soaps like Dallas and Falcon Crest were shot on film in stunning locations and while the acting and scripting were poor, this demonstrated the concept. By 2001, the emergence of Prestige Television like the Sopranos defined the model. He knows that his auteur brand of exploratory noodling in film has to make concessions to get viewers and that goes against a core principle he holds. Lynch is a kind, curious soul in a medium that lacks both of those qualities entirely. He's too compelled by his own process to worry much about broad appeal and he will never achieve a product as great as the films which inspired him. Hew treads a narrow path, and it is ever narrowing. He just misses watching kino, same as anyone else. We've all settled and he can't fix it.

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>I’m starting to think Lynch is a pleb

If you watch interviews with Lynch it's clear he's actually not really super smart or anything, he's just a weirdo and not ashamed of it. A lot of his takes are surprisingly pedestrian.

>A lot of his takes are surprisingly pedestrian.
Is this a sign of being not really super smart or anything?

Most directors have pleb taste.

I never liked Lynch
he's a pseud lauded by pseuds

Lynch has said himself that he's a pleb. He has a couple of interviews where he says he's not a film buff. As an example, he said people often mention to him that he'd probably like Bunuel but he says he's never seen his films. His tastes are refined but surface level and really there's nothing wrong with that. I like the list of his top 10 films because it feels sincere and carefully chosen. He puts Rear Window up there but forgets the rest of Hitchcock's filmography, and this makes total sense because much of his work is clearly influenced by that single film. Lynch really isn't some intellectual, he's just a weird guy with strong artistic talents.

>but forgets the rest of Hitchcock's filmography
really? because Vertigo seems much more up his alley

Yes, Rear Window is apparently one of his favorite films and according to the lists I've seen he chooses it over Vertigo. Honestly, it makes sense to me. He loves voyeurism and the theme of domestic depravity/disturbance.

Vertigo isn't as entertaining and has an intentionally unsatisfying shock ending.

First five seasons of Mad Men were kino, Breaking Bad would have been kino if it had ended with Walt in that cabin in the snow with the barrel of money.

Pseud take


>Lynch really isn't some intellectual, he's just a weird guy with strong artistic talents.
This. He just found a thing he likes to do and does well. He created his own kind of film making that isn't built around a narrative structure, that tries to convey certain feelings and atmospheres and I enjoy it for that. I think he's more a case of an autistic guy with an idea that became his

there are narrative structures but he doesnt elaborate on them and they all boil down to
>i had a dream once

Lynch actually seems pretty un-autistic

Lynch was a visual artist who kind of fell into being a notable director. His early stuff is basically weird animations and shorts. Had Mel Brooks not championed him early on he probably would still be doing weird art projects in Philadelphia

he'd still be working on eraserhead

I'm starting to think you're a pleb

>He created his own kind of film making that isn't built around a narrative structure, that tries to convey certain feelings and atmospheres and I enjoy it for that.
He didn't create it, but he is good at it.


His journey started much earlier than his encounter with Mel, and I think he'd still have pursued film even if Mel didn't fall in love with his Elephant Man project. His early stuff was still largely film, even if they are short films. You gotta remember he was a student and only had so many resources. Eraserhead took him several years to make and he was butting heads with board members of AFI at the time as well.

This is why I find it frustrating when people overanalyze every minute detail of his films like he's an obsessive detail-oriented guy like Kubrick or something. Lynch is not cerebral, he works entirely off his intuition and gut feelings which is why he's so unique and valuable. Even if you don't like him (which is fair, i don't like everything he does either) he at least always commits to his own unique vision

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He's not a great thinker or anything, just a weird artist who decided to work in film and television

Is David Lynch excited for Avatar 2?

And unfortunately, because of his unconventional style, people write him off as a pretentious pseud creating nothing of value. It's really a bummer, because he's the opposite of pretentious and pseudointellectual. He digs into these primeval feelings that everyone has, "intellectual" or otherwise, and wrenches them out of you. I really think anyone can appreciate that if they go into it with an open mind and let their intuition guide them rather than overanalyzing every scene.

The actual pseuds are the ones who try to unlock or reason out Lynch movies

“Not great” is an understatement. Breaking Bad is for teenage boys yet he loves it.

theres some smart stuff out there on his themes and motifs but it's not like

It’s okay to consume art for what it is rather than treat it like some brain teaser where you’re suddenly enlightened if you solve the riddle.

The mystery is more fun than the conclusion/discovery of the "truth" anyway. As soon as the mystery is solved the mystique is gone.


I agree, to me Lynch is one of the least pretentious filmmakers out there. At his best he's never trying to impress you or create distance, he always wants to draw you into his world and out you into that dreamy state of mind


Very true. His films are sensory experiences, narratives only serve to facilitate that.

Liking what you like and not giving a fuck if it's going to win you the approval of others is apha

He's said a few times that he thinks of his films
a bit more like music in the sense that he tries to evoke an intuitive response disconnected from pure intellect and that he thinks people should try and look at it that way as well. An instrumental piece, for example, is more abstract and more reliant on the personal response from the listener. I think that too is a good way to look at his films and other films like them.

I remember reading once that Mark Frost has said that Lynch wouldn't know "psychology if it bit him in the ass". When even the co creator of Twin Peaks is indirectly saying Lynch isn't an intellectual, people gotta stop overanalyzing his work and understand he's just some dude who excels at visual imagery and nothing more.

Lynch is an artist first and filmmaker second. Simple as. His ideas are about the aesthetic impression rather than some greater meaning, while he admits it does have some tinge of logic to it (that he won’t tell you)

Television is almost on par with video games as one of the worst media formats.
For the millions of hours of television that has been made, there are probably under a thousand good ones.

Meaning doesn’t imply logic though

Lynch never claimed to be a genius. I love his takes though, they are so classically midwestern and simple.

David Branch lol

Mark Frost also has beef with Lynch

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Mad Men is patrician, I'm starting to think you're a retard.

this is only true of network TV with breaks every 14 minutes.

Wrong image

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Honestly, if anyone involved with Lynch is a pseud, it's definitely Frost.

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Based take, user

What's wrong with breaking bad and mad men now?

Every pleb answers “Mad Men and Breaking Bad,” while every patrician answers “The Sopranos and The Wire.” It’s just the way it goes.

His films just feel very close to abstract paintings to me. They're less like other "deep" films that want you to pick apart the deep meaning and symbolism but rather look at the basic imagery and feel emotion and meaning from what you observe and see

Lynch is not, nor has he ever been an intellectual.
I once saw a critic call him a populist surrealist, which I think is accurate. You don't need to be smart to enjoy Lynch's movies.
That's not say his films are surface level aesthetics without deeper meaning like some people suggest. That isn't the case, but it isn't the case that he buries the meaning like a puzzle. Films like Primer or anything Nolan makes have meanings or plots that can be obscure but there's always a right or wrong answer.
Lynch's work is exploratory, he might not know what he's making or what it's about, but he's trying to find out. There's a feeling or a meaning that he wants to understand. And what you get is the film, but maybe not an answer.
But for the audience, literally anyone can understand a lynch film if they understand a marvel movie. You just feel it, there's emotions there and you can't not feel those. That's your body understanding the kino.

Lynch has stated that he is opposed to learning about psychology or going to therapy because he fears it would hurt his creativity if he understood more about it.

>He's said a few times that he thinks of his films
>a bit more like music
I agree completely and I like to think of what he does as using emotions as notes in a way, like he takes you through a series of emotional shifts and that is the "song"

Breaking Bad has the more retarded fan base but I honestly think that it succeeds more as a lowbrow thriller than The Sopranos does as a middlebrow character drama. The Sopranos reminds me of the kinds of movies that win Oscars these days (not really a good thing). The Sopranos has deeper ambitions but it has too many pseudo profundities. It is better acted. Both are good black comedies though.

Mad Men is better than either and The Wire is worse— it’s entertaining but everything I said about The Sopranos applies even more so, minus being funny. The real best shows are Twin Peaks, Miami Vice, Dekalog and Bergman’s shows.

does he like anime tho

using low brow and high brow as descriptors shows you're more concerned with weird identity politics of fanbases than actual elements of either show.
Sopranos is directionless, breaking bad is sort of more lighthearted but it is a better show because it tells a better story. Sopranos characters arent even all that le deep desu

wow a thread with people that actually understand David Lynch instead of making 4 hour long video essays trying to explain the intricate meaning of his work