Post a selfie, get a movie recommendation

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A Moment of Innocence by Mohsen Makmalbaf

The Cuckold

I look like this

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The Big Lebowski

shave your beard down to an acceptable length, why the fuck you wanna look like a jihadi?

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Did you vote for trump or biden

Jo Jorgensen

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>weird underchin beard fold
Every time I think about growing a beard I stop for this reason after a couple months. Shit looks bad, man. It was even worse when we still had to wear shame muzzles.

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blow dry it and use a comb to force the curl in the other direction

Unprotected as fuck my nigga

Disco Elysium TV show

/Pol/ said I don't look white

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I wouldn't be concerned about whether you look white and worry more about the fact you look like a human toe

fix your hair and ditch the cargo shorts/goatee

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literal perfection, even if other anons won't admit it.

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you take that as the natural limit to grow your beard to. grow it exactly to the length where it begins the weird fold and trim it to that exact line every time it grows over. that is your natural beard shape and will look natural on your face

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lmao the state of Yea Forums

I uaed to be pretty, before alcoholism

I am ubermensch. Post fizeek.

the lovechild of ryan gosling and paul dano

The sea and poison

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Absolute based kino

This dude is straight up No Ho Hank.
So watch Barry.

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I usually browse /o/, but curious what you guys will say

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Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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Patches The Shitposter

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Clean ride goober.

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Slow ass shitbox

Nice ride, miring. Is it an All-trac?

why was he looking nervous in this pic?

I only watch kino.

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The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

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The Driver (1978)

Watch The Devils Rejects and fuck me.

Natty btw

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The Pacifier.

You look like the inbred version of Elon Musk

Lake mungo was my best. anyway

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Watch Spy Kids you actual thumbman

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Nice butt wood bang.


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Postal 2

The God of Cookery

>reverse image search
>0 results
Hi please marry me and we can watch Beauty and the Beast together

I really want to fuck your mouth you handsome devil

He could be such a Chad if he worked out

Anything with Ryan Reynolds. Free Guy was pretty decent.