Where's Johnny vs Amber thread?

Where's Johnny vs Amber thread?

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Amber Heard is sexy and I don't really care about Johnny Depp being beat up by a woman lol

>Amber Heard is sexy and I don't really care about Johnny Depp being beat up by a woman lol

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>sexy women are allowed to do whatever they want
this is your brain on coom

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mega muffins

haha dark universe team? saved

lemme guess

incel: who was in the wrong here?
virgin 2, 3 and 5: the woman, of course
incel 3: why?
all in unison: because shes a woman!!! (snivelling, raucous laughter)

deranged jobless schizo who was not loved by his mother: n - word!!

virgins who would piss themselves if a woman made eye contact with them: rape! rape rape rape!!

basement dweller leeching off social welfare: look at these fbi crime statistics!!!

wow thanks everyone what a wonderful thread on Yea Forums.org just wonderful truly a benefit to society as a whole

Get your T-levels checked, limp dick

The jannies keep nuking them for "offtopic" even though its the most kino reality tv this year. And highly Yea Forums relevant.


Cut off one thread and two more rise up. Hail Hydra

new puzzle


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officer dipshit

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Officer Cado?

Why the fuck are they playing the same shit to him 4 times

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he got memory problems


This is miserable. And we're going to see it again when they take the deposition from his partner.

What's the point of all this anyway?


>Reality TV shows are ok
>Actor scandals and obituaries are ok
>YouTuber threads are ok
>Twitter screencap threads are ok
>/pol/ bait threads are ok
>A trial involving two actors which is about how one actor lost his entire film career is somehow NOT Yea Forums related

what fucking nigger is fucking with the jiggy

Got deleted. We need to keep the Yea Forums catalog safe from threads about a televised event documenting the careers of two actors so that there's plenty of room for Chris Chan threads.

give me a quick rundown on this new muffins meme

Cruise shows up and tells Johnny they're putting a team together


Is the defense really so stupid that they think because a camera doesn't pick up details then the person wearing the camera would have the same vision?

It's not like a periscope, this man has his own eyes that react to light and focal ranges differently to a camera lens.

Inagine being that stupid.

So what the fuck is this fat pig being questioned on and what breakthroughs have happened so far.

Also, is Amber ever going to take the stand? I assume not because she's being not the defense?

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Crowe appears and puts hands on their shoulders. Says nothing, just blinks.

it's over

Forgot your meme arrows so you look like that and say that.

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Never have I seen kino dry up so fast
these depositions are so boring

*mogs amber*

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When Amber met with a psychiatrist to do a psych evaluation, the psychiatrist told her that her husband had brought them muffins to eat. At this point Amber KNEW that her psychiatrist had betrayed her to her husband. In all seriousness Heard's lawyer spent nearly 10 minutes on this muffin question.

sry user, no muffin basket for you

Her ego won't allow her to stay on the sidelines, especially after Johnny took the stand. She WANTS to take the stand.

muffins are very important from a legal perspective

Why the fuck have they brought in Cado to testify? How much more kino can this trial get?

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Officer Twinky

4u zoomy

Welcome to 90% of legal proceedings.

Who was the generic white male and what did they say about Johnny in the bodycam video(s)?

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Go back to replying to coomer threads. We won't call you when it gets interesting

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OP of yesterday's threads here, got permabanned on 30 ips, i can't go on brehs, fuck the jannie cunts

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That man looks like nickado avacado

I need to eat her muffin

This man skyping into his deposition? Why couldn't they have arranged for a meeting room or something, this recording his horrendous.

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The defense is trying to make the case that Amber and her friends did not conspire to frame Depp for domestic violence, the evidence being that if they HAD conspired to do so, they would've told the cops that Johnny Depp beat Amber and drawn the cops' attention to Amber's severe, visible injuries from the beating. If that wanted to frame Depp, they would've roughed up the house, shown the damage to the cops, and blamed it on Depp. No injuries or damage were evident when two teams of cops visited, so therefore there's no conspiracy.

That of course ignores the fact that the cops were called twice and the phony injury photos could be taken and the apartment damage done AFTER the cops visited. It also sidesteps the simple conclusion that Johnny didn't injure Amber or damage the apartment, since police visited the scene and interviewed Amber directly and saw no injuries or damage. The defense thinks this is a brilliant deboonking of the idea that Amber is a liar out to get Johnny, but it completely vindicates Johnny yet again.

thank you for your service


Wtf is this?

did they give a reason? or just offtopic?


It's a recording from this January and it is indeed horrendous. This guy doesn't remember anything anyway.

>can you tell me if mister depp was wearing any eye liner

>when they call 'cado up for your trial

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Why is Tom Cruise wearing a t-shirt?

Amber Heard's lawyers getting stonewalled at every turn. Nothing happened. They have nothing because nothing happened. Johnny is gonna win

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Please stop posting Dr Mommy, it's making me upset that she isn't on right now.

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From what I recall this was the incident she used to get a restraining order, because this was the night he said he wanted a divorce.
She didn't think it was a real divorce at the time, but when Johnny really was leaving her and she realized that she spun this one up into the DV incident to sell to the press and the courts.

Who's this fat mexican?

That smile

Youtube threads always get nuked. Some of them manage to reach near bump limit, which makes it even more ridiculous.

Are these lights on his tie?


I think they're stones, maybe a tie pin with rubies on it?

johnny looked into these eyes when he blew his massive load inside her

Well, #1, he's tired of this bullshit

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>moves off cam to hit the vape

Based Dr Mommy getting Captain Jack's compass

here boards.4channel.org/tv/thread/167186975#bottom

He worked the front desk.


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how are they interviewing this spic on VLC player?



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>do you know about makeup
>Twenty different questions about makeup

What the fuck is their angle

It's a recording

>Even Jonny laughed at the nope

try using twitter screencap next time
that retard janny seem like it

>"What happened, ese?"

>What happened
>bro I don't work saturdays

ugly bastard destroying amber right now

Did he just say "some other faggot"?


this is so fucked

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>>bro I don't work saturdays
he doesnt even do court interviews in a house
man has his limits

>he was working out in the
>jim's pizzeria

Yeah breach of rule 2 and ip switching on the last couple of threads, it was normal 15 minute bans at first but then it kept getting worse, idk if it's retards reporting the threads or mods fuming but i sincerely can't think of another thread where this belongs. /pol/ isn't right, posters are also way too retarded to have fun with their retarded posts

well said, fellow redditor

>I remember who told me, I just don't remember her name
Uh, based department?

what's the point of this?

na I think it a butterfly on the stem of a flower

Holy shit what is the point in asking this guy anything

Based rambling mexican

Explain to me

How the fuck suddenly any of this is not "hearsay"?

like a spic marlon brando

fuck jannies man, meanwhile we have multiple porn threads up on this blueboard and a bunch of offtopic trash

new puzzle


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stop posting the completed puzzles

>TLC threads with illegal, pirated streams are perfectly okay
>Court Tv threads with legal, YouTube streams get deleted
Proof mods don't care about Yea Forums.


>case closed

Nothing that's been said is worth objecting to, they just have some guy rambling in his car

>rule 2
bro thats an underage rule
what the fuck are mods doing

this guys is 100% based and johnny should buy him some mezcal and 'ronas after this


Wrong. This man is deceased.

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He's sleeping.

Is The Lone Ranger actually worth a watch? I heard that there's actually some really cool setpieces in it at least

Have they made Amber shit on the stand yet to compare it to the pictures?

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>"i should totally get some megapints with this guy after the trial, he'll make a good bro"

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>falls asleep
This guy is unfathomably based

yeah I liked it

>This guys wakes up
>It's saturday
>Day off
>go to family bbq in the park
>Mr Depp is there
>Dressed as Captain Yaj sparrow
>He gives you a mega pint of tequila and a basket of muffins
>You spend the day hanging out with Mr Depp and your hot cousin
>feels bueno man

I had to focus on work today, so I couldn't keep the trial in the background.
Currently watching at 3x speed, has there been any kino yet?

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Johnny is fucking laughing his ass off, he browses Yea Forums 100%.

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Seems like a consistent reaction from Johnny, they had a fight and he left.

>biggest case of the century
>know you're going to be a key witness
>interview through webcam in a car


Just tuned in lads, was doing another MMPI-2 thinking about Dr Milkers.

Who's this fat guy, who called him as a witness and why is he homeless and living out his car?

>>falls asleep
>does court interview in a minivan

not really, just the shrill defense atty making depp's case for him with endless depos of LEO's and uber drivers