I just hope Michael Mando gets a huge career after BCS unlike pretty much anyone from Breaking Bad after the show was...

I just hope Michael Mando gets a huge career after BCS unlike pretty much anyone from Breaking Bad after the show was over.

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he already peaked in Orphan Black

did he give pouchy his boipucci

I enjoyed Vick but it wasn't such a big role, plus he got mogged by Tatiana like everyone else in that show. He needs a leading role.

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the worst death vince has ever written. Executing him on his knees would've meant more than having him miraculously getting the gun then shooting himself. No need to write that scene to put him in that position the way they did. Just kill him and it means more, now I think he's a massive pussy for not shooting Eladio or anyone else on the way out. "b-b-but his father" too fuckin bad vince, L scene

He was whatever


>L scene
is some young slang or something?

where did the glass come from?

Mike's whiskey bottle

Le definition of insanity man

he’s onto gus

Eladio wasn't even present wtf you're talking about you fucking idiot

Le, pronounced luh in English, is the masculine singular definite article of the French-language. Due to the widespread perception of le as being stereotypical of the language, it is often used by English speakers to Francize expressions or to mock sophistication in general. In rage comics, le serves as a preface to a word or sentence signifying an action, or in substitute of the.

these are all me by the way

>where did the glass come from?
Earlier, Gus loses his shit and knocks a glass on the floor. He cleans it up except for one piece that Mike finds. He gives it Nacho when they are drinking whiskey. If you look hard, you'll notice Mike slip it in Nacho's glass when he pours the whiskey. Nacho goes to sip it but hesitates when he sees the shard.

Vaasbros... We'll rise again, right?

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You are so charismatic, Mr. Mando

>being surrounded of characters that have plot armor because they're needed alive in Breaking Bad
>uhgh well guess i can only kill myself

anons ending to s6e3
>Nacho gets the gun
>mike whispers 'do it'
>nacho looks directly into mike's scope and smirks
>he points the gun 47.3 degrees up in the air and pulls the trigger
>nacho gets killed by the twins
>credits roll
>cold open to season 6 episode 4
>don eladio is chilling by the pool
>bolsa is explaining that they captured the traitor and killed him
>si si, very good juan
>bullet falls out of the sky and hits eladio directly in the head
>he falls by the pool's edge and bleeds out just like gustavo's boyfriend

That’s bullshit. There’s literally a shot of nacho opening the garbage can and seeing the glass

>"b-b-but his father"
Yeah let's not being up the reason for why shooting anyone was a retarded idea

In the new BCS prequel/sequel Michael will have aged so much that he will play Poppie instead. The actor who played Brock will be Nacho.

I don't get it, why didn't he kill someone? Why didn't he get shot the second he moved the gun away? Seems weak

The entire point was saving his father, Nacho consciously chose to go back since he knew Gus would retailate at some point by killing Varga senior. Following Fring's plan was the only way to make sure he would be safe after his death, the stunt with the gun was planned by Mike in order to make sure Nacho's death would be painless.

Killing anyone would fuck Gustavo over since the cartel was already suspicious of him, which in turn would have got Papa Varga killed, since he's a huge moralfag and absolutely refuses to run away with his son.

The acting in bcs/brbra is so low brow and unidimensional you get stuck with that shitty role/archetype for that
anyone participating in that normie schlop deserves their to have their acting license taken away

wtf are you on about? Cranston was in every fucking thing that came out for a like a decade straight when this show was over

>deserves their to have their acting license taken away

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The entire Nacho episode is a Jesus allegory

- baptism in the oil tank
- the kind mechanic is John the baptist washing away Nacho's sins
- Nacho is obviously Jesus, enjoying his last supper
- Nacho's dad is the Father component of the Holy trinity, that has forsaken his Son
- Mike is Judas, despicable but needed to unfold the greater plan
- Gus is Pontius of Pilat, giving away Nacho as the wicked crowd (Salamancas) demand
- Nacho has bloody palms at this execution/crucifixion just like Jesus had nails in his palms

That's about it that I can find

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Far Cry 3*

t. had never read a single word of scripture in his life and gets his knowledge of christianity from modern day jews

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>uhm well you see you are interpreting this fairytale sandnigger tale in le wrong way

don't do this to me user

Wtf, Jesus capped himself

Why did his death feel so soulless? I just couldn't care, and meanwhile i cried for Chuck.

So why didn't he shoot the blue jacket man?

Why didn't make shoot those 3 dickheads


his peak role was Vas

Explain how he's wrong then.

let me guess, you are a mor(m)on

Ok contrarian tranny

Don't forget his shirt with was covered in crosses

baby Mando

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You're a moron

>the stunt with the gun was planned by Mike

Entirely not true. Make told him to run, that never happened

Does wheelchair allow/supply his drugs?

Fucking based

Gus drugs*

Even him putting himself in that situation was nonsensical since he had no reason to trust Gus or Mike after they set him up

Poison Gus*

relax fellas just a little shit break baiting at work. I'll miss nacho


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>Immediately backpedals
The atheist is almost TOO predictable

dropped the show after this

good lord i want to lick these armpits

holy shit she's hot

Might as well start Nacho death speech posting because I think that'll be the peak of his career. Unless he's got other meme choices like appearing in a video game movie adaptation or a commercial with X-Box.

he has a music career