Lost in Translation wouldn't work today with the ubiquitousness of social media...

Lost in Translation wouldn't work today with the ubiquitousness of social media. What are some other movies that are like this?

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His highlander ancestors would take a battle mace to his head, and wouldn't stop until they made a big wet mess everywhere.

And most movies from the past won't work today because of modern circumstances. Look at the number of movies that would have sneaking around and getaways fucked by surveillance cameras in every building and on all major streets now.

Amerishart larpers are cringe as fuck

Just set it in the early 00s

Lost in Translation didn’t even work when it was released.
Why the fuck should I care about some dumb unemployed Ivy-league loser who’s bitching on her husbands work trip??

Good for them

His highlander ancestors should have stolen this woman from her land and brought her to them anyways.

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>tfw no kween gf

You're supposed to latch onto Bill Murray, you a tranny?

Funny because a Highlander reboot is in the works with Nathalie Emmanuel and Henry Cavill

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They look MADE to end up dead in a ditch

That thing is literally only considered white in the US

Who said she was white? And you’re stupidly wrong, the one drop rule is still a thing over here

Nobody mentioned anything about race? Also zazie beetz is considered white in America

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Are these the ones who got killed?

the dude
he's obviously middle eastern


Yeah unfortunately america is inundated with bedwenches that wont hesitate to betray their race in an instant to jump on bwc. I blame tik tok and Hollywood for brainwashing Black women into like white boys

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Bill Murray is an even worse case in that film. He’s bitching about a free trip to Japan, where he gets paid tens of thousands of dollars to shill whiskey, and he’s having a bad trip??
In reality he’d be surrounded by his friends and hangers-on, not by himself in a bar. He’d be going to all the best restaurants and bars, have an interpreter with him the whole time, etc. What, I’m supposed to feel sorry for a lonely multi-millionaire?? Get rekt faggot tranny.

>mail-order brides BASED

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she isnt even close to white passing but I would let her pretend if she straightened her hair and put on a nice dress.

What else is considered white in America

Highlander is set in modern America so providing she's not his Scottish wife who dies it's fine

based therealgwenn

I can see it as he's a Scottish Immigrant to USA, who founds a farm. She's a Latina lady.


>bedwench being used unironically
Nothing more cringe than black incels.

Amerimutt moment

Why the seethe?

I think it's just a tootsie roll dick rage moment. Blackcels get very angry like this. It's common

bleck bis really do be finna bitch ass niggas smdh

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kek these responses are straight out of Yea Forums if you replaced “white” with “black”.

>let me tell you about your ancestors

It's weird how weeb envy has apparently completely obliterated your ability for empathy.

Imagine recording this shit, it's so embarrassing. Scots are subhuman.

There is nothing embarassing about it you khhv. Time for you to ldar

>wmbf sex scenes
I'm ready

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Scottish women are terrible so this is a viable alternative, by the way.

That guy is not a highlander, you can tell by the hair and the height

no pussy getting losers are all the same irregardless of race

>he doesn't want to stir last night's haggis

This looks like propoganda to get white people to support blm

It is, but how does that make Scots subhuman?


Shiiiieeet, dats Ayayron

Theyre really holding onto this food seasoning thing aren't they

i consider anyone with a fetish for brown women mentally ill

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Hollywood has a clear WMBF agenda

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Couples filming themselves doing "cute" things as if they weren't being filmed are so incredibly embarrassing. Holy shit

You asians are so spiteful

black women are tired of turd clitties and want BWC

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Only one of them can be considered black

You think the girl's Scottish? The black one, shown travelling on a plane to get to Scotland to meet her long distance Scottish bf?

Imagine being this jealous of other people

I've been waiting years for it it's about fucking time too

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Swirler harlots.

bitch is crazy
the dude will be destitute

>straightened her hair
Kys fag

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. How do you cope with 200 years of eugenics? Not even natives in colonised countries got BTFO so hard

Someone who likes bugs is no better.

damn, black girls look LIKE THAT?!

She took the step?

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One barely good looking white girl with three busted looking ones. Nothing of value was lost.

You genuinely CAN NOT be an incel if you are white.

true, he is likely an english uni student

>Blacks have equivalent mindbroken bwc cuck spammers as well
Is it just the human condition?

>bro you can just get a black girl if you're white, bro!
not true.


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Mostly I see white male asian female at least in every other commercial. It's usually black male white female and for white men it's an asian female. I'm guessing they go with those pairing because it's more effective propaganda.

>Norman hair

it's called a fetish and they're all unhealthy

This unnatural society makes everyone crazy there have been like 4 black incel mass shooters this year alone.

It's just a friendly reminder that bears little relevance to the initial statement.

>this image is enough to make some incels and burgers consider suicide
keep em coming

Amerilards visiting Ireland/Scotland to rediscover “their heritage” is the most cringey thing ever.

Scotland is a depressing barren shit hole you stupid fucking yank, but yeah keep glamorising it cause you saw highlander once.

The ambulance is for her, after he beats her blue.

whole incel/mass shooters thing is a cia operation. they're really forcing that stuff for a long time among teens and losers

>Amerilards visiting Ireland/Scotland to rediscover “their heritage” is the most cringey thing ever.

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It is my heritage. All 4 grandparents came from there. Don't know why that would trigger you fag. Not American btw

They’re so lame with that shit, think they invented the south.
What a fucking curse that niggas can only pull a woman that fucks niggas. Stick to porn, reggincels. Your numbers are less, your women abort, you’re going to be the first demographic to go in all this.

She’s of Two or More races.

>whole incel/mass shooters thing is a cia operation.
Yea no shit but all they do is just give you the means to do the killing and groom people to do it.

>beating women

Older movies are being remade with newer, younger, inclusive casts made by diverse studios who value ESG over profit

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kek im not even one of those "YOU'RE NOT WHITE IF YOU'RE NOT BLONDE WITH BLUE EYES" types, but that guy is genuinely not even white

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How is this allowed

>Shitloads of people leave Scotland especially Glasgow because it was a poverty ridden, bombed out shithole comparable to Syria today
>Somehow none of them count as Scottish heritage, but Pajeet the international university student does because location is all that matters
Excellent attempt at demoralisation my long nosed friend

race traitors be like :gah i hate other race traitors


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