Turning Red

What are your honest opinions about this film?

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It's shit. I haven't watched it btw.

Looks like shit. Not going to watch it.

it's disgusting.

The movie has it's flaws, but you can tell they were really passionate about making it. It's very charming, funny, heartwarming and above all beautifully animated. It's Pixar's best since Coco.
Also, Mei is incredibly cute and I can't help but root for her and her friends.

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will be shown as a textbook example of grooming culture in less than 5 years

It wasn’t that special, see, it’s already completely forgotten.

They didn't mention 9/11 so I dropped it.

Not good but that was to be expected

really bad, ugly animation and character designs that remind me of that grub hub ad. the way sweat is animated is just horrendous. the story is boring and predictable and even though it has a similar message to Encanto its so much worse in comparison.

Tumblr bait, cringe

This film takes place less than a year after the September 11 terrorist attacks. I bring this up because it radically altered the culture of the time, in ways that make this movie feel exceptionally ignorant of the time. Even though LITERALLY the only reason I can comprehend that this movie is set explicitly in 2002 is because the director grew up in that exact year. Yes, this film takes place in Canada, not the United States, but all over the western world- Canada, America, the UK, much of Europe- people were paranoid because 9/11 wasn't the only terror attack that had happened. It was the major theme of the decade. I mean, I can understand not wanting everyone to be so fearful, as that goes against the tone that the movie is trying to establish. But then you have very awkward moments if you actually were there and you do actually remember the time period.


Maybe 9/11 didn't happen in the Turning Red universe. Ever think about that?

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Kek literally all they had to do was have it take place in 2000 to avoid this zeitgeist shift, but that would require more than a second of thought

Writing falls apart if you think about it. They mix up the concert dates just cause, not like it matters anyway. You'll get stuck as a panda if you overuse it, except that doesn't happen. Sealing the panda isn't a commitment. Family ending up with a debt of $10 million is played off as a silly little inconvenience. Speaking of loonies, the Canada references were surface-level as fuck they could've been written by Commiefornians.

But I can overlook the flaws cause you can tell it was a story someone wanted to tell unlike all the other soulless shit Disney shits out. Got a genuine laugh out of me when I saw the merman. Best OST since Goofy Movie.

a beautifully detailed groundbreakingly well animated redressing of a shitty rewritten Brave (which brave is a shitty rewritten brother bear) that hinges on a metaphor that falls apart and becomes horrifying if you bother thinking more than 2 seconds about it

It's really stupid that none of the other children intentionally or unintentionally exposed her.

>becomes horrifying if you bother thinking more than 2 seconds about it

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The animation is good but the story is just really offputting. It's just the director's self insert complaining about her helicopter/tiger mom and getting horny.

user the movie is about 12 year old girls. And that's the target audience too. They don't care about shit like 9/11.

Want to fuck the shit out of the little chink

1. the world doesnt fucking revolve around the US and its public excuses fro committing international war crimes

2. spice girls would have been the zeitgeist if it was earlier, speaking of which that shitty boy band is seemingly more multicultural than even the spice girls despite them all collectively being the corniest whitest piles of shit to ever be forced into the airwaves by clearchannel

I'm roughly the same age as the director. I was a freshman in highschool in NY during the 9/11 attacks. It was a huge deal at first, but within a few months I was playing Melee. It's not a kid's job to worry about that kinda shit. I have nephews in Europe who are more interested in anime than Ukraine. Kids forgetting 9/11 is probably the most realistic thing Turning Red does. That security guy would've gotten shit for wearing a turban but I don't think they could legally fire him or anything.

Columbine happened which affected school life way more significantly than 9/11.

>the world doesnt fucking revolve around the US
9/11 was a big deal in Canada.


But there is something with Ming basically infiltrating Mei's school hiding her face, acting suspicious and holding a suspicious package.
She would probably be detained by the security cops in the school.
I keep hearing everywhere about being weary about bags left in the open because they might be bombs.

I have this carefully cropped unsourced image macro from Russia Today that someone anonymous spammed on Yea Forums. And no I won't share it with you, do your own research.

>about bags left in the open because they might be bombs
American mindset

Tries too hard to pass Canada off as some friendly utopia.. with its thousands of microexpressions everytime a line is d3liverd... gayest movi3 on earth

has no right to be branded a pixar film; just doesn't fit in with their prior works

also the period stuff was retarded, if it were just about being in canada and growing up in that period but still connected to prior traditions and expectations it would've had more impact

instead of that it's just "muh pussy is bleeding"

if youre a fucking leaf and the only thing you remember from fucking 2002 is 9/11, youre a bigger fucking loser than an islamaphobic retard american who can only remember 9/11 from that time

>She would probably be detained by the security cops in the school.
That's literally what happens in the scene, the fuck are you smoking?

Really dumb. Characters were unlikable and offputting and their desire to see a boy band was dumb. If they missed the concert they could just see them next year, but it was treated like an end of the world type thing because they're overly dramatic tween girls.

What exactly did the main character learn, anyway? The first minute of the film she's all "I say what I what, do what I want, when I want," and then at the end she has pretty much the same exact attitude.

Is there a reason we're supposed to like the main character other than the fact that she's the main character?


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I haven't seen it. Looks okay.

>just doesn't fit in with their prior works
That's good. Pixar has been making similar things for way too long.

9/11 didn't actually change anything beside airport regulations. Consequences of things like the Patriot Act and even in the invasion of Iraq and Pakistan wouldn't be felt by the public at large until a decade later.

Adults were freaking out because they felt another attack was imminent, but they were dumbasses who listened to CNN fearmongering as if it were the word of god.

it isn't done in a good way though, that's the thing; it's the total opposite of what pushed pixar into what it's known for

the animation is typical calarts shit and the story is nothing more than periods; it doesn't do anything with the idea of growing up and having different changes take place, it is quite literally just "UH OH PUSSY BLEEDY AGAIN, I'M TURNING REEEEED"

The main character isn't supposed to learn anything, since she's the creators self insert. It's wish fulfillment fan fiction so she can dunk on her Asian Tiger mom

It also ignored the cultural impact of Shrek.

Like I said, I haven't seen it, but I think Pixar going into a different direction is a good thing. It seems to be a passion project of the director.

>The first minute of the film she's all "I say what I what, do what I want, when I want,"
That's just an act. Not even 10 minutes later it's shown that she sacrifices much of her own life to make her mom proud. Her mom's word is absolute in her eyes. Even her friends know it when they say "She's so brainwashed."

Throughout the movie she learns that living her whole life for her mom will become less and less viable the older she gets. She has to become her own person, even if that means she and her mom will drift apart.

FOMO, don't wanna pass up seeing NSYNC live and then Justin goes solo the following year.
>The first minute of the film she's all "I say what I what, do what I want, when I want," and then at the end she has pretty much the same exact attitude.
The difference is she's whipped by her mom in the beginning. She rushes to catch the bus and runs home and has a monologue explaining she has to put aside her personality during family time and makes sure to cover up her shirt logo.

It's really weird and unnecessary.
Is it the first Disney/ Pixar movie to have the word "sexy?"


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Grooming? How so? I just see it as a harmless kids movie

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loved the kaiju battle

Why do are fags so purposefully dishonest about the inherently sexual nature of twerking?

Yes but the guard was still lax with her.
She would be even more suspicious during those times.

Yeah Yea Forums tellz da troof

Because it's a big fluffy panda doing it in a humorous manner. You a furry or something?

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>Because it's a big fluffy panda doing it in a humorous manner. You a furry or something?

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Ay man, I'm not the one who thinks pic related is of "inherently sexual nature".

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It´s very obnoxious,

Cringe and cope

>Okay groomer
>13-year olds are “grown ups”
>Fails the Bechdel test (or rather, barely passes)
>”Did the red peony bloom?”
>”My panda my choice!”
>Twerks and slaps her ass to defeat a giant Kaiju monster
>Sells OnlyFans “panda” pics to raise money to attend a concert
>Sells Panda pics in secret behind her moms back
>”Go on, become women without me.”
>”We’re 4-Townies!”
>It’s okay to disobey parents
>It’s okay to be a groupie instead of a musician
>Hinting that one of the characters is a lesbian for dancing with another chick
>Parents are literal monsters whose sole objective is to embarrass you

Haven't seen it, never will. The mom is extremely attractive though

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