What are your favorite incel kinos?

What are your favorite incel kinos?

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This is literally why so many white bois are obsessed with nazi shit now

the northman
master and commander

The fact that this graph seesaws so much indicates some kind of sampling inconsistency.

nah it's why they're obsessed with wokefishing left wing BLM commiebait shit, in order to attract women

Why did it jump to 15% and then go back to around 8% and then back to 15% every few years?

Check catalog to see what incels like

Zoomers don't know how to ask chicks out irl and think that dating apps are the only way to talk to girls without seeming "creepy."

I'm 30 years old and haven't even kissed a girl, I wonder how rare that is

Every 2-3 years, young men as a collective just decides to not have sex.

me too user, you aren't alone if that makes you feel any better. khv

Leftist women can literally save the world by having sex with us. It's that simple, ladies.

I lost my virginity at 29 to an 18 year old slut. Fucked her three times. Later I fucked a prostitute to hone my technique.

With the advent of videogames, the social internet, convenience culture, and extreme online pornography in any shape or obscene form fathomable, it's no surprise.
Why would any average joe bother going through the laborious effort of taking some girl on a date when it's going to cost him time and money that could have been better spent fermenting blissfully on a seat in a dark room, watching his favourite parasocial friend simulator streamer playing the game he can't be bothered to load up one one screen, and his favourite e-thot whore spreading her fat ass open on plastic horse cocks on the other. Hedonism has never been so cheap.

More importantly....

where do i find the 18% ?

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>The amount of non-White males increases in a country
>The rate of male virginity increases as well
Brownoids are pathetic we knew this

Define incel

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>What are your fa-ACH!

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Anywhere you would expect to find dishonest women.

Remember, these are self reported, so women is probably much lower amd men much higher.

If only you knew how bad things were...

Whatever (1999) is explicitly incel kino. I don't consider Taxi Driver an incel movie, Travis actually managed to get a date with a beautiful woman, though he fucks it up later.

asians are the most likely to be incels

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No wonder the right wing is coming back. It's all the mad incels

yeah but the upward rise is consistent with facebook (2006) and social media proliferation from then on

what's happening with mexicans

I honestly believe it was the previous decade promoting safe sex and making shows like 16 and pregnant turned people off from having sex young and stunted their growth.
As for incel movies
>500 days of summer
>lars and the real girl

Not so fast

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You sound kind of angry yourself.


My life

This is true and really it sucks when everyones on their phone

those are anonymous surveys, I doubt the majority of people would lie for this.
the kinds of people that would, wouldn't even bother to participate in this kind of survey

That relationships are mostly just men paying for lies and a chance at mediocre sex with a basic bitch who thinks SHE'S settling by itself proves men are better off doing literally anything else including overdosing in some alley, at least that would be honest.

Those are 99 percent liars and Chad widows.

Shut up nig

Yeah cause most of the incels on Yea Forums are into that shit. Even the incels on Reddit were into nazi and right wing ideology

Women are just getting shared by fewer men like was the case throughout history. Most men are just going to be expected to pay for these whores and the kids they had with these men. Single mothers and young retards raising younger retards is not healthy, neither is getting run through by good looking guys then expecting to have a stable relationship. Women don't count multiple things as sex including mouth, ass and any sex they regret at some point. This is on top of knowing instinctually whores are seen as less respectable/attractive for ltr regardless of whatever culture or virtue signaling from desperate men trying to get a crumb of pussy.

People are incredibly socially awkward now. Even people born in the early 90s have better social skills. This is entirely due to the internet causing people to isolate themselves. Men are more likely to get sucked into Internet forums and tech addictions and the men who don’t are at a far greater advantage and don’t end up becoming autistic virgins.

Is it right wing political beliefs that cause inceldom or inceldom that causes right wing political beliefs?

in the mental ward. TO not get laid as a femoid (tutorial mode) you must hate men be institutionalized or weigh 500 pounds


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Every single online community of "femcels" quickly gets swarmed by extremely horny guys looking for easy lays.
Anyone that isn't a total shut-in knows ugly, dirty, stinky, flat, fat, crazy, [insert any god damn problem here] girls can still easily get dick.

Lost my virginity to my wife at 17. In my 30s now. Lol you don't get skilled by fucking hookers nasty ass.

Taxi Driver
BR 2049
American Psycho
The Lobster

It doesn't make sense if you factor in that trannies are just incels in their final form.

the latter. kids are growing up in a very feminized school and media environment then they realize on some level that acting feminine doesn't get them laid, masculinity does which is pretty heavily stamped out and they were basically lied to about how they should act with women in order to get a girlfriend and get laid. The right wing political beliefs certainly don't help though but the problem existed before that.


a short story about love by Kieslowski, literally Yea Forums incel tier movie.
also Her with Joaquin Phoenix and BR2049.

Feminism paved the way for trannies. That's why terfs are a thing, they're too similar and fighting for privilege.

Incels outnumber trannies. Trannies end up having sex with deranged leftoids so they’re not incels. Whereas most people are repulsed by incels on both the left and the right and thus have zero smv. Maybe incels should take the trannypill

>trust the science!
>survey says!

>wait no not like that

>watched Blade Runner 2049 with my sister
>she looked right at me after the hooker said "Oh, you don't like real girls"

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>Leftist women can literally save the world by having sex with us. It's that simple, ladies.
NatSocs are also left wing. I think I resent NatSoc faggots buying into the commie lie that Nazis were right wing and then parading themselves around as 'THE RIGHT' about as much as I dislike actual bolsheviks

Should I even try to meet girls through traditional methods in 2022? Everyone I know who's in a relationship met off of a dating app

Dating apps are vast majority guys and bots. Biggest waste of time and money. If they actually met that way those relationships aren't going to last.

Really? Everyone I saw was complaining about how they suck

I have literally no idea how else to meet women though

Just be yourself

Post the more recent one that shows women having caught up.

Indeed Science is only right when it says we are le based and redpilled. Covid is fake and vaccines are deadly tho, that's fake science

damn, you utterly demolished that strawman of yours

>women are sluts and its impossible to find a pure gf
>women are prudes and its impossible to get laid without settling down
which do you prefer?

nice pilpul, dweeb

who are you quoting

>in the last year

>in the last day
>in the last minute
>Not currently engaged in active sex with multiple partners