Japanese niggas are the funniest motherfuckers alive...

Japanese niggas are the funniest motherfuckers alive. They do the most corniest nerdiest emotional sentimental shit you can imagine. I cant believe these niggas are a global superpower.

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Niggers really do destroy everything they touch.

>a global superpower
The last time they tried that was in 1941. It didn't end well.

a couple nukes will do that to you

At the same time, they are 100% sincere with it. Thats what makes it work.

It really is impressive how they are right behind western Jewish media as being the most influential culturally in spite of, or perhaps because of, how eccentric and different they are

They live in a perpetual 80s american john hughes type reality fr fr no cap

it's especially funny when gooks (koreans) try to imitate this sentimentality it comes off insincere and not genuine, japs are actually unhinged. Much like their white cousins Germany, thrh can either get super cringe or super based. A very unique set of people.

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these final fantasy games play out like japanese tv soap operas

The Yuna and Titus story was fine, the cringe story in FFX was the Titus crybaby storyline. His father should have beaten him more.

The cringiest main storyline in a FF game is 15. Nigga sits around in the nether for a couple years, becomes even more emo, then decides to do a Jesus.

The plots get very fucking convoluted for no reason. X was a perfect example how shit just got fucking complicated as shit. Why mix in the father-son dillema at the end with all the other shit? They thought this was good writing?

Irony poisoning hasn't sunk in yet

For me it's the shitty overacting in all asian live action shit like when a guy will slouch and make an expression like he just shit his pants


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>nigger doesn't understand emotions other than anger, hatred, greed and lust
Color me surprised.

japs shit their pants and bleed from their nose when overcome by emotion, idk why. They also sneeze when people talk about them and turn red when they drink beer. A curious people.

Playing this right now, this scene is kino beyond imagination.

Why do boomers automatically assume someone's black just because they say nigga?

Because saying nigga means you're either a nigger or an honorary nigger (whigger/chigger)

sute ki da ne is hard as fuck bro I self insert as tidus all the time cus im a tanned boi as well

They are a high text society where emotion and true intentions are always hidden, so I guess they try to make up for it with overacting

>honorary nigger

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Based. It’s a shame Yuna’s canon ending is with some random summoner she leaves Tidus for.

lmao why are you playing a 20 year old rpg? Just wait a few months for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

go to sleep dad

>lmao why are you playing a 20 year old rpg? Just wait a few months for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Got an itch to replay the series after FF7R. Took me a few years, but I’m glad I’m getting to replay X. It’s the best one imo.


Son it's 9:40 AM, time to cut the grass. No I do not care that you were up all night playing Fortnite.

>Xenoblade Chronicles

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I live in a condo dad i pay people to cut my grass

Whites aren't allowed to say nigga anymore, user.

>global superpower
lmao, no, their economy is a stagnated shit since 1998 and their population doesnt increases since the 80s, the country didnt have a societal colapse cause their central bank does some heavy ponzi schemes to keep the economy shit and not default and the population is to old to cause any mayhem.

>20 year old
Try 26 bro

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Sometimes the over-the-top sincere corniness of their culture is exactly what you need to brighten your day. Not everything has to be doom and gloom.

Its good bro you know i be on that unsent shit

blessed thread, sad that janny will come for it soon

Fuck that shit that boy aint gon do shit

I will agree that gooks just feel like a Japanese tribute act. No soul.

>is that... an emotional scene being played straight without any metahumor, fourth wall breaking, quips, or winking at the camera? AAAHHHHH SAVE ME RUSSO BROS I'M GOING INSANE

Like Honda, Hyundai, come on bro



It's escapism
The same way Americans are generally more frank in person, the Japanese are generally more reserved and two-faced/concerned with saving face
Their medias naturally become the opposite of average life
Ask any Japanese woman what she'd like a man to do, and it'd be just to tell them they love them

in the 70s and 80s everyone thought they were gonna be what everyone thinks china is gonna be now

Korea is cultureless. Before Japan invaded Korea in the early 20th century, they were a complete shithole backwater still living in mud huts that no one cared about. Japs modernized them a bit while occupying. Americans occupied the territory after they defeated the japs and modernized them further. Then Soviets and chinks turned it into a battleground again in the Korean War and split it up. Americans heavily invested into South Korea and turned it into what it is now - weird Americanized capitalist corporate soulless shithole full of plastic people who copied Americanized negrotized boy/girl musical groups and exports it as a product back to the land that influenced them. While the north is a dystopian hellhole of literal slaves ruled by a dynasty of soviet-inspired maniacs that demand worship from their goy cattle. Korea does not have any real culture of its own and never did.

I played through ff7 finally and it was great. Started FF9 a bit but then Elden Ring came out. Should I finish 9? Villain seems megagay a d the queen story seems simple compared to Shinra shit, but I like the setting

>filters 10 year-old me
Not sure if I was 40% done with the game of 80%

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dodge the lightning challenge filtered me so hard

i feel like 9 was made to do that super deformed shit one last time before they went full size character cinematic shit for life

7 original will always be my favorite though and will remain as what I recognize as "final fantasy".

Am I retarded? Can't u just let it hit u and keep trucking along?

Yuna's canon ending is simping for tidus at the end of FFX. X-2 is a great game but non-canon. Sorry.

I'm referring specifically to the audio-drama released after X-2, called Final Fantasy X "Will". It's so bad, bro, proceed with extreme caution. And yes, it's canon.

It’s funny and ironic that the Japanese can interpret such over the top emotions and sincerity in their media yet they’re some of the most soulless people on the planet.

The one with the exploding blitzball? I know of it.
FF-X2 is like season 2 of westworld.

The Final Fantasy series is good. It's better than any wooden-acting western game. And it's too complex for Hollywood to make a movie out of without fucking up.

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>X was a perfect example how shit just got fucking complicated as shit
How is X complicated? It's straightforward as fuck.

>lmao why are you playing a 20 year old rpg?
Zoomer detected.

>No Pacific Theatre kino where you have the Japanese Armies immense success early on in the war then their decline as the Commonwealth and American armies start to fully mobilize
My idea is that the war would follow a few characters up until their deaths later

they yellow menace is a good way to keep people afraid
I guess it will be korea's turn in 30 years

You're probably dealing with an XBox fan who's used to "the guys you shoot at are the bad guys, and also you can gay-date Carlos the janitor" levels of complexity.

X-2 is fine. The non-canon shit after that is awful.

>The Final Fantasy series is good
Well, up to X is good. Everything after that is garbage.
FFV is the best

FF12 is passable, but barely. It all falls completely apart with FF13, which isn't even remotely a Final Fantasy game.