Will he buy Yea Forums and make it better?

Will he buy Yea Forums and make it better?

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no one wants Yea Forums. not even moot.

>ghost in the shell not #1


Yea Forums is already perfect :3

>quick! google "best anime ever list" and tell me a couple of names, make sure you shuffle them tho

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reddit list

Yea Forums gets high traffic but users are subject to abuse like porn and censorship even on blue boards. I worked years to get all the libs to Red dit yet this month they are all back? The only thing good is that they keep you anonymous for the most part

Nobody wants Yea Forums

his baby mama is a big anime dork.

>how you doin fellow kids

he is such a fuckin troll it's unbelivable what nonsense he can spout and his bootlickin groupies eat it up

This place has zero good qualities besides anonymity and humour from time to time.

>Yea Forums gets high traffic
Yea Forums doesn't even make the top 500, and it's traffic is declining enormously. They can't even sell a banner ad here.

lib here. Ive been here longer than you. The website is far more diverse than you think especially on the slower boards. most of us dont waste our time and energy arguing politics with shut ins, incels and turbo autismos and just have fun shitposting.

The minute you take this site seriously you've officially been here too long. or not long enough. Either way you should probably leave.

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They get at least 200k a day

Better how?

Did I give you premission to talk to me

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He doesn’t even own it yet and there’s a good chance the deal fall through

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can someone smarter than me tell me how Yea Forums actually makes money? like people say advertising but 90% of anons use an adblocker..


I'd really like to know how a literal edgy redditor billionare tricked a big fraction of am*rican incels and rightoids into thinking he was /one of them/
The amount of dick sucking Musk gets for free in 4chins just for posting anime shit and disguising his midlife crisis as 'based edginess' is something beyond my comprehension

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>N...no it won't happen! You will still get banned for spreading the Wuhan lab theory you fucking nazis!

The girl who leapt through time
Summer wars
Agent paranoia

What would we call Elon before "moot"?

>implying its in order

compassion and empathy.

What is his endgame, anyway?

pleb taste

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you mean by closing it and setting fire to the servers?

Hey that reminds me whatever happened with the monkey torture story?

Seems like for about two days there he was an evil bastard torturing monkeys for neuralink and then very quickly the news around him shifted back into a positive light

lol those titles are the ones that come up if you Google "best anime list"

Cool you got 2

>No dragon ball

>no Gundam

This guy has even faker personality than the Rock

Yea Forums turned to shit after 2016.

Remember when it was incredibly cringey and laughable when retards posted Yea Forums culture outside of the site and onto social media? Now every rightoid retard spouts /pol/ phrases and wojaks on their Facebook and Twitter. When was the last time this site created a notable joke or did something entertaining that wasn’t just edited Wojak or Pepe #378585. Political newfags destroyed the site.

>Will he buy Yea Forums and make it better?
but why would a three letter agency sell tbis shithole?

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Yea Forums was never good
it has always been an ocean of piss

Well do you know any other billionaires that name drop Deus Ex

>no FMA:B
>no Nausicaa
>no OPM

Why does Yea Forums hate moe anime?

>Normiest of normiest of taste

For me it's
Cardcaptor Sakura, Made in Abyss, Perfect Blue, Whisper of the Heart, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, When Marnie Was There


>thinking it's that good

dont care
you lost
twitter is our ground now, seething cuck

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>no Kaiji

Hiroshimoot selling your information

no, he'll pull out when he sells out his stock and makes back his money from the initial investment


do you think trump and pence have explored each others bodies

That's a pretty good anime list, tbdesu.

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>that turbo normalfag taste
No way he didn't just google popular anime. Does he even have the time to watch anime? All he does is working down in Texas on his new super rocket.

>elon liking anime is impossible, for some reason
Those shows are just good entertainment. People with iq's over 120 rather watch them over western shows.

>normie taste
Do f/a/ggots really expect him to say he's watched K-on or Lain or something?

You're a generic leftist, you know. You hate freedom and whites just as much as commies. Go back or kys.

is that really why you like commie politics?

yes except niggers

>rich guy actually likes freedom of speech
>leftoid subhuman can't understand why people would appreciate that

Neuralink was torturing a bunch of monkeys which sent everyone into a frenzy against elon for 20 minutes but oh now he's buying twitter and remember how he likes anime thats epic
Any other anons here cursed with a memory that extends beyond 2 weeks ago? Shit's hard to deal with

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>t. white-hating, male-hating brown supremacist

I hope he does and that he'll double Jannies' salaries

Stuff like Ghost in the shell is hardly normie-tier.

>your name
It shows he isn't American. When you finish an enumeration you can add "you name it", not your name, silly.

Why would an anime fan want to buy a website that is not focused on anime???????