2022...I am forgotten

>2022...I am forgotten

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I really hope she will have better career in future than Anya Taylor Whore

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Such a talented actress.

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Needs to show full booba

I haven't watched Last Night in Soho, I think she dates a black guy there or something, she was okish in Jojo Rabbit.

Needs to get her tits out

Need to see hangers

Someone post their side by side comparison of all their features (where Thomasin wins almost every single round)

They just released a newer model

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I will never forget those boobas

what a massive downgrade

last night in soho sucked but at least it was armpit kino

I love her weird FEET

She is in this new BBC drama that came out last week

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>Films an intimate scene with a black man
>Career nosedives because everyone is disgusted with her.


She didn't even get naked in it. Dropped.

>She is in this new BBC drama
damn i got a boner for a second before i realized

I couldn't possibly forget that butt user

I downloaded Old the other night to watch. Pretty shit film but it was nice watching her ass and honkers.

I thought it was confirmed that she was

I watched all 4 episodes. She has clothed sex with at least 3 men and gets raped once.

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I don't watch interracial porn.

dont let the captcha hit you on the way back to plebbit


shut the fuck up

I only have this

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me too

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Anya's big hit was Queen's Gambit, not a movie.

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she was cute in the antivax movie

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Weird face annoying baby voice and can't act

Based Chud shitposter

she is in Glass too, Thomasin biggest hit is Jojo Rabbit maybe, yes it is a leading role but both kids, Rockwell and Waititi are far better than her, she was in Leave No Trace and in that turd with Taylor-Joy .....

Is that the same person?

she should play one of those sexy goblins I hear so much about on /tg/

What's their parents' problem?

what is this face shape called?

Thomasin is winning ever since Anya went skeletal

they're from Noy Zaylan

she was great in last night in soho but no one watched it.
the only girl with massive boobs who knows how to hide it

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why does she talk so slow


I see constant threads and mentions of her

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And three years ago ATJ only had The VVitch and some minor supporting roles. Thomasin is just behind her career wise, they're at different stages.

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incel go on and cry more

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Nightmare fuel holy fuck

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unreal body

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Last Night in Soho exposed her as a terrible actress.

went to this movie with my friend and two girls i wanted to cut my veins one hour into the film we never saw the girls again worst movie ever


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God I love AyyLmao girls

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Damn that's lewd

She's smart
Less words = more importance to each one

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That post exposed you as a massive faggot

Heil Hitler!

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Would impregnate if you know what I mean