ITT: stuff you found cringe even as a kid

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Gay pride
Black pride
I mean they live in the USA and they have to find a problem with it

you didn't care about those as a kid. You weren't always so wrapped up in petty political BS.

And yet now I feel bittersweet nostalgia for these cartoons

Harry Potter always seemed really faggy and juvenile to me, even as a kid

No, my views were more /pol/ tier than nowadays strangely enough. Not everybody was hippie schlomo Doherty jr over there.

that's just cause it's british


This whole show was just people yelling and screaming in "le funny voices", I hated it and kinda just sat through it because Rugrats or Spongebob would be on afterwards.

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Yes. Even things considered terribad a few while ago (Godfather 3, SW Prequels, Aliens 3, Terminator Salvation, etc.) seem good by today's standards because things have gotten so bad.

It's really fucked. I watched this show a lot as a kid since I watched a lot of Nickelodeon back then, but looking back on this show in particular it's like one of the worst pieces of garbage. I regularly watched it and reruns of it all the time back then though.


you must have had tons of friends at school.

>This whole show was just people yelling and screaming in "le funny voices",
>I hated it and kinda just sat through it because Spongebob would be on afterwards.

this but unironically

ye if it's something 10 year old kids were drawn to it was some sperg screaming about politics while everyone else just wanted to chill and play pokemon

I unironically had no friends as a kid and I was liberal as hell.
Now I have a bunch of friends and I think Yea Forums is pretty liberal. Funnily enough all of my friends are some breed of fag. Life is funny.

Sounds like you were an absolute joy as a child

depends on your shitty country. If you grew up anywhere apart from some huge american city or the fag half of europe you can't get any friends unless you're extremely racist

Sonic has been and always will be cringe. Still not as bad as Marvel movies but we didn't have those when I was a kid.


Yeah, but did it make you want to fuck Vicki?

Rugrats was 10× more gay and Jewish then Kino Odd Parents

seasons 1-3 rugrats was kino.

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p sure they explained in 1 ep he was from a town in Kansas called Nikaqua or w/e

you cant say that word

every cartoon from the 60s and 70s

I liked Johnny Quest but I always thought it hot Peanuts stuff was gay as Hell even when I was 10.

FOP is great, fuck you

Found the shoebee


>my views were more /pol/ tier than nowadays strangely enough
A child having simple, black and white, I-belong-to-a-clubhouse opinions? Yeah, that checks out.

>Now I have a bunch of friends and I think Yea Forums is pretty liberal.

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My hatred of illegals stems from learning about them at age 10 after watching American History X.

The halloween episode where the adults have a haunted house in the garage is my favorite epiosde.

I think Julio and his girlfriend should worship me b it also I think all the white people from back then should too. Stephen knows who the Fuhrer is.

so you were a pol autist from the get go.

>op is not a rider on a mission

>Found great catharsis watching that little faggot break his leg snowboarding
>20 years later I break my leg skiing

And as I lay in the snow, I remembered that fucking episode felt bad, man.

>hates FOP
>loves spongebob
never before seen autism

This, Invader Zim, Johnny Test and Rocko's Modern Life are all overrated as fuck.

>Invader Zim, Johnny Test and Rocko's Modern Life
Correct, Correct, WRONG

Wow actually a tier list I can get behind. Might replace odd parents with doug but honestly that was the weirdest show of them all

Do people like Johnny Test? Growing up it was always “the weird Canadian cartoon.”

I still associate the name Wayne with this character

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everbody rightfully hates johnny test, but Zim and Rocko are kino

Hey Arnold just wasnt for me, I would watch it if I knew a show I liked was coming on after, but would go outside if they were marathoning it. Sponge Bob? Get the fuck out of here. Invader Zim needs to be knocked down a tier or two.
Ren and Stimpy and Rocko fits. Odd Parents need to go down a peg, same with Angry Beavers. Rugrats needs to go up to god tier. Real Monster and Kablam fits, but on it's own Prometheus and Bob is God Tier. Doug fits, drop the rest, though wild Thronberrys older sister was hot. Im ok with shit tier, maybe a slight, slight, slight argument for cat-dog being one of the better shit tier shows. In truth live action shows back there were better then 90% of the stuff on here. Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Wild and Krazy Kids, Dude Ranch, Salute Your Shorts, Double Dare (all variation) were better.

god I hated that show

Yeah, back then I thought "who cares about gays and pride, they are not bothering anyone, let them do their thing".
But then later I realized that the whole thing is literally made to provoke normal people. Otherwise nobody would even mind faggots that much but when they themselves intentionally provoke people, push boundaries further and further, abuse kids etc. then they need to be exterminated.

Such a weird fucking show and very disgusting too. I remember hatewatching it on CN because I was waiting for something else, but then at some point I got used to it.

I remember liking the Gamecube game for some reason. I never watched the show so I had no clue what was going on.

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Hey Arnold was unironic kino at times. It had a pretty good movie in 2017 to finish it off. As a kid you either love it or loathe it.

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Social interactions.

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Chalk Zone was kino you faggot

the whole chuck norris thing and the ultimate showdown song

Shows like As Told by Ginger, Pepper Ann, and Doug were fucking gay and I'm tired of pretending they weren't

this show had an amazing soundtrack. why dont cartoons have good soundtracks anymore?

These replies are embarrassing, I was a kid in the late 90s before the politically correct mind sickness. No one liked fags and we’d goof on black pride, latino pride and shit. You get older and try to seem mature by being open minded and not generalizing.

i like rocket power and think its a good tier show there i said it

Fuck. What show is this from?
I can't remember but I used to watch it whenever I went to my grandma's

Spy Kids franchise

This show was never truly great. It was always passable, but it hold zero nostalgia value to millennials. The show never went off air and was just run into the ground.

cramp twins

What’s the problem with CatDog?