Loved lazytown when I was a kid

>loved lazytown when I was a kid
>tfw I'm scared to watch it now

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>not a single porn parody

>>loved lazytown when I was a kid
zoom zoom


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>when I was a kid
>First aired: August 16, 2004

Good those are usually cringy

Thats a grown woman no? No shame in being attracted to women age 15 and up

Why? Its harmless fun!

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>Good those are usually cringy
only the ones that try to be funny

I’ve never seen a porn parody that wasn’t simply terrible

ghostbusters and man of steel had great ones

Would you have se with a 8 year old now that she's 30 years old?

Why? Was it spooky?

>those muscles
Why didn't she simply tear Robbie apart like a Yellow Pages?

Muscles aren't normal?

I meant that she looks buff for a kid. But, yes, folds of flab are normal instead.

I've been watching non-stop for the past few days, Sportacus is hilarious he is a full-on autist from /fit/ that lives alone and all he does is exercise all day.

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Yea, there's this guy... Robbie Rotten. Always up to evil tricks!

based. fuck gainz goblins

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The new Stephanie is fit as fuck.

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meant to

>video is 8 years old

It's the last Stephanie (aside from the one that did live events), Lazy town is over, user.

Most people here only remember Julianna and met Chloe Lang's Stephanie for the first time in that We are Number one meme.

She does tiktok videos in character now.

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user... 2004 was 30 years ago...

Why are you so sure it's ov- oh. Oh yeah.

Even Magnus (Sportacus actor and creator) sold Lazy Town Entertainment (LTS Garðbær Studios) to Warner and said he won't act as Sportacus anymore (he is about 60 years old now)

Now he owns a restaurant with his wife in Iceland.

>he is about 60 years old now

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does she do...other character...?

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Do you want to hear something funny?
The first Stephanie actress is from 1991.

She is 30 years old now and became a therapist.

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wow shes still a cutie, the wall is going easy on her.


>swn beat you up

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Been a long time but I think Gianna Michaels has a scene wearing a wig like that.

She’s cute, if she had kept the gymnast lifestyle she’d be hot

Wasnt there a creepy face hidden in one of the episodes? Freaked me out

The wall only exist for people that don't treat their bodies well.

She was in lazy town, all that dancing, healthy diet, exercising did well for her and she did took to the heart.

The new Stephanie is 20 years old now, and she looks fine too.

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Does she ever take those shoes off?

not much

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>they come off
>big socks

I too masturbated to this show when it was in its heyday

but user, as you know
the bigger the socks
the more pungent the smell[/spoiler

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Too young or too old?

I still masturbate to this show nowadays.

I have not thought about the show in so many years that I forgot about masturbating to it.

Because Robbie was a muscled Chad too

That is true, but still. Damn, I remember going to a dominatrix for waterpsports and footworship and she asked if I wanted her to wear her gym shoes beforehand.
Of course I did. Hnnnnnnngggghhhh

I like those silly fakes of 'lazy porn',
always come back for them.

user... 30 years ago was 2012

Robbie literally mogs him

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>he's lazy
>not too lazy to lift tho
What's my excuse?

>mogs jay leno
>mogs sportacus
genuinely what the fuck is our excuse?

He was 40 when he started LazyTown and did it for 10 years.

>didn't mog cancer


Sportacus bulgemogs though

Lazy Town is from 2004, user.
He is 57 now (pretty much 60).

Back that pussy, she's a motherfucker!

fuck you twat

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Watch it user, it's okay if you still think she's hot.

it's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

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