July 21, 2023

Only in theaters

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If the trailer doesn't have Aqua - Barbie song then we riot

yfw it's a moody zoomer remix by Billie Eyelash

I'm sick of this woman, she was a terrible Harley Quinn

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that would be... acceptable

Ken will be black and gay.

And that's a good thing.

I don't get the margott robbie hype. She has a mediocre body and a manface and she's not that talented as an actress

Well it was supposed to be Amy Schumer, but nobody knows who she is

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They definitely picked a gross photo of her on purpose so it would get talked about.

Unironically, Ryan Gosling is Ken

not a bad idea desu

So, I take that Amy Schumer "body positive" Barbie won't be happening them?




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you mean Ryan Gosling?

Unironically kino.

He can pull off the platinum blonde look quite well.

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>Not funny
>Wants to be barbie
Is this bitch delusional or what? In what world is AMY "ugly fat kike" SCHUMER a perfect candidate for a BARBIE MOVIE? DO THEY HAVE OBESE UNFUNNY BARBIE DOLLS OR SOMETHING?

God I want Margot Robbie to be my mommy and I'm not even joking. I've seriously got tears in my eyes as I'm typing this. She's perfect.

you will never touch a woman half that gorgeous

blonde kino will be the end of CRT and blackism in the media. there is no come back to the idea that girls want to be hot blondes in nice cars. it b'stfo of frankfurt school dogma.

not innocent enough. Barbie is a nice girl.

Rare to have such based posts in such close proximity. I feel blessed to have entered this thread

She'd be perfect as miss Piggy in a muppets live action series.

Can smell the subversion coming from over a year away. Also Barbie is just too much of a heartbreaking sad kind of nostalgic because it doesn’t really exist anymore, it was shamed, guilted, and peer-pressured into sacrificing itself just like white-American women, both have suicided the uniquely amazing status they used to have for the sake of global bux. Wonder if white women will ever pull up after this last decade, their mental health has really been sabotaged.

>implying Ken won't be cast as a black man or Barbie won't be a lesbot

Read the thread Einstein, Ryan Gosling is Ken

I hope we get more Margot feet

im gay btw, if that matters...

can smell the midwit coming off this post without even reading it

I'm sure no one here has seen it but if this is anything along the lines of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse then it will be kino. Found it by accident when my kids were younger and it's actually fun to watch.

She's like 50 years old and looks like a corps.

I'll put it on my watchlist brotherman, big thanks


nigga i literally own a blonde barbie you can buy them off amazon right now

>the end of CRT

It already happened with leftoids back stepping and saying it never was a thing.

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incorrect. I've only posted the middle comment.

I don’t know, there’s not much that group loves more than taking a frail pale-skinned blonde girl, putting her in a white dress and a flower crown, then sticking her with a nigga. The heightening of this kind of little-girl femininity is about to get real creepy and predatory this decade, we’re already kind of there.

you act like hollywood pushing tranny looking women is a new thing
the no tits no ass look was always pushed. always. the difference is nowadays it seems that men even prefer that type. they're not even have to be brainwashed anymore. this fridge look is what's they love nowadays.

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She's a very talented actress and she has a hot face.

Not surprising given you like women with manly faces and fridge bodies

Only with make-up. She needs that to soften her manly features

They are not backing of from anti-whiteness. They are just using the cuckservatards' cowardice to sidestep it. Apparently CRT is some niche academia thing. So they are saying "UH NO THEY ARE NOT TEACHING EXACTLY THAT IN SCHOOLS CHUD". Which is technically true but they are teaching white kids to hate themselves.

You are the only one here obsessed with her apparent manly features. Normal heterosexual guys don't care how she looks without makeup. She's an actress, she is supposed to be dolled up and look good for screen

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Too old
Replace her with McKenna Grace

Pointing out the obvious isn't really the same as being obsessed. What is obsessive is people like you defending her on a moment's notice

Her uncle is the senior Senator for Jew York. Her roll as Dr Blasey Ford at the ritual humiliation of Justice Kavarnaugh was Oscar worthy. She can name her own Glow Nigger projects.

Its gonna be a moody remix of Barbie Girl.

>*heavy reverb* I'm a .....

Your delusions are only obvious to you.

Why not Brooklyn Decker? She was incredible in Battleship

Movies aren’t made for cooming, it’s like modeling. 90% of high fashion models look gross but still unique, which is more valuable. You want someone that looks memorable and can stand out, not someone who takes away from the movie

This is Barbie mom right?

Margot was only hot in WOWS


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what will be even story be about ?
is it musical

For me I’m watching this for him.

How about a Legally Blonde sequel that doesn't suck?

Will this be the Clueless of the zoomer generation?

>muh white race nooooh
Pathetic as always

>40yo barbie
really bruh

Great idea! Margot Robbie is SUCH a draw! People just love her and can't keep away from her movies!

did she just drive that car through the wall?

Her look alikes are all hotter