Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?

Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?

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Yea Forums created drama because it’s the internet version of the girls locker room, FPBP

riddler and catwoman and nirvana

not enough product placement

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-Last act shits the bed on Riddler. The "Bruuuuuce" fakeout is way too contrived and a genuine example of dishonest film making and his character gets completely ruined with the flood shit for the sake of a brainless super hero ebin finale cop out.
-For as excellent as the build up was, the actual reveals and twists were just pretty forgettable for whatever reason.
-Bruce Wayne as a moody emo twink may be realistic, but it's not a compelling character to watch in a Batman movie.
-Joker + Riddler scene was gay as shit. The deleted scene would have unironically been much better.
-Car chase is poorly directed, could barely tell what the fuck was going and only having a general gist for most of it.
-Also, while I'm at it, the Penguin was kind of useless and pointless in this movie, though I understand they are building him up for something, so I won't harp too much on it till I see the whole picture.

I enjoyed the movie. It was good and has a lot of strengths to it. Definitely above garbage like The Dark Knight Rises, for example. But I left disappointed at how much better it could have been if not for these mistakes.

Last act shits the bed in general. First two thirds are much better than the last.

everything except for the set design

Yeah, I didn't mean to imply otherwise. The fact that all the twists and reveals were boring and then they do a brainless super hero thing that doesn't lead up at all from the rest of the movie just made me not care at all for the movie past the point the Riddler gets caught.

It's a bit of a similar problem to The Dark Knight, actually. But this was much worse.

Needed to be half an hour longer unironically.

Alfred and the third act felt rushed.

The problem wasn't that it was rushed at all, it was that it was shit. If you made another half hour to lead up to that, then that half hour would have sucked too. It needed to be something more low key, subtle and not as forced in its "epicness" to go along with the rest of the movie.

Alfred was pretty rushed, though, that's true.

I'm so glad the only trailer I watched of this movie was the teaser (Which was kino, by the way)
Looking at the first trailer and they reveal Riddler's face and him getting caught literally at the very start. Then they ruin the lights out shootout scene and the end of the Penguin chase (The only good part).

Retarded scene

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That dust isn't nearly settled, The 'HES LITERALLY ME' camp needs another character to relate to before they drop incel riddler and goth robert pattinson. They love baseding over this shit.

That's just shitposting, mate.


They really needed to execute this much better than they did. It was too sloppy.

This scene was kino, he obviously starts chanting Bruce Wayne's name because that's the moment he realizes he's Batman. The reason Bruce looks so nervous here is because he knows the Riddler is about to figure it out.

Bro... You misread the scene. What you thought the scene was is way more kino than it actually is.

It's a fakeout. You're meant to think Riddler knows, but then it's revealed that it's just a contrived scene where he doesn't.

It's a fake out

catwomans mask looked so fucking stupid

Didn't interpret it that way at all, he figured out Bruce was Batman right there. He starts shouting BRUCE WAAAAAAAAYNEEE because he's fucking with him and knows he's terrified, but ultimately he decides to play along and pretend like he doesn't know. because he likes Batman and thinks its more fun that way.

>Didn't interpret it that way at all
Me neither at first, but then I rewatched the scene. You should too. There's really no room for interpretation. It's a fakeout.

Using Nirvana in the trailer instead of a Chad band like GnR. Thor will sail past a billion because of Sweet Child O' Mine alone.

Disgusting anti-white propaganda

Wasn't made by Snyder

This could have worked if it wasn't dragged out for so long. Like, if the reveal happened 20 seconds in instead of minutes.

Mediocre Alfred, actor and character
Shit catwoman, character and actress
"Romance" scenes were god awful, didn't feel natural at all
Shit riddler, mostly character writing
Gordon was alright
Penguin looked the part
Suit was pretty nice looking
Disappointing, retarded, and lazy action choreography for a fucking Batman movie, especially during later scenes
>catwoman knocking a fully grown man back with her heroin addict arm while pinned to a table
>muh wy privlyge
Should've been rated R and the nigger mayor should've had her head explode, lack of blood even during certain riddler scenes felt off
Shitty writing overall
Seems like the retards decided to go for some half assed mashup of year one and long halloween while kicking it through the mud, ended up with a result that couldn't hold a candle to either story
The recent two part animated Long Halloween adaptation was unironically more engaging and memorable than the tail end of whatever the fuck they tried to do with this, maybe even the whole thing
Started off interesting ended with more and more disappointment and massively wasted potential with some decent scenes mixed in
Solid 5/10

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>Shit catwoman, character and actress
>Shit riddler, mostly character writing

Agreed, I'd add that Batman was one step behind the whole movie and never came up with something clever to catch the villain. Everything was served to him through Alfred, Gordon and Catwoman.
>big fucking map with LEDs under the rug
Oh fuck off.

>he likes Batman and thinks its more fun that way
Nah, that's a Joker move.

Gordon didn't really serve him anything. Every detective scene with him on it, Batman was the one that figured shit out.

Nothing. It had a successful box office run and the sequel has been green lit. The icing on the cake is that chudcucks seethe over the movie because it makes fun of ytey.

Meanwhile with Mask of the Phantasm
>best characterization of Batman
>best characterization of Joker
>best characterization of Alfred
>best version of Gotham
>creates more context as to why Bruce became Batman and why he rejects romantic advances
>actually a decent mystery that the viewer can find out by paying attention
>less than 90 mins

Batman realising he needed to become more than vengeance and be a symbol for the city came out of nowhere. It wasn't set up throughout the movie and its like he changed his whole character in 5 minutes

It needed a scene or 2 of Batman's influence causing more suffering or hate and anger in Gotham

What was the plan if batman had found the hidden carpet plan like riddler hoped he would? Have his plan thwarfed and his followers arrested?

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Riddler seemed to only half understand Batman wasn't on his side.

So who do we get in the sequel?

Court of owls? Hush? Mad hatter? Penguin with more power?

Well, Joker, apparently. Though I would have preferred if they just had Joker be a side character that plays Hannibal Lecter the whole series through.

I enjoyed the fake-out even though it was a bit contrived. Yeah, it becomes obvious the only reason he's ominously chanting "bruce wayne" instead of just saying exactly what he means is to mislead the audience because the character apparently knows he's inside of a movie, but that's something I can easily suspend disbelief for and it's not like any plot threads hinged on the riddler knowing batman's identity; it was just a throw-away moment

Reeves said joker won't be the main villain in the next movie at least

Nothing. It's the best "Batman" movie of all time. TDK is a better film, but The Batman is a better Batman movie.
MOTP is overrated. That shit gets boring in the second half.
Riddler's character is great, the twists are great, and the third act is genuine kino because it fits with the first two acts perfectly.
Batman is imperfect, but unlike Batfleck, his change makes sense and his mistakes are plausible.
Can't wait for the sequel.

There was too much batman. I was enjoying a fun detective movie and then they had to ruin it with the childish stuff. Also the ending is kind just whelming. I don't really care for the ending one way or another.

people that made it
1. are bad at making movies
2. fundamentally hate everything that Batman is. The whole movie was about Batman learning how everything that he is and does is bad, and he should be something else.
In the end he's saving flood survivors in brad daylight in front of adoring cameras. WTF? This is what Gotham needs? The fire department was dropping the ball all this time? People needed to be shown that you're supposed to help children in floods?

Just make a fuckin catwoman movie if you clearly want to show us how cool and brave she is. Or make a fuckin superman movie if you hate a vigiliante trust-fund-baby

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If he found it, they'd be safe in there while the seawall exploded. GCPD couldn't've gotten all the vans moved in time, so the city would have been flooded.
Pretty simple user. You just have to be a big boy and listen.


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they could've done so much shit with the riddler and instead they went for >muh realism and watered him down to a literal braindead incel at the end

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it's not what he's supposed to do. a random firefighter is better equiped to help the evacuation that a heavily armored masked man with a cape. It's just so stupid. If they just have to have him help flood evacuation (again, just a silly idea alltogether), then he should do it as Bruce Wayne (one way or another), not as Batman. stupid stupid stupid.

In general, whenever the movie had scenes where the media is reporting, it was so horrible, amateurish and the lowest points of the movie.

Isn't it usually cannon that The Riddler knows who The Batman is?

Should have been Battle Hymn by Manowar

Batman helps people. In most good incarnations of the character, he aids victims of crime and helps them. Why the fuck would Bruce Wayne go down and help carry people to evac?
The whole arc isn't Batman realizing punching bad guys is bad. The arc is realizing that the reason he's punching bad guys is bad.
He beats criminals for selfish vengeance instead of beating criminals to bring people hope. And after he's done beating them, he doesn't help the people that he should be helping.
It's a simple arc, but you sound too retarded to even understand this reply.


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It should have been entirely played by cunny

People seem to be conveniently forget the funeral scene where Riddler is closely watching Bruce Wayne jump in front of a car to save that kid.

>It's the best "Batman" movie of all time
I can see the argument. It has the best detective work, the best sense of Batman being a threatening figure, and, up until the third act, the most classic Batman like story
My one counter argument is that the Bruce Wayne is just too boring. Batman's story is always one of double personalities and that's just not an element at play in this movie.

He leaves before Bruce does that.

I couldn't watch passed the the first part where they try to beat up the Asian guy. Cringed hard plus the fight was lame. The whole dead body scene where he comes in and is stopped by the cop was too much.

>The arc is realizing that the reason he's punching bad guys is bad.
Isn't the arc him realizing that the whole thing with the Riddler is caused by him?

How are people conveniently forgetting it? What does that change about anything? Or are you implying he'd figure out Bruce Wayne is Batman because he doesn't want a kid to get run over? What a retarded post.

I can see what you mean. But personally I liked the change. Every Bruce up to this point has been separated from Batman, but I like one who's very invested into the persona at all times.
But it makes sense that it isn't for everyone.

nothing. it's an excellent film. It just suffers from the crime of being not as good as the trilogy.

Yes. The reason he's punching bad guys is for vengeance, and that's bad. Vengeance did not create a good change, but rather inspired others to enact vengeance.
So he decides to show Gotham a new image of himself: Someone saving innocents instead of beating the perpetrators.
It's a fucking beautiful ending that is peak Batman, but the faggots on Yea Forums just hate shit for no reason.

movie is too long

>making the villain a better hero

I refer to this movie as emo batman, because that is what it is. However, maybe it is the fact that every time I see Robert Pattinson I am reminded of that lonely emo kid sitting in the corner, which causes me to instantly think "emo batman". Bruce Wayne was never a emo goth beta cuck. Even the villains suffer from this ailment. Almost like warner bros does not know the difference between dark and emo beta cuck.

Oh and another thing:
>Alfred is killed, this is so different and edgy!
>except NO - HE SURVIVED
>Thomas Wayne was actually a bad person!
>except NO - HE WAS GOOD AS USUAL, just made some mistakes and misunderstandings

it's like watching the new StarWars all over again.
>chewbacca is killed!! oh, wait, actually no.
>Ben killed his mom!! oh, wait, actually no.
>Leia is still dead!! oh, wait, actually no.
>Luke tried to kill Ben!! oh, wait, actually no.
>etc etc

i dont know which blueprint they follow that says this is good,a nd what these people are thinking, but they have to stop. If you want to be edgy, be edgy. dont press "undo" 3 minutes later.

His emotional state aside, Batman did absolutely nothing wrong throughout the movie. But the narrative of the authors is
>what he was doing was wrong
so they crowbar this "all of it was his fault" twist. Going back to my original point - authors hate Batman.

It must be rated R, or it defeats the whole theme of your film.