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Rise and shine Chibfans!

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Janet as JNT


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Doctor Who fandom is so toxic.

Leave me alone mom

Literally the greatest cliffhanger in the history of Doctor Who. Nothing tops this! Zoomers will never know how hyped we were for the next episode.

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>3 posters

>h-he just fires it into that hand


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>/who/ - Doctor Who General

>Rise and shine Chibfans!

>Janet as JNT

>Doctor Who fandom is so toxic.

>Leave me alone mom

>Literally the greatest cliffhanger in the history of Doctor Who. Nothing tops this! Zoomers will never know how hyped we were for the next episode.


>>h-he just fires it into that hand


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Buying Season 18 Blu Ray with my pocket money.

nu-Who has always been a zoomer show. They even made kids versions of Torchwood.

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Next magazine after that will probably be about RTD2, expecting new announcements soon


it's not being shown until 2024 so don't expect anything casting announcements until the beginning of 2023 at least

Except that they start filming this year.

No they don't

Yes they do they start filming soon and RTD has already written episodes.

...yes they do


Filming is way off. December at the earliest.
No casting has happened yet.

Trust me, I'm 100% right about this. I know a lot about Doctor Who, more than you.

Alrighty then.

my dad works at n̶i̶n̶t̶e̶n̶d̶o̶ bad wolf studios

Confirmed as the valeyard

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hourly reminder next doctor will be a reboot

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get in losers

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I much prefer how Chibnall writes for other people's characters to how he writes his own.

His Eleven and the Ponds content is wonderful, I really like how he wrote Ten and Martha, and the Torchwood team.

I just never clicked with the original characters in his era.

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>Born: 29 December 1928 (age 93 years)
Thank God Bernard Cribbins is still alive. Thank Christ. I didn't need bad news today

One of the few reactors to the show worth watching, if you like reactors.

he is competing with Tom

He was pretty good with Life on Mars too. His two episodes are some of its best. It probably suits his writing style more to be fair.
He's not good at creating characters, is his problem.

it is a fucking miracle that the coof hasn't taken any DW

out of the living ones, which one would you have been the most okay with dying from coov
hard mode: no jodie

there some trends on death, I think when 1 doc crook, 1 or 2 more will go within a year

Matt by OD?

The worst tendencies of Davies in a single scene.

>Matt by OD?
lol sure. For me it's Pie Lord. I don't dislike him but I don't particularly want him to be squeezed for all he's worth any time soon, or by Briggs

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how did you get a picture of my Russel containment chambers
are you in my fucking walls

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I think it's fairly obvious his heart was never in the showrunning job. Feels like he did it out of obligation.
Also we don't know how much those episodes he wrote in other eras were touched up by Davies and Moffat.

>Matt by OD?
Smith's a junkie?

Chibnall needed a lot of persuasion, according to Moffat.

she looks like she plays with lego

You seem to be under the impression that his scripts weren't heavily rewritten by the showrunners at the time
it's very obvious whenever characters in non-moff episodes switch to moff mode dialog, and that scene's one of them

When Doctor Who first started filming he reportedly snorted a line of coke everyday for first couple of weeks just to help him get over his nerves. That's why his performance in Angel two parter is so subdued and almost wooden in parts compared to other episodes as those were first two that were shot. Moffatt only found out about this years later from Karen Gillian who is almost huge drug taker herself. Remember when she lock herself nude out of her hotel room ? She was free basing with her boyfriend and two girls at time.

Sorry but in DWM Steven once admitted that whole 11/Amy scene was written by Chibnall.

where you getting these deets? Any more gossip?

he was just being modest


chris chibnall is my uncle, leave him alone he only tried to make good doctor who episodes

well he should have tried less


The BBC have announced that the final episode of the current Doctor Who specials - the last to feature Jodie Whittaker - will be destroyed before it is even transmitted.

A BBC statement said: "For the fans who complain that the series isn't as good as it was in the 60's and 70's, we will be wiping the final episode as soon as it leaves the edit suite. This way fans can debate whether it was ever any good or not for years".

chris chibnall is my uncle, he raped me when I was 5

After months of speculation the next James Bond has finally been cast.

Christopher Eccleston will be the seventh actor to play the world's most famous secret agent and he is said to be delighted to have been signed up for a record-breaking five year deal (especially since he'll only do the one).

"I'm well chuffed," said Chris. "It's about time we had a Bond who spoke like a twat, had a chip on his shoulder, and stood in the corner of the room with his arms crossed, grinning like a Cheshire Cat having a stroke. I can't wait to get started and fall out with the director. Fantastic!"

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BBC News can exclusively reveal the final details for the long-awaited Doctor Who 2005 boxset:

>Commentaries on all the episodes by every single member of the production team, except the one you want.
>Billie Piper's home-movie sex video (with Chris Evans): 3 mins
>'Thinking up Fart Gags' Featurette: 24 mins
>'Keeping the Doctor Gay' Featurette: 24 mins
>'Locating the Logo Designers (drama-documentary): 42 mins
>'Andrew Pixely Stalks the Production Team' (poor quality shaky-cam): 90 mins
>'Parting of the Ways' alternative ending when it wasn't planned like that from the start: 3 minutes
>'Shaun Lyon has a lie-down': (a few minutes)
>'Murray Gold drops some cymbals': (often)
>'Jack Barrowman Gushes Uncontrollably': 1 hour
>'Christopher Eccleston Interview': 37 seconds
>Deleted scenes: including the one where 'Bad Wolf' makes sense.
>All the BBC pre-publicity trailers and various crew appearances on a variety of naff chat-shows: seventeen hours over four discs
>Easter Eggs: 'Eccleston threatens to lamp Keith Boak' and 'Jack's Glorious Arse': (20 seconds each)
>TK Maxx Catalogue (PDF file)

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