Post short films you like

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Time for din-dins.

i like that movie where that nigga rapes his dad LMAO shit was bussin

what the hell did I just watch?



>I have more memories than if I'd lived a thousand years
what did she mean by this?

never post on this site again
i will know if you do
so don't

why was she opening her eyes at the end?

Jesus Christ, what autistic garbage.

she was acting


im not gonna watch this get help chud

it's not even 2 minutes long

is it pedophilic?

rigor mortis probably

this ones kino hate altimerz

not at all

oh i just assumed

this is altogether too much

What camera or film should I use to achieve this certain KINO look?

She's actually a 1000 year old dragon

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I'm not watching your link but I'd have sex with that
boy or girl, I don't care

That's a child, user.

where do you even find short movies?
90% of those made are never even made public by the retards that are aspiring filmmakers ffs decide to show them once at some obscure film festival

Time Bandits

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I liked it.

I barely recall on sat tv long ago a channel called movieola or something that showed short films, it was something about a android or robot that worked in a mindless job and he used a part of his heart to advance and become a sellout for a better life but ended up destroyed over it, I wish I could watch it again it was pretty neat.

I literally shat myself when I first watched this by accident 15+ years ago -i was 7 years old at the time-. The imagery is boderline Son Of The Mask-tier creepy, except gory and uncanny.
Subtitles provided.

I liked it, especially this shot
the guy sure knows how to pose while spectating a duel between two girls

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why were they fighting

fucking retard
how would i know they're nowhere to find if their titles aren't available

you're not making any sense, schizo

I know. I've been trying to find the film festival movie "I'm the same, I'm an other"
It's hard

He's posing like Light Yagami.

>A man in his 30s is on the run with a nine-year-old girl. As they take a ferry to the United Kingdom, traces of a common past come to light — a past filled with loss and sorrow. Fleeing in secret, they end up hiding in a small apartment on the seafront, where they live day-to-day, exploring each other’s emotional territories. Mourning will bind them, but is this alliance of dependence appropriate for them and for the outside world?
I hope you never find it

It does look neat, I think it's the tree and sun rays on the surface that really set the mood

then why bother?

because it's interesting

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no its not
it had potential but its clearly made by uncreative normies

>1min40sec """film"""
what's the point?

Wait, one of those boys is carrying her over his shoulder?

Why not, bro?

>dude it's a duel but with little girls lmao
Worthless trash.


alzheimers dude

>perfect twink face
i can't fap to this 13 yo bros :(

she's clearly trans

any more short movies with this aesthetic?

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Lanthimos bros...
Wtf this was shite

"Love Me Tender... Or Else"

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