Be 26

>Be 26
>Drink like twice my whole life
>"imagine drinking" threads on tv
>Try a vodka shot
>fast forward 6 months
>Struggle not to drink every day
I blame you Yea Forums

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Drinking is the only thing that makes life bearable

Quit while you can man. I spent the last ten years abusing hard liquor almost every night and it is scary as fuck when you reach a point where you think you may have done permanent brain damage.

>imagine not smoking crack

What about liver damage

>Be 19
>Never smoked cigarettes or gotten drunk before
>See True Detective S1 threads on a daily basis here
>Fast forward a year
>Up to a pack a day causing my roommate to hate me
>Borderline alcoholic
I too blame you Yea Forums

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how the fuck do you assholes afford to do nothing but sit around and drink all day?

Blame yourself for being a weakling


Watching my brother struggle with alcoholism is genuinely horrifying. He will swear off booze with a crying confessional to me and his girlfriend one second and I'll turn my head and he's already sneaking a beer from the fridge. Dude is beyond hooked. I can see him struggling with this shit for life now. Stay away bros.

>Be 26
Don't worry. In 10 to 15 years the hungovers will be so terrible that you'll have to quit anyway.

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Sounds like youre just weak
>Be me
>Don't drink until like 23
>Get shit faced several times with friends
>Rarely buy alcohol
>If I do it's to enjoy it with a friend
>Rarely if ever drink alone

I vape 420 kush bush fruity pebbles OG Loc red eye Jedi weed every day tho except weekends.

My little brother is like that too. My whole family has a problem with alcohol though

Pretty much. For me it completely stopped being worth it after 32. If I get to where I can't drive anymore I just stop drinking. Buzzed is fun but beyond that I'm approaching doom

>10 years getting drunk on 80 proof spirits
>worried about brain damage
kek. the ulcers, cirrhosis, rapid aging and nerve damage will cripple you by the time you're 40 much faster. Doesn't matter if you stopped, you can't undo 10 years of damage.

I would be getting shitfaced every day if not for the fact that I live like 20 miles from the nearest place where they sell liquor. Thank fuck I don't live in the city. I only get drunk like 2-3 times a month or so.

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>>"imagine drinking" threads on tv
>>Try a vodka shot
Its your own fault your imagination is shitty, just open your third eye, dipshit.
Imagine having a real imagination.

>never drank, smoke, or did drugs
not a loser either, friends tried to get me to drink with them in high school all the time

I don't really care too much about dying. Its not fun to feel like you have dementia at 30 though.

Any of you dudes ever had the DTs?

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>I don't really care too much about dying
Not dying, crippled. As in helpless and unable to do anything without immense pain or difficulty.

Been there. Been semi-succesful getting sober now.
I think if I'm not enjoying life and see no hope within the next couple of years I am going to finally break down and go full LLV mode and end it.

I'm 28 and I still haven't developed a liking of alcohol and I don't think it'll ever happen. I'll drink a beer when out with a girl I fancy because it seems more masculine than muh rum and coke but that's about it. The stuff just tastes like bad cough syrup.

Time to start brewing and distilling your own, friend.

I'm not so bad that I get withdraws, but I just crave it often

>feel sick everytime I drink, only do it if I go out with friends maybe once every 4 months
>drink copious amounts of soda
there's no winning

>alcohol is the #1 drug in the world for normies
>Yea Forums has been growing increasingly shit due to popularity
>DUDE ALCOHOL threads at an all time high
>Yea Forums is currently the worst it has ever been

yeah but I'm sure the cancer of the board isn't ITT right now. of course not

As someone who struggles with alcaholism, I'd suggest you count your blessings and stay away from it

As someone who enjoys booze, I'd say you just haven't found your drink. Beer and anything with rum in it tastes like shit. I prefer vodka based drinks such as screwdrivers, moscow mules, etc. Barely tastes like alcohol at all

>Time to start brewing and distilling your own, friend.

I've unironically thought about it because I get a shitload of free potatoes from my neighbor farm that I don't know what to do with, I would save money and not have to throw away a bunch of food, but that's probably just the alckie in me talking.

I've tried drinking alone out of boredom before but it just makes me tired and even more bored. I think genetic predisposition is very real.

I will never stop shitting up your home board and you can't do anything about it

>from non drinker to alcoholic in six months
Impressive, YGMI user!


more times than i care to admit

I don’t drink much at all. I am embarrassed by my severe thyroid/ mental health problems and I just say I drink to make my psycho, nonsensical behavior seem less embarrassing.

We drink because thats what men do.

Find a new website to seethe on, incel. This is an official normie board now

>tfw hungover for 2 days

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Everyone who says that beer tastes bad is an american or other third world subhuman who tries to drink budweiser or similar dog piss.

Yes, and? I'm not paying a premium for imported beer. Especially when liquor is generally more efficient

Thanks for being honest.

Well shit, time to moonshine, boy.

If you become alcoholic just because Yea Forums told you so, you probably should stay away from any vice whatsoever in the future altogether, since you're the very model of a modern NPC.

Liver can heal itself

I was a functional alcoholic with a job and plenty of disposable income, which a disturbingly large amount of went to booze.
I'm almost three months sober currently.

ah yes mad men
>drink all day and night
>still a productive worker
did they really expect us to believe this?

Just think of all the money you have saved for your upcoming relapse!

>hungovers are already terrible and turn me in a livid piece of shit for the entire Sunday

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Alcohol bores me now I have a pregablin prescrption on hand all the positives of alcohol and more with none of the impairment. Go get some OP you'll have a better time

fibrosis yes, cirrhosis no

I've been on the dole for 10 plus years my last job was in 2012

lol brain damaged fag
just drink more


Where do you live?

I drink because I must

>tfw Korsakoff’s syndrome

People don't really do this do they?

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Drinking has lost all its luster to me now, yet I cannot stop. Nothing feels even remotely interesting if I'm not drinking while doing it

I've been a pack a week smoker for 5+ years but it's slowly escalating to two a week.

Sorry let me rephrase that, you do you live by yourself?

For the record my dog's piss doesn't taste half bad

Smoking and drinking is pretty fun

If you quit smoking by the time you're thirty you won't get smoking related diseases later in life

>tfw Korsakoff’s syndrome

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I once bought Jameson because of it. I wonder how much Lone Star sales went up.

>tfw I stopped being a 420 blaze it pothead a few months before the pandemic began, managed to stay sober the entire time and now I can't even blame my laziness and NEETdom on my weed addiction anymore
I blame you Yea Forums