Their god is a corpse nailed to wood

>Their god is a corpse nailed to wood
cuckstianity btfo

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I'm a straight white male christian and I cannot counter their argument.

>Their god is a corpse nailed to wood
Sounds metal.

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Lose weight, fatass.

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Prepare for violence.

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>Atheists and pagans aren't starving third worlders.

>his gods are a bunch of homoerotic tranny alcholic degenerates

>His god crossdresses.
>His god got fucked by a horse.

Seems based. Definitely better than a Jew/money-worshipping cult.

Damn, that's a big cock. Wonder how big it is flaccid.

Gain IQ, theistard

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>drove the jews from temple
>spoke blasphemy against the jews
yeah hitler fought side by side with jews in ww1 so he was actually a jew supporter

Look at them and laugh

There is literally nothing wrong with letting Jews die for white causes instead of having whites die for Jewish ones.

except for the jews in financial and government positions in the early 20th century?
also jesus was middle eastern, he died on the cross and descended into hell so we would be forgiven, definitely a more traditional story than marvel tier borderline degenerate pagan nonesense

The problem is modern Christians don't follow Christ's teachings. They overwhelmingly support zionism and usury, and that's just protestants, don't even get me started on catholicucks.

>except for the jews in financial and government positions in the early 20th century?
Gotta gas 'em all.

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Vikangs became some of the biggest christcucks

>biggest jews in the industry make a movie to appeal to retarded white pride goyim

Sounds a lot better than a fucking dead kike nailed to some wood

Ok now change the dots to the average skin color in that country

>we wuz arabs and sheet

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Wanting to answer questions is a bad thing now?

Jesus is not God he's more like 1/3 God or something

hitler wasn't an ethnic jew trying to reform judaism
and brutus killes ceaser does that mean he wasn't a roman? hermann was killed by other germanics lenin exiled trotsky does that mean he wasn't a communist?

for some reason christcucks get REAL quiet whenever this pic get posted.

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So was Odin.

So now there's a correlation between religiosity and being brown, lol.

But it's literally the bad guys who say that, and they all get BTFO.

>words words words
yeah Yea Forums isnt a real source of religious information


Cool story bro

The image painted about the Northern Gods in your gay ass little clip is literally the result of Christians monks ridiculing heathens and their religion.
>hurr durr my God better because he hammer and very strong
cringe, kill yourself

not an argument.

He actually says "nailed to a tree". Pagans have no understanding of carpentry.

No one will reply to you because no one actually watches movies here.

>muh /his/ screenshot
not an argument

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>Only consoom theology from authorised sources, goy!

it is am argument you're just ignoring it

so you don't actually have anything to counter with. gotcha

More like they just weren't that familiar with the New Testament.

Lol what argument? It's literally just another Yea Forums shitpost. You fuckers act like you've seen the light or some shit lmao

shut up arab dick sucker

>pagans on Yea Forums : uppity "we was kangs" tier posters. Unironically think living in mud huts as vikings was better than living in castles as christians

>pagans in my friend group: based, disagree with my religion but still realize that its a part of european heritage, dont mope about longing for the past, but push forward for a new future

I love hyperborean-posting too. Why you guys gotta fight? Is this discord raiding or something?

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reminder jewsus said salvation is from the jews

trolling christcucks is just fun

Yea Forums hasn't been good for more than a decade now. Underaged tourists and crossboarders have plagued the site.


yeah ive read the kjv of the bible before but dont proclaim to be profoundly educated on the religion but i hope a Yea Forums post that doesnt quote verses or rely on any historical facts isnt your best piece of counter argument and i cant be bothered to take it seriously
lets speak about your beliefs id almost prefer you be an athiest rather than being a pagan weirdo where we know jesus existed compared to odin where we have zero evidence thunderman ever existed

>christians on Yea Forums "we wuz crusaders"
>Christians in real life "import yummy wummy Muslims"
Christians didn't invent castles

>humerus story about the embodiment of masculinity disgusting himself as a bride

>he sacrificed himself to himself to save us from himself

He said tree not wood

>and ackhtually he only sacrificed himself for three days, he came back to life after that

>jew reprimands jews for blaspheming jew temple
I literally do not care about jewish infighting

they say that? it is literally what rollo says on vikings

Anya sucked this dick btw

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>comes back from the dead
pagantrannies btfo

great, thanks for taking the time and effort out of your lifespan to let us know you dont care
make sure to respond and spend more time letting me know how you feel

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nah more like we colonized their dumb nigger lands and brought God to their savage lands