Is soul real?

Is soul real?

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I wish you faggots would stop saying "soul" when you really mean "appeal"

yes, an irrefutable example is every animation drawn by chuck jones
>inb4 sneed

Those backgrounds from the top pic were probably reused from some other show or were reused in another show from it.

they mean 'nostalgia'

it’s soulful because a man with a soul hand painted the backgrounds and cels

>He thinks appeal is what OP means when he's clearly talking about soul

Top pic is filled with soul. Bottom pick has no soul and only APPEALS to the studio because they save money by doing simplified animation on computers. Top pic has more appeal because of the SOUL that the original craftsmen and artists applied with their raw skill to animation cels.

How the fuck could anybody think the bottom looks better? Why would they switch to that when with better technology it's even easier.

soillennials hate seeing the word soul because they are still 2010’s style fedora tipping atheists

It's cheaper to outsource. Less detail means easier to draw frames because of fewer things to replicate each frame. Also coloring with computers is much easier than having and PAYING a bunch of women to fill in cels AFTER they've been inked by other people.

soulless post

BOTTOM: newgrounds

Its cheap. The top pic took the time and talent of an artist, the bottom pic took unskilled labor copy pasting.

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>muh money
>muh poor workers
soulless marxoid


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no, it was a jew

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>Lovingly hand painted backgrounds and characters
>random shapes created in MSPaint
Hollywood is a soulless shell of its former self.


Most people use it as a synonym for "nostalgia".

The show's art style makes even the traditional animation look like shit. And the sound design, jesus christ, in every action sequence you hear ONE sound effect over and over and over.

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Soul is a combination of effort and intention.

No effort, bad intention = Soulless (cashgrab)
Effort, bad intention = Soulless (polished turd)
No effort, good intention = Kinda soul (spirit is there)
Effort, good intention = Soul (integrity)

soul vs soulless


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Ah yes, the golden era of hard working craftsmen with soul, now all replaced by mindless machines

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it was still made by actual people with actual care
reusing soul to make more soul is not a crime

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I wonder if when they make cartoons solely by using some ai generator, will the future generations look back at the modern trash and yelp SOVL

I remember the elf on the left having bigger tits than that. Memory embellishes...

No it literally just means effort. It doesn't even necessarily have to be well written or pretty, but you can tell if someone really put their heart and soul into something. I would consider the Snyder cut to be a soulful piece of work, but I still don't care for it. Army of the Dead is another hack Snyder movie and it's completely soulless, for comparison sake.

when they stopped cel animation and hand drawn things anime and cartoons went to shit

Surprisingly the women have bigger tits in the new version

Yes, but trying to apply it to everything that was old is just moronic. Also, just because something had soul and passion put into it doesn't automatically make it good

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When it comes to fantasy art, the phrase "less is more" has a lot of weight to it. I fucking hate how the Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta influence has been replaced by shitty World of Warcraft aesthetics.

What was it exactly about 90s/80s fantasy that was so much more soulful? Why is it so much more interesting and expressive?

Wait what the fuck is this? On the left is the original, what's the one on the right? Did someone redo it for...reasons?

This is zoomer cope because they have nothing original thus nothing to have nostalgia over.

It was made by the last Aryans of the world

you're a funny guy

it was realistic
was drawn by real men not sois or trannys
nerds in the 80s we just high test autists

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to put it simply: something with soul is something that appears to have been created by someone with an unimpeded vision and passion for their work
something without soul appears to have been created by a committee trying to meet a deadline

I think on here it generally means "proof of effort"

Also the 70s/80s hairstyles add a comfy retro aesthetic. This is something the disney starwars movies always lack, outside of Rogue One.

WoW and it's consequences have been a disaster for fantasy games

Is there anything that GAINED soul?

There must be something that started soulless and then got soul, otherwise it just seems like old vs new

the composition in both of these sucks ass
it's just random fantasy shit slapped together

Zelda CD-I


Realism and earthier tones. It also helps that it was influenced by hippie culture.

No please I finally got out of its grasp, not like this not like this.
*reinstalls p99*


Modern society is filled with disgusting bug people that don't worship the ground White people walk on. There is a great Awakening that we have to return to the Old ways of people being Enlightened and not acting like filthy non-Whites.

this about sums it up

i don't mean appeal when I say soul though.

Old fantasy looked like painted warhammer figurines. New fantasy looks like plastic.

It was based on European myths and ideals. Now it's entirely superficial and severed from its roots.

I think that was a flashback in the new season they made a few years ago to finish off the story

The bottom is cheap, lazy and very quick to create. You can do it yourself even if you are not an artist.

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Soul doesn't always mean appealing. Some shows have ugly art styles, but they retain a charm

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who is yinyanggio?

yes soul is real