Name a single thing he did wrong

Name a single thing he did wrong.

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Should've smoked more pot. Too egotistic.

He married Skylar.

vouching for jesse after getting the cooking job with the cartel. He should have cut his losses. I admire his loyalty to Jesse and saving him from getting whacked but as a criminal mastermind it was a mistake. He would have it all if he just cut Jesse loose and focused on business (numerous times not just that time)

he created walt jr

become a drug king pin under the guise of providing for his family? i mean how much money did he really need to set them up for life?def not that mountain of cash he hoarded

There's nothing wrong with killing bad people and transforming drug money into money for a good cause (your family).

He didn't rape Jane as she was choking to death.

based, came here to say this

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That's right. Every major misstep after deciding to live on his own terms had to do with his illusions regarding Jesse. Even if things played out normally up to the moment where he kills Mike, I would be able to respect Walt's intelligence more if he understood that Jesse had to die too. He just went on auto-pilot after having the prison rats killed, and Jesse took the opportunity to ruin it all.

yeah, he should've married the best girl (marie)

poisoned a 6 year old

His DEA agent brother-in-law was onto Gus

Maybe I'm a brainlet but I never got his obsession with Jesse. Why keep that liability around?


Not quitting it after Gus's death and happily laundering his money.

Blaming Elliott and Gretchen for being wealthy without him.

He treats him as his true son

wasted a perfectly good pizza

wiped the Armor All on the tires wrong

Based. Fuck Jesse, I was always on Walt's side.
He did that...eventually. He had to get rid of camera footage and potential witnesses too.
He just cared about him and treated him as a surrogate sun (popular interpretation is that Walt Jr. is Walt's son and Jesse is Heisenberg's son).

He did nothing wrong. All he did was set up his contraptions but the people ultimately killed themselves the law can't touch him

He poisoned that little kid

Didnt kill skyler

Giving way too much of a fuck about Jesse

Getting outplayed by Hank and Jack

Letting Mr. Archilleya get busted and lose his job when Hank was trying to find out who stole the gas mask.

nothing, since hank finding him out was a retarded deus ex

he dumped millions of dollars worth of meth onto the streets of north america, destroying tens of thousands people and their families in the process, just so his kids can have a comfortable life? Being selfish is not a good cause

Why the hell people still think he did this for the family? Did they not watch the finale (and the rest of the series)?


Killed those two drug dealers which spoiled his relationship with Gus. Jessie was a retard.

Let his dumb kid get drunk knowing he would just puke up good liquor in the pool and ruin the party.

you don't whine when the feds peddle those drugs, so why now?

Broke the law.

Cut the crust of sandwiches

Jesse acts all tough and shit but he's a fragile overgrown skinny twink that needs protection. Also he saved Walt's life several times. They have been through a lot of shit together.

This fucking scene. Why couldn't he just shut the fuck up?

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Unironically. Of course he has to love his son, but his genetic failures have got to be one of the true motivators for his boomer meltdown

Because of his massive ego and pride.

make meth

it wasn't loyalty, he kept jesse around because he could control/manipulate him.

He didn't move out of Albuquerque to find a better job. Being a high school teacher with his qualifications was plain laziness on his part. There's no reason why he couldn't have been a college teacher somewhere at least.

it stopped being about his family during The Fly. that's why it's lauded and won awards.


gretchen seduced him and they stole his work

Plus, Elliot was offering him job in ABQ which he didn't accept out of pride.

yeah, hank had two lame deus exes, the other being the hollow point round that allowed him to survive the twins

Blaming Ted for fucking Skyler. I mean how could anyone resist?


just be honest he has cancer

Resist what? Bashing that stupid ugly cunts face in with a baseball bat when she is singing happy birthday?

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Didn't he poison Brock?

Ted does kind of look like Ted Bundy and they have the same initials

took a half measure when he should've gone all the way

that interpreteation does hold a lot of water, walt jr. changing his name to flynn for example after his father starts becoming distant with him and more involved with jesse. and walt jr's 2 cars. the dodge charger vs the pt cruiser. he can't have the charger becausee it's a heisenberg car, he has to drive the cruiser because sklar wants to cling to the idea of straight arrow walt

He fucked Ted.

>he can't have the charger becausee it's a heisenberg car
Huh, never thought of that.

Speaking of Brock, in the next pre/sequel it will be revealed that Brock is Tuco's son. Gus Fring's attempt to kill all the Salamanca has failed and Brock becomes the head of the Cartel

reminds me of my dad

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>retarded deus ex
thats real life

He killed Mike, that was some bullshit

Why? He pretty much did not have a choice by this point.

Married Skylar

Watching the show again recently, Walt was always a horrible person. The kind of guy who seems nice at first, but reveals himself after one bad conversation, or talking point. He's egotistical. Selfish. Entitled. The only thing that held him back was he was a coward, too. He didn't have a downfall. He didn't have a 'turn to the dark side.' His main arc is him growing a spine, but growing a spine is probably the worst thing possible for everyone around him.

He literally says that killing him was unnecessary right after he shoots him. Jesus watch the how

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