Most interesting Better Call Saul character

>Most interesting Better Call Saul character
>Written off like this

how the fuck can this show now still be interesting?

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This felt like when Hank died

literally i dont even know what to do with my life now anymore

you have whatever jimmy and kim will do to howard to look forward to.

hank dying was a great moment that made other characters better
nacho died because ????
there was 0 payoff and 0 reason for nacho to exist as a character with a focus on him, huell would be way more interesting as a major character

guy pretty much had a red dead redemption arc for his character.
>guy whos been in the cartel for a while wants out for him and his families and friends safety
>gets wrapped up too deep in the shitstorm and has to sacrifice himself for the betterment of his family
>dies heroically doing ll he could to redeem himself and protect his loved ones

Nacho was a boring shit and the actor was way out of his depth. The show is not Better Call Nacho, he should never have been more than a minor side character during the final two seasons.

there was no way out for him and he was "written off" like a chad. he got to tell the cartel to go fuck themselves and denied them the satisfaction of torturing and killing him. that's a better ending than "nacho and his dad flee to canada and spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders, the end"

Doesn't Hector know about his family? If Nacho pissed off the cartel his family will be targetted whether he's alive to see it or not.

nacho dies! wtf!

to what point? nacho would never know cause nacho is dead

nobody would know

except some cripple in a wheelchair

>how the fuck can this show now still be interesting?
It hasn't been interesting since Chuck died. Boring cartel shit since season 4.

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>boring cartel shit

holy pleb


Lmao, just admit it. It went from a novel-tier kino show to the average entertainment shlock like Breaking Bad in one season and it shows.

He still disrespected the cartel. Even if Nacho won't experience it Hector will want his revenge.

his father is next

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It isn’t. I’ve lost any attachment to this show. Nothing makes sense. The cartel figures are brain dead and weak. They need Kim to have a stroke before any of her character development makes any sense.

Isn’t nacho in breaking bad? How can he die?

Even if he tries Mike won't let him. I'm pretty sure he would kill Hector before Hector killed Nacho's dad even if Gus stood right in front of his gun.

I see your confusion.
Who you think was "Nacho" was actually Combo, a seperate character.

>how the fuck can this show now still be interesting?
By shifting over to the lawyer side which has way more potential for plot development. With Nacho gone, hopefully we can spend less time pointing guns at characters who can't die.


>be mexican
>name your kid taquito

hank had to die. he was onto gus.

>guy is forced to shoot himself in the head
>all of reddit(that's you guys) claims he was the real winner because he had the moral high ground

talk about needing professional counselling so you can cope

His death wasn't confirmed, he's coming back next season probably

why is this expression so funny? cranston's overacting?

I'm pretty sure the whole point is that by Nacho doing what they asked of him, Mike will make sure they don't do anything to his dad. And he has shown enough respect for Mike to where I can see him believing that. The part with him killing himself I see as more of a "I'll go out by my own hand" kind of thing. Because let's be real, there is no scenario where he gets out alive after he's brought to Eladio.

that and the dialogue itself
>I got some math for your ass. HANK CATCHING GUS EQUALS HANK CATCHING US! He’s relentless!

>>Most interesting Better Call Saul character
I think the titular main character is more interesting than filler: the character
glad he's dead, hope there's less mike and gus shit now

hector also kept shooting the nacho when he was already dead so i don't think that holds up

walt's goofiness is a big part of the magic desu

Same it's the shark jump luckily it's the last season so I couldn't give a fuck about it

Also he had the best women. Season 6 is such a letdown thus far

that is boring, Howard did nothing wrong except play meat shield for chuck's abuse onto Jimmy.
ever since we cartel shit now, Mike is a mary sue
>mike can barely carry bags and walk.
>mike can barely walk
>carrying a rifle in the desert.

Quiet you! Nacho and his dad could've been vacuumed to Lexington, Kentucky and owned a Chinese restaurant


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Top 5 episode of the show and a great send off for him, (You) me if you dare

real question is why didn't anyone tell Saul that Nacho is dead? why does he think Walt & Jesse were sent by Nacho and Lalo?

>Most interesting Better Call Saul character

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nacho existed to suck in hispanic viewers and not for many other reasons

anyways, his death further showed how cold Gus is and the humanity of Mike, as well as the childish nature of Hector

Not really. Hank's death was surprising.
Nacho's death was planned and happened pretty much according to plan.

Everybody would know not to cross the Salamancas or else.
That's one of the reasons why cartel executions are so gruesome.

Poppy Vargas will learn of what happened to his hijo and track down Jimmie/Saul/Gene for revenge since everyone else is dead. Then, a new sequel will be him going after Jesse in Alaska

There are two more sequels and one prequel already being made... stay tuned.

If that cocksucker lalo hadn't brought nacho with him this would've been more interesting.

Me too.

This show can fuck off now.

I'm glad his arc finished, now the remainder of the show can actually focus on Saul lawyerkino

if you're this retarded seriously how can you even enjoy the show itfp

Kim has been playing Jimmy all along with Howard because they both blame him for killing Chuck. Jimmy kills them both and frames Lalo for their murders. Lalo gets killed in prison by a white supremist gang's leader Jack Welker over bag of cookies and a soup.

This is a Lalo board.

Definitely. The relationship between Chuck and Jimmy was great. The cartel shit has and always will be pleb bait to keep them interested.

The glass thing was retarded, they should have had Gus doublecrossing him again and Mike shooting him instead.
His death speech was pretty good, I can't wait for the scene when papa tries to refuse Mike's protection

No, that would've been more retarded because cartel wanted him alive even after confession.

What the fuck is Lalo going to do now that Gus is dead?
Go after his father?
I can't imagine Mike facing him or even the Salamancas on his own

You kidding?? Nacho was set up to die last season. His death was absolutely kino. Perfect character development and conclusion

Are literal children writing these posts?


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I assume you meant to say Nacho. Lalo didn't care about Nacho particularly much. He saw through that he was Gus's pawn and wanted to go after the master straight away.

Doesn't Saul mention Nacho in Breaking Bad? When Walt and Jessie grab him, he names Nacho as one of the people he thinks might be having him attacked. That doesn't make sense anymore if Nacho is dead, especially if he died as a total nobody.

yes we share the board with literal children and half retards who think like children

>hurr durr nacho killing himself was a good ending for him hurr durr I'm retarded
>hurr durr no I'm more retarded than you nacho should have vacuumed himself and his dad and gotten a gay happy ending hurr durr
Why are you dumbasses have such shit taste? Nacho should have died in a bad ass shootout with the cartel with lots of explosions, shooting and slow motion and that episode should have been directed by Michael bay

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You know Nacho is a short name for Ignacio, the same as Dick being a short name for Richard?

nacho's meaningless death is a powerful message in its own right. he was a worthless pawn and died like one. I'm happy that the show can resist the urge to leave every significant event to season finales.

All that time wasted because
>we have to deceive the Salamanca's so they don't think we are involved!!!
And it didnt even work because obviously Hector would suspect Fring. What a gay sideplot

>Lalo gets held up with the police stuff
>Jimmy is implied to have ratted him out
>Lalo gets free
>Jimmy calls up Mike for help
>Lalo eventually dies
>Gus tells Mike to lie to Jimmy, makes him a more loyal asset
>Mike tells Jimmy Lalo is gone but might return and that if Jimmy is ever taken or interrogated to blame it on Ignacio

How the bell do you figure that? Lalo has no idea who is behind the shooting, other than assuming Nacho escaping mean he was on it.
As far as we know, no one knows he’s still alive, including the cartel.

Must be suck playing a role in a prequel where you cannot kill anyone because they need to be alive for the sequel

Lalo told Hector he suspects Gus

It makes sense if Saul doesn't find out that Nacho is dead.

To be fair, the way he died in the episode was kinda dumb. After he took the guy hostage, he had free reign to shoot up whoever else he wanted, because the only outcomes would be their returning fire and killing him ... or his using his last bullet on himself after getting a few rounds off. He had good enough reason to want to try for a few of the guys (on both sides), but instead he just domed himself.

If the whole plan was gonna be for Nacho to die down in Mexico anyways why let him leave the compound? Why didn't the mercenaries just gun him down on the way to Lalo?

He would have been concerned that if he changed the plan so much then his father will not be safe

> Go after his father?
>I can't imagine Mike facing him or even the Salamancas on his own
Mike can’t do anything to defend Nacho’s dad or it will show the Salamancas Gus had something to do with it.

Wasn't it Mike trying to look out for him? I can't remember the specifics of the plan from last season. "The kid's gonna die anyway, least give him a false hope" kind of thing.

Sorry user, did I miss Lalo talking to anyone after the shooting? I was under the impression he left the compound right after the shooting and as far as everyone assume he’s «dead», making him even more terrifying.

He called Hector at the end of the episode, yeah...

Nacho has one of the best send offs of the entire BB/BCS universe and if you dont see it you are just retarded, he had to go, and this is the most respectful and genuine way the writers couldve think of

Jimmy is the most interesting character on the show, followed by Chuck.

> Nacho has one of the best send offs of the entire BB/BCS universe
I really taught Michael Mando did a great job at funnelling his hangers towards Hector. I don’t know how can anybody think he wasn’t a great actor for the role.

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