Where do you guys get your kino? Mine used to be 1337x before it was taking down...

Where do you guys get your kino? Mine used to be 1337x before it was taking down. Of course in the early days i used piratebay and kickass. The latest kino I watched was Ambulance with Jake Gylenhal

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Fuck off spook
I'm not spillin the beans

begone spook

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Was it taken down? When?

What they don't have Google in the FBI?

PTP, BTN, HDB and very rarely CG

it wasn't. op is retarded.

qbittorrent, when downloaded open, at the top menu press on view, in the drop down menu select search engine. install, then when installed bottom right of search engine is a "search plugins" button with a link to a github page that tells you how to install them.
when you're done you have a search engine within your torrent client that searches the majority of open public trackers. literally a one stop shop without the need for a browser.

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>calling someone a spook
>he actually pays for his media


few days ago

just asking Yea Forums what their preference is

KickAss is still alive? That's surprising.

Random pornographic video websites.

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1337x is not down.

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holy shit thank you

Rarbg and Yify. Everything else is for fags.

usenet with indexer gets me 99% of the shit. fuck torrents

>he doesn't simply select from various public tracker indexes

What plugins do you recommend?


I used to use KAT almost religiously, since it had a really nice feature to look for different resolutions and filesizes of films.

I use yts for mainstream stuff, secret reddit club for private youtube links if it's an obscure art house film

this works but a lot of time the number of seeders will be wrong

what the frick
didnt know that

>double click
>starts downloading
many such cases

Bro I've tried manually installing several .py files and it rejects it everytime. I was only able to auto install from "check for updates." Running v4.4.1

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Based YIFY.

the most based man here

Maybe in your third world country where people can't afford a vpn

what's the etiquette when it comes to movie torrents. Is it cool to start uploading my own 4k blu ray rips without stepping on people's toes? I can't find certain flicks on RARBG so I unironically buy them to make my own high quality copies for my plex server instead.
Another thing. would it be practical to have a plex "film club" where there's a few plex servers hosting interesting films that people could access? I know transcoding is the bottleneck in most cases.

Demonoid had the best selection of every medium. Then those cocksuckers took it down in mid 2012.

>look for western stuff
>single digit seeds, badly arranged, often no subs, shit quality, etc
>look for filthy weebshit
>billion of seeders for high quality perfectly organised torrents with every single version of the media ever released complete with bonus episodes, spin offs and 2 different versions of the director's commentary
I've seen the light, weebspergs I kneel

IRC obviously.

>law doesn't care
>not even a threat of getting a letter
>can find anything including random untranslated anime from the 70s

>Is it cool to start uploading my own 4k blu ray rips without stepping on people's toes?

Why would someone be annoyed that you're giving away free shit? I don't know what you're thinking. The worst thing that'll happen is if nobody downloads your movie because any pirate knows the difference between a good and bad torrent. Your torrent could be legit but people could be afraid to download it because it's not released by one of the groups that people know. So yeah... don't be surprised if it's not popular. I suppose people will download if yours is the only copy available.

1337x.to isn't down. Limetorrents is better tho. I have found pretty much everything I've ever wanted to watch from those two sites.

Yify xD

Can i add my private trackers to it?

1337x is definitely not down and OP made me check. This site is 1337xx.to
My main two sites are RARBG and 1337x.

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>Your torrent could be legit but people could be afraid to download it because it's not released by one of the groups that people know.
that's mostly what I meant. I know with games making your own release of a game that already has a scene release is considered bad etiquette.

>before it was taking down
It wasn't, weak bait FBI user.

Well, you should understand why people would be wary of some new guy uploading movies. It'd be like if you set up a hotdog stand and started giving out free hotdogs; only desperate and dumb people will be eating your hotdogs. Unless you're like an attractive person because people trust good looking people. That doesn't really apply online when everyone is anonymous.

Any time I try dling a torrent from 1337x it always gets stuck loading the file preview, like no one is seeding, despite it being on top of the list. Piratebay just works.

If you have a problem with 1337x then don't use it. People always recommend Qbitorrent (and I used to) but I had problems with it so I switched to Vuze. You should use whatever works for you. I have a bookmarks folder called Piracy and there's a bunch of stuff and not just 1337x.
If I download like a single movie from the site then I'll bookmark it in case a site I use goes down.

I think the seeders is wrong on the tracker websites, as well.

By the way, it seems that stupid Korean one is down so I'll have to delete the bookmark. I think it was Korean.

If you are talking about Nyaa, the mirror is probably down, the main site is nyaa.si

I just checked Nyaa and it works. I was talking about noltrt.

Imagine waiting for a torrent file to download before watching a film kek

Takes 15 minutes big fucking deal

>using public trackers
bros don't tell me...

I'm trying adding rarbg but it doesn't take the home page url, what do?

get on my level dumb chuds

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I use rarbg proxy so I don't even know if the original site works. The url is rarbgproxied.org

Thankfully I, a white man, was rewarded by evolution with the gift of foresight and the ability to anticipate and prepare for future events

Best post ITT

Unfortunately you, as a nigger, are unaware of vlc-bittorrent, Stremio or similar services.

>few days ago
1337x(dot)to is up and running.

Was meant for you fuck me wasted the trips

I've saved this image back in 2016.

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Damn... takes me back. I remember when people used to download shit off Limewire, lol. I downloaded World of Warcraft off Limewire and it actually installed and worked for private servers.

join #homescreen on rizon

>Of course in the early days i used piratebay
piratebay still works