This was taken DAYS before Justin Lin JUST quit FAST X

>Vin - do y-you think this will be the best one?? Ahah
>Justin- *shrugs shoulders*


So Vin knew he wanted out at this point and was trying his hardest to keep him enthusiastic wasn't he?

Imagine what it's like on set every day with tryhard cringelord Vin, crybaby Tyrese, insufferable Larson and no based Rock to bring in some levity.

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You either die a 10 second car, or live to see yourself become the buster.

His only good Fast movie was Tokyo Drift btw

is Vin doing asian face? what am i looking at here?

>not Fast10 Your Seatbelts
it was right there and they blew it

watch the vid or keep quiet you worthless retard

Vin's chinese driver impression is so offensive that Justin's stomach ulcer practically explodes and he is unable to ask Vin to stop being so fucking racist

Came here to post this.

Imagine continuing the series after the Paul Walker send-off movie.

That's what happens when greedy.

Fucking hell Vin Is an annoying motherfucker. Tyrese must be shitting bricks his cash cow coming to an end.

This is an extreme case of early goy behavior. Im happier now knowing another one is captured

>he doesn't know that "movie sets" are cover for military operations

i am schizophrenic

I have a feeling Brie is going to play someone related to Brain like maybe a sister, to replace him as the O'Conner of the familia. Fast 9 was a whole movie about a secret brother so why not a secret sister. I can't see any other reason why they'd cast a white female that's not a villain in a series like this.

Turning down a guarantee blockbuster is retared, no one even knows who any of those people are besides vin. And even he isn’t a straight money printer as a headliner in most films.

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That wasn't good at all. It was retarded. You fell for the same blue/orange optical manipulation that Drivefags did.


>Brie joins
>director who's been with the franchise since Tokyo Drift leaves

Why the fuck did this franchise get a 4th movie? Tokyo Drift killed it

They all have over 100 million dollars why don't they just retire

Actors live a quarter million at a time

Cell phone lens is terrribale for male faces.
The thing is you are supposed to do a fake behind the scenes bit for pr. Littertally all these things are faked, when you are getting paid 900,000 you shut up and act like the film is the best thing ever. And behind the scenes you act like it’s amazing, to sell the Hollywood image experience for fans, the Asian guy is 100% in the wrong.

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I don’t think Tokyo Drift is good but it has some charm.
Would definitely be excited for a Tokyo Drift sequel but not Fast 10.

I didn't realize Tyrese basically gets paid pennies compared to everyone else in the franchise

I get that but Vin still comes off as annoying af to me. The Asian guy did give him nothing.

Yeah, he’s not a charmer,
He only plays one role well, and that’s brooding space man.

How the hell are they going to top going to space?


Yea Forums is a Vinchad board and I would like to kindly ask the Rockcels to leave

>Brie signs on

>Lin exits

I am so glad this cunts career is done after Marvels

Full penetration

Low IQ zoomer poster opinion detected

In fact, I think you are actually a nigger.

I mean it isn't like he's essential. None of them are. Entire franchise is built around Diesel and he can drop all those other fuckers at any given time if he really wanted.

Vin's experimental supercar will send him through a portal into the Fastverse. Everyone's doing multiverses now, why would the Fast & Furious series be the exception?

Vin Diesel is the Kevin Feige of F&F, the one making the choices, it's a miracle that not a lot of directors have resigned from the franchise.

Fast Five is actually on par or even better than Tokyo Drift.

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They should get James Wan, he directed the best one

this is reddit this is memes, this is reddit this is memes

They should hire Bay.

Vin knows that his familia is falling apart. Rock and Statham don’t want to work with him anymore. Paul is dead. Tyrese is a faggot. It’s all crumbling down around him.

Jurassic World crossover.

I was hoping they cast Kate Beckinsale as some villain.

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Do you think someone like Gosling could come along and join the franchise in a prominent role and reinvigorate the Fast franchise? Or would Vin eventually throw a shit fit when a bigger star steals the spotlight from him?

Found the 2F2F fan

All they need for this movie to be kino is Brie and she's already cast so all will be well.

Vin Diesel is a more soulful mystery meat than the Rock. The Rock is just boring.

What a pathetic, short, bald, joe-rogan looking manlet

Yeah, The Rock is really measured and PR oriented and it comes off as phony at times

Vin Diesel is high af in this video. No wonder he left, no one wants to work with some psycho who smokes pot on set.

>All they need for this movie to be kino is Brie and she's already cast so all will be well.

whatever you say, Dwayne.

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The people who continuously whine about her are more insufferable. She's based and redpilled.

Fast and Furious Multiverse

They are both much shorter than they claim.

The people who continuously whine about people whining about her are more insufferable.

It's about family.

Fast & Furious prequels set 100 years ago.

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Stay obsessed