andorian master race edition


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What if you met a vulcan gf then one day she just beamed up back to her ship and you never saw her again?

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Most of my gfs did the same, they don't need to be vulcan.

>NEELIX: We can't just leave them.
>KIM: Starfleet policy. Interference in alien conflicts is strictly prohibited.
Bullshit. They interfere all the time

It might be good.

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Maybe if characters 1, 2 and 9 die in the first episode

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Andorians were created for ent right? They always remind me of cheap alien depictions from the 50s. Like damn, is it a call back or something?



I am warming up to PIC but it is still sub par.

FBI guy is great and needs more backstory
Borg queen(s) is/are best part
Torn red formal dress and boots is a good look

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At least there are no Tilly waifuposters anymore.

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its been a long road
getting from seed to feed
its been a long time
but chucks sign is finally sneed

and i can see my dream come alive at last
i will read the sign
"formerly chucks" indicates that it aint no more
no they're not gonna suck and fuck

cause i got faith in the sneed
going where my seed will feed me
i got faith to believe
i can sneed anything
i got chuck in my soul
im going where the fuck will suck me
ive got strength of the sneed
no ones gonna city slicker me
i aint got no german car
i got faith
i got faaaith
faith of the sneeeed

Alpha(Quadrant)Male reporting in. nu/tr(annies)ek/ eternally mogged.

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If they offered him a guest role on say Lower Decks or Prodigy but still had to be an ensign do you think he's take it?

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Holy shit it’s ENSIGN Harry Kim. I thought they were all saying Asian Harry Kim this whole time. I really need to get the sound on my tv fixed

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picrel happening right now

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Dead thread for gay show

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It has to be.


This show is meant to be viewed with a 4:3 aspect ratio if you are not viewing it on a 4:3 TV you are not watching the show properly and you are welcome in this general.

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Trek is dead, isn't it bros

you know that my wide tv can display it in 4:3, right?

>you are welcome in this general.

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Tired of seeing blacks on my television

Your moms wide ass can can do 4-3 too (weiners that is)

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Even Michael Burnham?

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My wife, you will leave me now. I require solitude.

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Especially that thing, yes.

>page 10

worst thing about these threads is how some fags just want to perpetually keep this bullshit general going. like they would die if there was no /trek/ thread in the catalog at all times. its fucking weird.

>The Andorian is hideously ugly for no apparent reason

>What if you met a vulcan gf then one day she just beamed up back to her ship and you never saw her again?
would neck myself. 10/10.

So it’s been pretty much confirmed that paid shills keep this general alive right?

Shran was the best side character in Enterprise. He even made parts of the finale worth watching.

Wasn't she trying to lose weight? What happened?

A lot of people like Star Trek.

See here’s the thing: they don’t!

They do...

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I do.

You are not lots of people. Hardly people at all.

The many Star Trek fans speak through me.

Is this the end for /trek/?

She left the show to boldly go where no scale have gone before.
capcha: kyseh

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>bumping from Page 10


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If you care so much about it, then fuck off and become a forum moderator, so you can go around and ban people for "necroposting".

Why the fuck are retards even reporting this?
And why does tranny janny keep deleting it, if it always comes back anyway?
How come other LD posts weren't deleted with such determination?

Why are they all looking in different directions? Can't retards take simple directions for a chad lineup photo?

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well 1 is Uhura so that can't happen...and 9 is M'Benga and he shows up in TOS

I think he's meant to be an Aenar, but still I hate that nuTrek just fucks with designs randomly when they're fine as is

It's a low quality post.


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If that were the case, entire /trek/ would be removed a long time ago.

>The Andorian...

So you didn't watch Enterprise either. Cool.


Being one of the lowest quality posts in a sea of low quality posts deserves special attention.

It has high effort image.

I want to be cynical and scowl but I love this picture and it gives me happy feels

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This. Scatfag ramblings, TNG article and LD spam are so much better.

If Discovery and Picard have shown one thing than it's that their writers can't write season-long stories. So, they might still be able to come up with decent single episodes. (allthough Short Treks also proved that wrong) There is still some hope for the occasional not so bad episode in a sea of style over substance shit. Oh, btw they can't write characters or good dialogue either.

>60 replies in 8 hours
Dead fucking general. Consider posting in a real thread

But it makes fun of LD and I will not allow it!

What do?