Any romcoms where the male is shorter than his love interest?

Any romcoms where the male is shorter than his love interest?

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Tall girl

Most Tom Cruise movies.

Midnight in Paris

Short men are creepy

Tall women are creepy

They're a parody of the natural order

There is nothing more pathetic than an adult man that is shorter than his wife and teenage daughter.

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This is just insecure tall women coping with not feeling small and cute. Also at least buddy tried, manlets have the unique opportunity to fuck women that are physically so much more than they are but they waste it being pissy little boys, like they could have literally more woman but instead they just stomp around.

more of a dramedy. And the love interest is a single mother, so not entirely uncucked maybe depending on who you ask.

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>winona, cher and wednesday
i am cum


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And mario


>censoring the names of the whores

I normally hate romance shit but this was pretty good, it does give false hope to manets tho

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I canny breath! Poor guy. They wouldn't have clowned on him if he had a smile on his face instead of grim death. Us shorter guys can't pull that off.

tall women are gross. it's only acceptable if they are very thin, but even then it would be better if they were short. i'm not even a manlet

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it's pretty realistic (except that the girl should be taller)

It's clearly a nightclub photo you clueless shut in

dude's probably on cloud 9, let's be real

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Burn the system down

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tiny men should be exterminated

retard, tall woman produce taller sons

Short women are where manlets come from

Who the fuck wants a tall daughter or wife? Just admit you're gay

I'm a foot taller than my mom

I don't think I've ever read a shojo, what am I in for?

My mother is 5 foot tall, I'm 6'3".
You're talking out your arse

What was the context of this again? The scientology protests?

how does wanting tall children make me gay?

Is he in any romcom?

Same, but there was a very high chance that wasn't going to happen
What? So in your mind, being attracted to less women is straighter?

It's a toss up, my uncle is 6'6ft and married a 4'9ft womanlet, they had two boys. One of my cousins is 5'7ft and the other is 6'1ft

> I am 4'11

Cute girls crying and being cute.

>anecdotal evidence
You know height is genetic right? You don't actually think its random?

there's genetic potential, but if your ignorant parents underfeed and stifle your outside play time it will stunt your potential. SSRI antidepressants have been shown to stunt growth, and parents mindlessly allow docs to put their kids on the stuff for normal teenage moodiness.

because you want to adopt them with another guy. FAGGOT

I like this one. It's typical wish fulfillment schlock where a loser gets actively pursued by a hot girl, but there's actual development instead of stagnating for tens of chapters like most of its kind.

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>tries picking up multiple girls from a single group

1. This picture is fake. You can see the guy is probably some random model they photoshopped in there from the waist up.
2. This picture keeps evolving. That text to the right was never there initially some faggot added that in later

I laugh, but I really do feel bad for manlets
Starts at 5:12, manlets DONT WATCH THIS

Ways thought it was weird when guys tried this. So when one girl says no, you think the next will say yes? Obviously not, even if she would have said yes to begin with, you just ranked her #2, she's going to say no out of pride.

This is proof that roasties were always shit

There's still hope bros. Just look at Seth Green and his wife.

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Shallow Hal

>hes so oblivious hahaha omg
>directly looking at the camera
women are retards

original back to the future

Holy shit being Stu is suffering

Feels good to be 6'3

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>Rich celebrity who's been a main voice on Family Guy and had a hit show on Adult Swim for twenty years has a tall wife
There's hope for all of us.

Manlet bros.. we won

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>Rich celebrity who's been a main voice on Family Guy and had a hit show on Adult Swim for twenty years
but is he a gourmet chef?

Avatar, technically. He was a cripple too.

I wish I were short so retarded women would filter themselves for me.

This post is kind of sad
>I'm going to settle because I'm deeply insecure, here's 2 strawman examples
Good for him though I guess, I'd feel a little insulted to be talked about that way though.


>I'd feel insulted if my gf mocked bitches on tiktok who obsess over height for trying to date illiterates
tumblr levels of reaching to feel offended here

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