Behold, the tweet that killed Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and Facebook in one fell swoop

Behold, the tweet that killed Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and Facebook in one fell swoop

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stop making everything a human right

K lol nigger so glad elon bought twitter, faggots like you have nothing to post anymore

sneedposting is a human right. YOU HEAR THAT JANNY?



If this was 2012 instead of 2022 tumblr would have exploded and killed millions.


based hetero Castiel

Some gay angel

>I happen to be straight
isn't that... like... the fucking normal thing to be? god fucking shit world

go back tourists

>i want to be a better ally and i feel sick to my stomach that i might have done anything to make things worse
he is taking the piss right? idk who this faggot is

isn't he married?

He is. His wife pegs him, according to her book.

Doesnt matter in the Alphabet Soup Community so I'm told

Why would what he said ever "make things worse"? He said literally nothing offensive

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Shippers. Won't somebody think of all the poor Destiel shippers who hopes are now completely shattered?

HAHAHAHAHA this is a literal clown world. You have to apologize for being straight just so a bunch of 15-16 year old females don't get mad

Watching these people sweat after saying things about the alphabet mob is so funny.

>gets peg
>says he straight

literally and unironically who

>I'm a heckin' LGBTQIAPCNN+ ally!
Man, shut the fuck up, faggot.

it’s not a mob
white nationalists are a mob
trans people are not italian mafioso criminals, they are human beings

Nice joke

It's amazing to see grown adult humans talking like this

Even though the show is over, and it's fiction, and both of the people involved are married

There's something wrong with these people outside of just being BPD and women

am i supposed to know who this is ?

seriously who the fuck is misha

Seriously the obvious terror
>I deeply regret my poor choice of words in regards to comrade Stalin and the Party. It was never my intention to imply...

Stop treating human communication like a stock market. Fucking social networks.

>sick to my stomach
wow he's not bi, he's a full on faggot

I feel like this needs more context. Did he just make a light hearted joke about being bisexual because of all the people wanting his character to be gay, or what?


He was at a convention and asked the audience to raise their hands if they were introverted, extroverted, or bisexual, then nervously laughs and quietly says he's all three to try and cut the tension without realizing what he did

Hola Misha-migos

Too late nigga u said u gay

A person from a place that did a thing at another place after being famous for a thing

>cut the tension without realizing what he did
What did he do?

Your cultural imperialism is disgusting and you earn all the hate you receive.

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The sheer number of people in this thread that have never seen Supernatural is staggering. It ran for like 15 seasons and was one of the biggest shows on the CW (or whatever than channel was called).

Seems like a non-issue, but of course the alphabet army would disagree.

>oh no this guy getting no work after being a supporting character on a c tier canadian cw show

Why would we have watched that tween garbage user

no, he's completely sincere
here's a picture of him (left) marrying his wife (right)

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So is he still both an extrovert and simultaneously an introvert or will we get another apology?

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Because it was fun.

Pretty sure by season 6 he was full time main character

Somebody acknowledge my reference before this thread gets deleted

No, it wasn't



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Yes it was (for a while)

What would Tariq Nasheed say about this?

Shouldn't have said anything. No one can prove you aren't bisexual. Married to a woman? I'm still attracted to men, I just happened to fall for a woman.

>I want to deeply apologize for misspeaking this weekend.
First of all, it's MISTERspeaking, you disgusting misogynist! Secondly, how the fuck is forcing someone to use your retarded made-up pronouns while screaming what a psycho-faggot you are a human right? I'm genuinely asking, how the fuck does that make any sense?

Also, this bit was funny:
>when I was talking with the audience I said that I was "all three" things: an introvert, and extrovert and a bisexual. My clumsy intention was to wave off actually discussing my sexuality
FUCKING. HOW? How would that "wave off" anything? I don't mean the aftermath, I mean what was the master plan in his head?

Supernatural fans are all women

>free speech for me and not thee

I don't understand, he accidentally said he was bisexual and how he has to prostrate himself for the internet and beg for forgiveness?

You mean sub human beings

*sniffs air*
Weeeelll, smells like bussy juice in here.

genuinely satanic image
>let's use our joyous day of union to despoil and desecrate what the christians do, just for kicks

they just keep adding shit to it

LEfties are mentally ill user

what did they mean by this


He's right though and didn't say whether he was offended or not. You on the other hand seem genuinely upset by his suggestion.
Makes you think.

Gosh wata fagget

He jokingly said he was bisexual and his horde of lgbtqwertyuiop+ girl fanbase probably went nuts on twitter "OMG HE CAME OUT AS QUEER" so he had to correct them or they might end up learning down the line that he is straight and cancel him.

Tremendously terrible


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epic meme template touristbro

There's no logic to any of it, if it just "sounds" like you maybe said something vaguely problematic, even if logically you cannot say how it is, you need to apologize, but don't worry the apology doesn't seen to make sense either it just has to "sound" correct
Sort of like we had this football game called the "civil war" here that they had to change the name of. I went around asking why? How is that offensive? Wasn't the civil war fought to end slavery? And haven't there been thousands of civil wars? But nobody could say anything concrete. It just "sounds" like it might be vaguely somehow problematic so has to go

guys he wrote like 2 and a half paragraphs why are you acting like he was forced to smash his balls on stream? Everyone’s screaming “clown world” over a man taking 10 minutes to make sure dumb teenagers don’t think he likes to fuck dudes while throwing in some meaningless platitudes to win social brownie points

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>Thanks and
lmao what a cunt

>Thanks and I'm sorry,
>I'm really sorry.
>Also I'm sorry again
>I wanted to apologize for how I ended my last apology. I dont feel like I said sorry enough and I would like to apologize for misspeaking.

>what are patterns of behavior? I don't notice things at all.