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how many bongs until the next episode


How is Jimmy so powerful?

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Timeshift theory will be confirmed tonight.

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Making Nachos for dinner tonight to celebrate /our guy/ finally getting out of the game!

Stream at kino.tube watching a coomer action flick rn

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stream somewhere, lads? like the season premiere, or just wait for torrent?

Someone post the Jimmy ass kino

I'm only watching for Gene scenes

TWO HOURS UNTIL Hello, Jimmy...

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Holy fuck bros….


first :)

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>That's the way! Fill me up with your time energy, Chandler!

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Where did Lalo even get a body double? Did I miss the double's appearance in S5? Or is this the corpse of an alternate timeline Lalo?

that would make this the greatest show of our times

way ahead of you


How did they got away with it? I thought scenes like this are no longer possible in 2022
>I know you're just following orders

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the leak almost makes me not want to watch tonight. What a fucking waste of a storyline

what leak?

Worltorl....I brog mybooooyyyyyyy....worrrrrrrltrrrl

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the liveleak video of mike time travelling gone wrong and turn into a centaur

>Vince drops redpills and avoids jew rage

>Mr. White, there's a sexy older woman outside next to your car...?


my guess is that Lalo will find this fella and socially engineer his knowledge of Gus's project. we know he's talkative. he talked about a tunnel in El Paso which makes me think he is cartel-connected.

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EW probably published their review of the 3rd episode early and deleted it, this is archived though

go to the previous thread and follow link an user posted.
I suppose if you go that far you really want to read that shitty ending

Still can't believe this. Waited almost the whole week only for it to be spoiled on the final day. 7 years of following the show only for Nacho's fate to be spoiled by an offhand Yea Forums post

this. there is a reason they showed this guy and then sent him away. how people haven't thought about this is beyond me

i mean, we're witnessing a white non-jew putting other white non-jews on the spot. the supposed prejudice is portrayed in a negative light. it's nothing revolutionary.

He makes time

Episode 3 countdown provided to you by best girl Mrs Strauss

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Unless we’re getting some Mike and Nacho Dad kino then I think Nacho’s suicideis way too early considering there are still 10 episodes left

this, a throw away line and 7 years for that
Not Bravo Vince

the spoiler unironically had a positive effect on my mood. i was sure the next 2-3 episodes would be the typical slow set-up and 602 was exactly this kind of episode.

God I want to be a mean boyfriend to Mrs Strauss. Gaslighting her, making things always her fault, saying she doesn't love me enough, pressuring her into sex when she doesn't feel like it.

Oh my! Mrs. Kettleman! That dress!

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Check out this video I made

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Nigger nobody knows that guy, it's impossible for anyone to locate him again, he's back in his country, he has nothing to do with the plot anymore, stop

oh my, she is perfect, imagine her boobs full of milk oh my!

it's the opposite for me
they already revealed walt and jesse early because they said there were even bigger surprises
you can guarantee this was one of those bigger surprises
with that now revealed too that's two out of the way
i really think they can only do one more "big surprise", and maybe a couple smaller cameos

maybe so.
my theory is that whatever way Gus found two engineers to interview, might be something Lalo can access as well.

that doesn't sound good user, fuck you for that mental image

is the mike lindell?

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the conclusions for Howard, Kim, Lalo and Gene will surely provide some wow's too.

how would he have known this guy was involved with the lab?, hes probably doing some illegal construction work somewhere in the world or relaxing somewhere in france right now, he didnt even know what he was building exactly or knew where he was, only to dig a massive underground whole somewhere in the US

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ehhh i doubt
we already know what happens to howard like 90% sure
kim is either going to be scams jimmy or runs Saul Goodman in secret, she's not going to have any fate that isn't empowering to her character
That basically just leaves Gene

I haven't read the full leak but we might get to a point where the writers straight up ignore continuity for BrBa to tell a story they wanna tell. I really hope that's not the case but it might be.

Nah. I expect this kind of shock value from Game of Thrones, not Better call Saul. If this leak is true then I'll find it hard to keep watching.

oh fuck off guy had a target on his back since season 3

Let's play a fun game

Without Googling, name one show or movie each of the BCS cast have been in
Hard mode: no Breaking Bad

I get the idea behind this edit (the 2 clips are from the same "universe") but its just so poorly done that its nauseating, boring and redundant... not my fault, I didn't edit it. *shrug*

Are you retarded? It's simply not fucking possible, Lalo is not gonna magically know where to begin searching for a link between Gus, the lab he clearly knows fucking nothing about other than a 'south wall' and the workers, besides he's fucking hiding from all of the cartel, if he goes close to any Gus controlled spot snooping for info, he'll be shot on the spot. Why are you so fixated on that fucking guy that only served to set up werner ziegler's introduction, you must be autistic and underage

maybe criminal engineers are a rare enough bunch that Lalo has a reasonable shot at finding someone who knows something. they key part to Lalo's plan is social engineering, I bet. we're going see him go passive and cunning for a while before the violent final conclusion.

Breaking Bad

only to blow his brains out for the fag gus?
No fucking thank you

Sleeping Gas


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Time Egg

>only to blow his brains out for the fag gus?
how do you speedread a fucking leak
he did not do it for gus
in fact quite the opposite

Odenkirk was on Seinfeld once

hank: terminator 2

The first engineer that wasn't hire had a GPS tracker in his tools and he know exactly where the lab is
He posted a rant in friendster and myspace that he was in that location to do some digging job but was not hired
Lalo picked up on this and now he's gonna die

Jimmy - Mr. Show
Chuck - Mr. Show

Bob Odenkirk: Mr. Show
Mike's daughter-in-law: Rome
uh that's all I've got

Rhea - VEEP

>ESL are nachofags

What else could have nacho done besides what he did on the last 2 episodes, keep running and always be chased by cartel guys trying to kill him? risk his father's life by going back for him? he's between a rock and a hard place, the only way to be free is to kill himself on his own terms, and say fuck you to all who wanted to kill him

Jimmy was in an HIMYM episode

can you imagine nacho survives? i dont see it happening nachobros...

can't believe I didn't remember this

His appearance in curb is better

Mike guaranteed Nachos dad's safety
He had to die or either keep running and risk his fathers safety

>its an erin scene

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Jonathan Banks: Beverly Hills Cop
Bob Odenkirk: Seinfeld
Michael McKean: X Files
Tony Dalton is in capeshit hawkeye I think
I didnt bother remembering the others


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And what of good Hamlonius?

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I really hope Howard doesn't die.

How does it fit into all of this?

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The farmer guy with the big beard that Lalo told to shave but keep the mustache and goatee.

>Et tu, Kimmus?

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McKean, Patrick Fabian and one of the judges (Neelix's actor) were all on Voyager

Wait wtf Chuck was in Spinal Tap

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suicide :(

I know but I would throw that faggot chilean under bus on they way out for making my life a living hell


yeah there's a problem with that, Breaking Bad happens

more like urine

ne stream

What if everyone commits suicide, Gene, Kim, Howard, Nacho, what if they all fucking kill themselves


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then Marie wins

Are you anons watching live or waiting for torrent for that good quality no ads goodness? Can't decide myself

two questions:
How did Gus figure out Lalo is alive after his meeting with hector and don cartel?
How did Lalo get the burned up guy to have dentals matching his? I know there is a line about him sending a dentist to fix the bearded guys teeth but what else?

Oh you were Chuck's puppet for 1.5 years? I'm going to get you disbarred and transform you into Wendy.

Last time I waited on the torrent and missed like three threads out of fear of being spoiled

prequel plot armor unfortunately

So no suicides for anyone else?
Vince isn't that much of a hack right?

who is this i dont remember

Bros will we get another sticky tonight? Are Kim and Mike going to have a scene together? Mike and Howard? Lalo and Howard???

You know what's funny ?

Is this photoshopped.

He read it on the script dumbass

Nacho was in Far Cry 3.

that one guy of hispanic descent was in far cry

no, bob was working out really hard for his role in Nobody, that's why he is always wearing a suit. this is just behind the scene goofery

My cock will transform you into Wendy, faggot

anyone got a link to a live-stream?

t. not bob odenkirk

>How did Gus figure out Lalo is alive after his meeting with hector and don cartel?
his most hated enemy shakes his hand and smiles at him after presumably hearing that his nephew was assassinated and likely would assume gus was behind it. not hard to connect the dots there