And......your career is over

And......your career is over

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>I won't let them Disney+ me

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This guy acts like he's the first black guy who's ever been in a movie


look at him... and then look at the picture of the monkey here.

want to know the funny part? this picture isn't a monkey. it's an actual photo of john boyega. but you actually thought it was a monkey.

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Goddamn he is so ugly

I'm thinking we need to revisit a beloved sci-fi franchise where man's world is turned upside down

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This was the quote that made me decide that he was a piece of shit. Not his obnoxious performance as Finn, not his weirdo Twitter shit, not his BLM involvement. Just that statement, showing so much self-aggrandizing ego and lack of humility, his instant and casual willingness to shit all over an entire tier of working actors that he sees as being beneath him, that moment was so potent that I went from having no opinion about him either way to outright despising him in an instant. He needs a reality check, nobody gives a fuck about him.

It's funny how a John Boyegas career is dead, while Rian Johnson unironically buck broke the entire star wars fandom and got away with it. He then created his own franchise (knives out), got a $469M deal and personally pocketed over $100M, while star wars cucks are stuck with Reddit tier Disney plus shows forever.
Boyega can't even call our Rian Johnson because he has an NDA and Johnson is considered an ultra-SJW, which means nobody will believe he is a racist. LOL

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is that the german from better call saul lol


>this picture isn't a monkey
No shit, it's a fucking gorilla.

all black people are the first to do everything when they do anything

>Yea Forums makes fun of him for calling out Disney and saying they'll end his career
>they actually did end his career

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>mfw I destroy star wars forever and kill a niggers career, while creating my own franchise and pocketing over $100M
Feels good to be an ultra-SJW, privileged white man

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He said his career was at risk because he supported BLM at the same time every corporation was. His career died because he was a prick.

no, it's john boyega.


Try to imagine being Boyega in this scene, having expected Hollywood to demand Daisy Ridley get BLACKED, to feel her lips slide and suck against yours in a scene retaken several times until it is perfect, to be viewed by millions of 12 year old white boys and jeering brothers. Instead, here you are, having to be all like "damn Kelly! you fine, all sexy with your fridge body and 48 year old Shanghai fishwife face! I'm enjoying you kissing me, both my character and the real me!"

Just imagine. Try. You are Boyega, straight out of Peckham where the women know how to move and are thicc, even the white women with those Anglo genes, and now you've never even seen anything this dead before, and you're having to squat like a squirrel while Tran (pottery) repeats Rian's nonsensical lines in her brown hobo overcoat, take after take, until she gives some kind of passable delivery. Locking eyes with her natural scowl and tolerating her haughty attitude as everyone on set gives her the "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!" "I LOVE THIS!!!" virtue signalling routine, because they're not the ones who have to crouch there and let her lean in and plant her mouth on your lower lip with a vacant expression like a cow leaning into its trough.

Carefully note the look on Boyega's face. He can scarcely believe this is happening.

Now you swear you can taste egg fried rice hydrogen sulfite wofting out of her belly as she sucks it in to sit up towards you once more, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get paid to perch there and revel in her "shapely" (as she has been told) beauty they hid under a tarpaulin. Then the director calls for another take, and you know you could kill every single person on location before security puts you down, but you hunch there and endure. Because you're fucking Boyega! This is your one chance! You're not going to lose what is sure to be a dazzling A-list celebrity career over this. Just bear it. Scrunch up your little face and bear it.

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Imagine going from a complete nobody to being a lead in fucking Star Wars, one of the largest entertainment franchises on the planet, and letting it get to your head so hard you bite the hand that feeds you and talk shit about Disney+.

good fuck jewnie and your golem ass. Get fuckt

It'd be based if he was a maverick, but he's just a sell-out he believed his own hype.

To be fair, that was as much an indictment on Disney's Nu-Wars as it was on Boyega. Nobody else was eager to get Disney plus-ed, that's for sure.

What speaks volumes about Boyega's ego was how, after all his other projects fell through, he stated that he would definitely be up to be Disney Plus-ed after all. What a colossal faggot.

Serious question. What exactly was he protesting about?

You can practically see him thinking "I'm so great, I'm so great, I'm so great." Reminds me of how Jusse Smoulete presented himself in court. 100% self-absorption.

Niggers(him) getting sidelined in star warts

why do racists think they’re smart? you aren’t. shut up.

What does narcissism and self-absorption have to do with race? You're the racist.

i don’t call black people narcissists for trying to undue oppression and systemic abuse
so, no, yeah, p sure you’re the racist, bud.

Because John boyega is black. If you call out his bad behavior then youre being racist because you cant openly criticize them anymore. Get it?


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Please tell us how this millionaire black dude was being systematically oppressed.

>h h howard chan
>so kawaii

is he following daisy ridleys new instagram account yet??
I feel sorry for blacks like him, they dont realize they're just being used by the jews of the DNC for votes and to hit republicans, once the election was over they had no more use for loud blacks

This lol

Either stop being a chud and pretending to be unaware of the most important movement in the past 50 years and its causes, or if you genuinely don't know then go to fucking school you braindead asswipe holy shit.

irony is very funny, user
let’s all pretend black people don’t face undue persecution on the basis of skin color each day

>*starts crying*
That's verbatim. Yeah, he's a narcissist piece of shit who was just crying about how great he is that he'd let himself get as upset as he was. Just like Jusse Smoilete screaming that he did what he did on behalf of all black people.

Stop replying to the bait morons
Only user shitposters say chud

At least his sacrifice was not in vain and real change actually hap... oh right.


>Only user shitposters say chud
so... you?

What didnt this guy single handedly create the medium that we know today as film ?

niggers can't stop giving me reasons to hate them, so really it's their own fault.

> undue oppression and systemic abuse
The facts indicate the exact opposite. Black people are less likely to be shot by police given the fact that police encounter black people more frequently.

The problem is vastly overstated. Hysteria was whipped up and as a result of the 2020 protests at least 25 people were killed in the course of the violence and looting.

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Evil white people ruining his life while being a famous millionaire in one of the biggest movies of all time.

>Seething pasty white hands typed this post

this do not reply to anyone saying "chud" "incel" or any other r*ddit memes, not a single (you)

so you think hes great? and he cant think that himself because you do?

This. At my last job two black lesbian supervisors drugged a fellow co worker at a party and raped her. They fired one of the girls and promoted the other. And than we're shocked when the cops arrested her at work.

So what buck boyega do?

>The problem is vastly overstated. Hysteria was whipped up and as a result of the 2020 protests at least 25 people were killed in the course of the violence and looting.
The riots also caused $2B in damage, much of it to small business owners and families, and untold amounts of fear and intimidation. If you ask normies most will say that there were no riots and no damage was caused.

He is such a fucking retarded nigger.
Why did he think getting political was a good career move? I almost feel like he was sabotaged by handlers encouraging him, and his voice on twitter.

The entitlement and inflated ego of these creatures never ceases to disgust me

I got called a piece of shit racist for saying wouldn't real equality be all lives matter including black people's? These people are mentally unstable


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They're religious extremists and there's a new religion forming that's filling the vacuum in the US. Hence all the religious imagery, kneeling, acts of contrition, concepts of original sin, high priestesses that speak on behalf of the Goddess of Diversity, God's chosen people who can do no wrong, etc.

It was funny watching during the BLM riots famous, very wealthy black actors,musicians, and sports athletes complain how oppressed they were and how racism had ruined their life.

>so, no, yeah
Make up your mind bitch

>black guy asserting absolute dominance in whitey home
>two pastie """"men"""" in the back just stand back and avert their eyes, they're about to break down crying
honestly white people's days are numbered lmao
you became too beta for this world
good riddance

First paragraph was good but went a little long. 6/10 but still was a decent kek

I want to lynch you


the injustice of rich black son of immigrants from a shithole experience in bongistan

He was angry that white people gave him fame and fortune.

Maybe blackie has a point

>the most important movement in the past 50 years
The Trump presidency and the Elon takeover of Twitter?

I'm a black man in Britain! what don't I understand!
do better and gimme more money

He was fine in Attack The Block tbf. He'll go back to having a mediocre career in Brit movies and TV.

He is in the running for most pathetic man in Hollywood, however the competition is extremely fierce.


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Black culture is broken, user. They kill each other in droves. Literally attack freight trains. Pick on Asians. Target whites for mugging and rape. Swarm jewelry and shoe stores in coordinated robberies. You can't criticized the racists anymore, because the ball's in the black court now. They need to change more than any of their detractors do.

wow looks dead to me chud

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They need more time to evolve into humans

Imagine trying to argue blacks are oppressed in the year 2022. They get preferential jobs and representation at every point, one if them does and the entire social and legal system has to be overturned, you can't get a fair trial if up against one of them at threat of violence; they even have their own magic word nobody but them is allowed to use and if you do use it (even in jest) they can violently assault you and everyone will say deserved it.

There a word for this class of people, the word is "nobility". Blacks are literally treated like nobility.

>Millionaire black people protest about injustice while you scrape by on a wagie income just to survive
I can't stand black people tbqhwyf

>king ghezo
you can't make this shit up


Ma’am, are you confused? Where do you think you are?

>trying to undue oppression
nah he's one of yours NIGGER

Who the fuck wants to be stuck making Max Rebo: A Star Wars Bounty Hunter's Guide to the Galaxy schlock for a streaming service, especially if you're an actor who takes their craft seriously and probably doesn't want to be relegated to making degrading manchild garbage your entire career. Not everyone is willing to whore themselves out for money. Bigger issue is him getting a big head during Nogmageddon 2020 and thinking burning his previous employer (who happens to be the biggest studio in Hollywood) was a bright idea.