ITT: We discuss the important court case pertaining directly to the careers of actor's Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

ITT: We discuss the important court case pertaining directly to the careers of actor's Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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>& remember Mr King. don't watch the trial
no problem if he visits Yea Forums in the daytime.

finally unbanned for making a thread on this on friday. Fuck you tranny fucks

post YFW the lawyer tries to object his own question

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Why exactly do tranny jannies hate these threads so much?

it's literally a televised trial ON TELEVISION

OST for Johnny's triumphant return!

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When the fuck will Walter Matthau get a speaking role?

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>gets b& for replying to off-topic
Nothing personal, user

First for cum

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Amber will win and here's why
>audio of Depp admitting he head butt her
>Photos of Amber's bruised face from when he struck her
>Video footage of Depp having a aggressive temper tantrum, kicking appliances, smashing cupboards, throwing things, breaking things, swearing, yelling
>Photos of Depp being passed out on the floor in his vomit with multiple drugs visible

Here's what Johnny has
>Amber admitted she "hit" him, but didn't "punch" him on tape
>A photo of shit in his bed, with zero evidence or proof that it's Ambers
>a baseless claim with zero proof that Amber threw a vodka bottle at him whi h resulted in his pinky being cut

You tell me what you think sounds worse

Johnny is going to have to fuck that cute butler. It's the only way he can repay him for wrecking Turd's attorney

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For reference
This is Amber's multi-million dollar lawyer team

>amber hit the wall
>she didn't ask me what I was asking her about so it was obvious
>i wasn't there after I left, yes
Kino kino kino

Because Johnny’s winning

>Witness the begining of #DeppUniverse

the jury in this case is an actual jury, not the biased pos UK judge.

facts, technicalities don't matter. Chauvin sentence set the precedence in that.

johnny wins the story, & thus will win over the jury.

>what is rule #2
Sorry user, but that rule has been around longer than you've been on the site


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Oh God almighty, how is she paying these guys with a clear conscience

I'm surprised that no one has done a drawing of that sign with the roles reversed. Isn't the one standing a woman?

can't wait for him to lose and all the brainlets start posting

Amber is a woman. Johnny is a proven junkie of a man. America courts favour the woman, especially with this much damaging hard evidence.

And you will never have sex

>We discuss the important court case pertaining directly to the careers of actor's Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.
>This is on-topic by rules 1 and 2 of Yea Forums. If mods have an objection they should explain why if they wish for the flow of threads to stop.
fuckin A right man
don't take any guff from these swine

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>Objection, hearsay
>you asked the question

>Johnny trying to hold back his laughter
Absolute kek.

At first i was like.. but then.. even rottenborn couldnt keep it in how retarded this fucking dumbass is

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Imagine being this emotionally invested in this ffs

Who actually is that guy and what does he do?

wtf amberbros we're doomed

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post yfw hearsay

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amber hinges on muh domestic violence victimhood, but by depp proving that she also took part in it, she loses the victim status


WB is going to bribe the jury so that this doesn’t affect Aquaman.

Laugh at this guy as much as you want but you can see clearly God's shining light radiating on this blessed man

is it a new meme to pretend that women can defecate?

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screencapping my own post

this is a special case, where you have Yea Forums, reddit, twitterattis all on team depp. only the outcasts on twitter say different and they're a minority.

and don't get me wrong, the reason is the evidece, depps charm & the fact amber (a woman) is beautiful which makes liberals seethe. the last 2 is what makes it special.

>expecting mods to discuss anything
Kek, just keep posting your threads and get ready to fire them up again when they inevitably get nuked

the judge is biased, she’s a woman

thread theme
>thread theme

Whether either of them has a career after this will certainly be debatable. It's only the 2nd week, right? Of 6?!

>implying you’re any less predictable

>Heard's own lawyers laugh

It's ogre.

Amber is not mentally sane

why is american justice system such a meme?

beginning of the third

Uhhhhh Deppbros... what's going on?

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No fucking way
>looks it up
>It's real
Holy hell, that's embarrassing.

even the fat bitch on his side was laughing

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it's already begun: I'll accept that concession now

this is what people come to Yea Forums for. not the shit fest that's been happening yesterday and early today.

Depp lost in the UK. The laws are even less in his favor in the US. He's done for.

>some guy literally gets up and leaves

He probably walks out of cinemas halfway through too.

the judge is a woman

Why don't we make a thread on Yea Forums so the thread isn't deleted?

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Nothing’s begun freak

mods moving them to pol again, what a fuckwit

It wasn't Heard Vs Depp in the UK. It was "American actor" Vs "UK tabloid that writes libel literally every single day and gets away with it".

They weren't going to let some yank win.

good bot
bad bot

If Elon showed his cock right then I'll bet there's a fat ring of lipstick around the base of his dick


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> look dad! i'm a mod!

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Now that we're apparently allowed to post about this, and I'm unbanned, I would just like to say I would absolutely still have sexual intercourse with Amber Heard; even if she acted like Amber Turd before and after.
That being said, they're both insufferable.

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Did Amber Heard hire her lawyer from the firm of Kelly and Kelly?

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were not sure whats going on the mod is moveing threads again lol

well now that her career is provably over maybe she will open an Onlyfans and earn money there, and she's gonna need the money.

These Deppcucks, Reddit faggots and Twitter trannys fail to realize this. I'm not even sure if they're aware the UK trial happened and it was concluded that Depp was a wife beater. The same shit is going to happen here. Court of public opinion only works when it's a black man being victim to a white man, and even then it's 50/50 really. This is a woman with hard evidence to back up her claims that Depp was abusive and laid hands on her. Depps crown jewel right now is a piece of audio where Amber admits she hit him. That's it, that's all he has. It's over. He lost.

>hot fangirls show up to support Depp every day
>they laugh at Amber Turd's attorneys whenever they make a mistake
We are reaching levels beyond kino

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/megapint/ and Pirates of the Carribbean. maximum comfy.

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>This is a woman with hard evidence to back up her claims
lol, lmao

Chauvin was a crazed, bootlicking statist and deserved all that came to him. See how that thin blue line works when you're getting sodomized by Jamal.

The UK legal system is a joke, including the singular judge who gave the verdict. This US trial has a jury, and it's based on emotions and "the story". The story is firmly in the hands of depp.

he went up against the sun not ambers team of iddiots the sun is notorius for getting sued they have a full legal devision thats in-court year round

its not even the same calibre

Amber hasn't been reacting to any of her defense imploding. I'd like to see her start casting some glares lol


Not to be negative but I don't see Johnny winning this. There's no way the judge and jury will allow not only a man but a white man to win. A big celeb like Johnny Depp winning would be a massive blow to the metoo movement and would show people the truth that most of these women are lying.

Yeah it's over for johnny