Imagine drinking

Imagine drinking

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dont mind me just posting the best beer of all time

But user, you posted nothing

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>12 days
Try 12 years bud

>Take my first sip
>Heart suddenly starts racing
>Start sweating none stop

Druk bros....

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Druk threads REALLY need to man up
maybe a nice barrel proof whiskey will help

Just another few dozen more drinks user

Hit me up with your best DRUK stories, im here to listen

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I cant sleep if I'm not shitfaced

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>Binge drink for a week
>Decide to take a week off to recover
>Have horrific nightmares all week long
Shit ain't fun

haha lol, this one is crazy
>be me drinking at night
>literally stay awake all night drinking
>pass out
>wake up next day still drunk
>jump in bed and sleep more
>bad hangover next day
>drink again

haha bro same crazy story as mine

I am now officially out of retirement

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ha ha

I posted this one before but janny got the thread deleted as soon as I posted it.
>be druk
>walk to friends house
>get more druk and fall asleep on his couch
>wake up at 2AM to hear my friend and his gf fighting about me
>hear her (extreme BPD case) tell him that she cheated on him with me
>friend throws me out of his apartment
>it's 0 degrees and I'm too druk to walk
>no memory of how I got home


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I drank a bottle of campari yesterday on the porch reading and then watched a documentary about volcanoes. I'm not even that hungover today.


I have officially stopped feeling ashamed for buying handles of bottom-shelf vodka.

>only sleep 5-6 hours if shitfaced
>can't fall asleep buzzed
>can't fall asleep hungover
>barely able to full asleep while sober and using melatonin, glycine, and sleepytime tea
Insomnia is a rude beast

you never did get home user. posting green text on drinking threads is your mind coping with dying from hypothermia on the street

>drink to insomnia
>stay awake during the hangover next day to try reset sleeping pattern
>oversleep massively into the next night

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I can now only watch movies when drinking/drunk. I can watch tv shows sober or hungover for some reason but not movies

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For me its getting DRUK and then crying myself to sleep


He was an alcohol


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more like what are we smoking. just took 4 bowls, sipping on some corona with lime and am watching sobranos but waiting for new BCS episode

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Wesele polish movie from 2004

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DRUK bros.......

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It's a Monday, I can't be hungover at work so please refrain from posting these threads until Friday, druk Chads.

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user, its time to drink

Go in drunk

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it's 4:22pm, I've been drinking the past two days, she's been leading me on the last 4 months, she never actually wanted to be with me she just liked attention, read this post to a blink 182 riff but for real i think I have a drinking problem

Don't be a fag mate

sorry dude just going through some feels

I'm all alone, all i have is the DRUK now

You're better off without her anyway. Now you can shitpost 24/7

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hope so man. I really liked her, first girl I've liked in 6 years. OH well right

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just finished the bottle of vodka I had left but it wasn't enough bros and it's too late to go buy more

Its never too late

I'm east euro so yes it is

Dial a booze

There's another billion to test drive bro

>4 months
Try 4 years. I didn't have a single drop of alcohol during that period, now I'm a regular OP of drinking threads. Talk about a fall from grace

you're right brotha I know you're right, just gotta work through it. I'll get there

Tomorrow i stop drinking, but tonight I AM A DRUK KING

these women man, they'll put in on you brotha. they'll hurt man. just gotta carry on

Its time, so how is everyone doing tonight?

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I can't, already have an escape plan that involves a rope. When you stop seeing imagine drinking threads with don draper/roger sterling photos, it means I've finally moved on

Son, you don't have a drinking problem until you're at the package store as soon as it opens for a fifth of hard booze and back again after dinner for at least two years.
And when walking to the store gets to be too much you just start buying liters.
And you let that go on for a another two years.

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>tfw only one more week until law exams finished

gonna get druk as fuck next Thursday bros


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Enjoying some Jeeves and Wooster and not so much enjoying a blended famous grouse
It's easier to nip liquor I'm not very fond of instead of chugging or shotting it so what ho, eh?
Doing better on the drinking and my future prospects seem bright.

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i'm feeling good all the time

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I just hurt when i drink, im retiring

>Son, you don't have a drinking problem until you're at the package store as soon as it opens for a fifth of hard booze and back again after dinner for at least two years.
yeah i just mean a drinking problem in the sense that my drinking habits aren't healthy or normal, normal people can drink a couple beers, and stop. Once I start drinking, I just keep drinking. Wake up hungover on a monday, need a little hair of the dog, get a drink, can't stop at one, now I've been drunk all day. I work from home and there's no reason not to. I feel like I'm on a slippery slope and it's just getting worse. Even though I take breaks from drinking each time I try again it gets worse

i thought about it but then i decided against it.

I just started watching the US Office for the first time, kino as fuck while DRUK

Imagine the acid reflux
Imagine the heart palpitations
Imagine the anxiety

my normal morning

>He doesnt spend half of everyday just recovering from the previous nights drinking