Actresses only you've heard of

Actresses only you've heard of.

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Whatever happened to this chick?

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She was on that Y: The Last Man show last autumn but the only memorably thing in it were that Sydney girl's massive tits.
Then it got cancelled, I think the producers are shopping around for another channel to buy it.

sydney sweeney wasnt in that

now I know her

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Different Sydney with massive tits.
Sydney Meyer, look them up.

booba syd was on Y?


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>light-eyed redhead
>dark-eyed redhead
absolutely disgusting

yeah i saw

shit wrong post


More for you.

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Talked too much shit on interviews, said she was a slut nympho and loved cock more than drugs or something, not that good of an actress and too much of a PR problem so they ditched her. Also she's got blue blood iirc so she don't give a shit about money.

>accented letter in her name
Is there anything worse? Like I'd still fuck her, but I don't think I'd call her back.

Whoa you think she would like my cock?

elizabeth morehead

Hopefully she'll get the oscar next year

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That's a dude though.

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I wish she was getting all of boney zoey kravitz' roles

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She will never be a man.

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Jax Smith has been my waifu since I've watched American Pie: The Naked Mile in 2006.

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Yikes sweary, you did a heckin transphobic microagression. Do better.

Edit: thanks for the gold kind strangerino!

Edit: time to log off, my wife's boyfriend needs his computer fixed.


I'm racist, but goddamn.

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She’s gonna be in dolan’s openheimer

Turbo slut

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she looks like if sophie sink and krissy lynn had a child together

Sadie, but yes.

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How about her bff Amy Forsyth? Although her movie just won Best Picture, so I guess she won't be obscure much longer

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She's rich, she only acts when she's too bored of Jew York and wants a free vacation.

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