So, what was the "right thing" in the end?

So, what was the "right thing" in the end?

Throwing a garbage can through the window of the pizzeria and sparking the crowd to destroy the place?

What's the moral message in this movie?

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>What's the moral message in this movie?

Be a nigger and riot

>throws a trashcan through the window
>shows up the next day and expects to be paid

this whole film was infuriating. also:

>white guy steps on the bran new sneakers of a black man
>doesn't IMMEDIATELY get jumped and actually gets to walk away unscathed

was Spike Lee having a laugh? or just too afraid of getting too real?

>What's the moral message in this movie?
Chimping out is le good.

Yes. Spike Lee has pleased the black community greatly by conforming that destroying his shop was indeed the right thing to do because blacks love wrecking things for everyone.
It's likely that was not what he intended, but he's going along with it or else they will burn down HIS HOUSE.
Ironic as fuck.

Well for years people figured the message was that no one does the right thing, except maybe Da Mayor.

Unfortunately Spike Lee, being the jagoff that he is, came out and said that the blacks were right and ruined everything.

So much this. And also:

>"Hurr durr, you CAN'T decorate YOUR place with pictures of folks you like! You MUST hang pictures of folks WE like because we own da hood!!!"

I could have understand the anger if Sal had hanged pictures of the KKK or the Dixie flag, but this was not the case.
I mean, who the fuck you think you are to walk into someone's place and issuing orders like you're the boss?

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The moral is never live around or engage with a population that refuses to accept any responsibility for their actions and constantly demands a fucking handout and even when they perform worse than literally every other demographic across every measurable line and fail to adapt to even the most basic tenets of their civilization like having a plastic card with their name on it they will insist on it not ever being their fault and that there’s always an excuse that magically waves away their near universal failure as a group to meet any objective standard of even the most basic human civility or behavior.

Yea he would have gotten stabbed especially in Bed–Stuy in the 80s.

The right thing is for whites and italians to be wary of blacks. Don't try to set up in black neighnorhoods or be friendly to them they won't apprieciate it or respect you. They are incapable of such ideas they will only destroy

Films about why segregation was right?

Your mom

I don't care what Spike Lee says about the movie its a critique on white and black culture and how everyones a fucking retard and needs to chill out

Nope, numerals aside, the maker of the film says it's how black are always right and holy and the world must bend to their will no matter what.

Spike Lee (Chinese name?) is a house negro trying to keep us hotep down. He was lied to by the jewish slave traitors that there's not enough crowns for all of us Black kings, but guess what? They is.
I've never seen a broken window in Africa. Know why? There's no Spike Lees in Africa destroying they culture like there is here.

>chinese name
just like that fucking chink general Robert E. Lee.

I ran out of breath while I was reading your post.

The message was treat your fellow human beings with decency and respect, I don't think you understood.

spike lee has famously said that only white people ask him if he did the right thing or not, and replies on this thread show how most people care about the pizzeria being destroyed but couldnt care less about the person that died.
Supposedly, the idea is that spike's character knew Sal would get the insurance money so he'd be okay, and throwing the can at the restaurant turned the mob away from Sal and his kids, so in Spike's mind he saved their lives.

Spike Lee literally said that burning down the shop was the right thing because kangs.

Cool. Now you know how I feel living around them, every single day.

You need to do all you can to move, then. Good luck.

oh look a nigger who thinks its okay to burn places down for whatever reason they like

>Supposedly, the idea is that spike's character knew Sal would get the insurance money so he'd be okay, and throwing the can at the restaurant turned the mob away from Sal and his kids, so in Spike's mind he saved their lives


Heat will make people do the wrong things

what's with their sneaker obsession?
also if you're not a child or an athlete you shouldn't wear sneakers

Sneakers are an important part of drip. Dripchecking has been a key component of cultures around the world and you don't want to get caught lacking.

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You mean a jheri curl drip? I can jive

You serve the black community and make money off them. All he had to do was put up a picture of a black celebrity but his ego wouldn't allow it.

>but couldnt care less about the person that died.
the person that died was a piece of shit that assaulted a man and then fought the police. yes, i could not care less

When blacks give you money for a pizza or whatever, they think they're donating to you and in return demand you obey everything they say. What they don't understand is that they are paying money in exchange for a service. They don't even understand basic business transactions.

Ok, from this perspective, everything makes sense now.

Retarded reasoning, still.

Sal should have moved out long ago and relocated to a neighborhood where he didn’t need to worry about “wildlings” burning down his business.

Yes. He diffused the situation by redirecting the violence. He effectively allowed Sal and company's reputations remain while also diverting the black violence away from them.

He saved lives at the cost of property (insured).

This film is for the people who actually don't understand that it was the right thing. It exposes you and hopefully helps you self reflect.

Why wasn't it the right thing? Should blacks be killed indiscriminately for minimal/minor crimes? "B-B-But what about Sal!?!?" So you value white property over black lives?

All sides were effectively wrong, but there is a correct answer as to what actions carries the most destructive magnitude.

Literally Spike only good film but it's kino.

Niggers want nice things they can't afford

Did Sal kill him? No Sal did not. It’s not a matter of people caring more about the destruction of a business than the death of a black man. It’s about people being told their wrong for noticing that Sal lost his business because blacks lash out at whatever is available. Sal could just as easily been black and his shit would still be burned down. There’s a reason blacks live in food deserts.

The right thing is not watch that shite and watch Hangin with the Homeboys

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the blacks are the ones who initiated the commotion in the first place by storming into someone else's business, demanding that Sal decorates his business with shit he didn't want, and REFUSING to turn down a radio playing at full blast in his private business. that's 3 lines of aggression, and Sal did nothing wrong by destroying the boombox. what was Sal supposed to do? ask them nicely? they couldn't be reasoned with. logic and reason wouldn't have solved that situation. Sal could have thrown a few bucks down after destroying the radio, as a show of good faith I suppose, since he DID destroy property, but that wouldn't have been enough to cool tensions.

and when the police come and try to arrest you, DON'T RESIST. don't act a fool, don't try to act hard, don't try to struggle against people who have guns and are begging for an excuse to use them. what do you gain from that situation? they bring it upon themselves.


>dude just let the cops do whatever they want
Your breath smells like leather

The cops were trying to stop Radio Raheem from killing Sal; if he had not opposed resistance they would have not choked him to death.

>"Why, yes, mein fuhrer. I too am impressed with the notion of preventative crime!"

spike lee denied that this was the reasoning as to why mookie threw the can. he said he threw the can because his friend just got killed. Whether this reasoning is true or not is up in the air. Could have just said that to appease the black community. This is my main gripe on the film and why I hate it in general.

Its exactly what this user posted. Blacks basically want to be treated like children. That's what i take away from the film. Ridiculousness

What Spike is trying to say is that every single white person is a racist. In this case, he builds up Sal only to tear him down
>everyone in the neighborhood loves Sal and the pizzeria
>they even tell Buggin Out to fuck off with his Sal's protest
>he gives Da Mayor a dollar to sweep up the sidewalks
>he seems to get along great with Mookie's sister
>he chastises his son for his racist talk
>he takes pride in the fact that the neighborhood grew up on his food
>he tells Mookie that he considers him family and that he will share in the financial fortunes of the pizzeria
>he opens the place after closing for a few more customers
>but then....
>Radio Raheem comes in blasting music (after being told not to earlier in the film) like a dumb nigger, only to have Sal call him a "nigger"
That's what Spike is saying.
No matter how nice or great a white man is, he will always think of blacks as "niggers".

Preach Brother
Yakub created demons like Spike lee to Oppress, Depress, and Regress tha black man. Truth is we don't NEED his cracka pandering ass to speak tha truth becuz we have REAL brotha like the honorable Tariq al Nashid telling tha true history

He redirected the anger of the crowd away from Sal and his family to the pizzeria itself, thus saving Sal's life.

>art medium takes on different contextual meanings years later

artists can say the purpose behind something, but they can't control the narrative of their work. that is the unanimously agreed upon narrative in the educated field.


To be honest, Buggin' Out was the first one to act racist, by calling Sal and his sons "Guinea bastards" before threatening to shutter the pizzeria until they change the Wall of Fame.

Very convenient to condemn racism only when it is aimed at your ethnicity.

>Buggin' Out was the first one to act racist
Bigoted, not racist.

they were saying something against racial hysteria and overreactions that led to the LA riots and so on, that, sure, racism bad and fighting it is a just cause, but you do it in a reasonable manner, you be better than them

black people didn't learn this lesson it seems

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>led to the LA riots

DTRT predates the LA Riots.

oh, some other race riot then

>So you value white property over black lives?
The entire basis of civilization is that you can defend yourself and property with deadly force
Once you start removing that "well his life is more important than your right not to be stolen from/ robbed/ raped/ vandalized then everything goes to hell. See the Ferguson Effect
So yes criminals and thieves are less that human and need to be dealt with harshly

Pretending that being pro BLM is somehow the rebellious anti authoritarian freethinking option is one of those things you just have to wonder at in amazement

Kind of sounds like "hey let blacks riot and loot to let off steam then they won't kill you"


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It was an insult aimed at someone with a different ethnicity than yours (not religion or other beliefs); in this case Black vs White (Southern European specifically, whatever, I don't wanna get into this convo).

Hence, the term "racist" is appropriate.

>What's the moral message in this movie?
That everyone does what they think is the right thing. And most of them are wrong.

Of course, Sal is the only one who was justified for his choices.