J. J. Abrams working on HOT WHEELS film

Get hyped


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People still have faith in JJ Abrams after what he did with Star Wars?

I wanna see the Jew Mobile

somehow I feel bad for JJ. Lost was good. I liked a lot of his movies. His Star Trek were genuinely fun, and Into Darkness has an underrated inside job theme.
There's a part of me that wants to blame his Star Wars on a "too many cooks" scenario due to Disney corporate overhead. He's an adequate director and makes fun movies.
Hot Wheels might be a good fit for his directing style.

Abrams is a soulless parasite and so are all his cronies, from his fellow tribe members like Kurtzman straight through to gentiles like Matt Reeves. Everyone in that circle is as talentless and unoriginal as each other.

I just want to see this bad boy on screen

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Bad Reboot

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What other childhood memory is he going to rape?

this will be even more of a toy commercial than transformers. at least transformers had some sort of lore

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That's really weird. You'd expect him to be on something higher profile.

I used to think this too. But then I realized he's a sellout. I think he's become more and more afraid of being creative. He can't even produce a fucking Cloverfield sequel without trying to sellout now.

What happened to creativity and originality in Hollyjew?

Those are hetero-cis gendered-white supremacist -ableist concepts

How does he keep getting jobs?
His writing is ass
His directing is the same in every movie from style to filters to the soundtrack. As generic as it comes

How? He just sunk an entire star wars trilogy and admitted he doesn't plan shit out

I hate JJ Abrams


If you're excited for this you need to grow up. Tired of all these shitty man baby movies that will inevitably make this board even more shit.

>somehow I feel bad for JJ
Please don't. Hes richer than God and doesn't have a single emotional attachment to his work in the slightest. He's not a creator or an artist. He's a capitalist. A salesman. And more importantly he's a hack with way too much influence.

My head went "this is one of those fake headlines that's constantly made by on of them autistic bots", but what the fuck, it's not fake? Warner Brothers, what the fuck are you doing?

I'll watch if they have my Deora.

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checked also I had one kinda like that

>People still have faith in JJ Abrams after what he did with Star Wars?
Warners also put him in charge of a bunch of the DC films and tv.

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Whoopie doo. Hot wheels has no movie for him to copy paste.

JJ Abrams Star Trek is a master class on bad script writing
"Hmmmmmm......what can we do to make the audience feel the stakes are high enough to be invested in the outcome? I know, we will kill off a main characters mom as part of a random nonsensical genocide wrecking 40 years of canon in the process"
Every JJ Abrams project sucks
The reason is he can't write at all
The only reason midwits think Lost was good is it's complete lack of plot and aimless failure to commit to anything resembling storytelling

This is the kind of shit he should be directing. Just fun stupid movies with no actual lore

So a fast and furious ripoff with lens flare and mystery boxes?

I don't feel bad for him at all and would spit on him if I had the opportunity. He ruined Star Trek. He ruined Star Wars.

This kids toy car movie is literally white genocide

No, that was Cars 3, stupid.

If this isn't in the movie, then it's shit.

It will be garbage. I like collecting the brand, but not intetested in a film for it.

Also Matchbox is better


How 'Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' got a major boost from J.J. Abrams and a 'GOT' producer

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power lands on Prime Video Friday, Sep. 2.

By Josh Weiss

With great budget comes great responsibility, which ultimately landed on the shoulders of showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, a duo with a limited Hollywood track record that includes co-writing the screenplay for 2016's Star Trek Beyond. Luckily, that very project put them on the radar of producer J.J. Abrams, who apparently went to bat for them when Amazon was looking for its creative leads.

“We were a little bit of a dark horse. And Amazon talked to absolutely everybody — whoever had any idea for Lord of the Rings," McKay recalled to Vanity Fair.

“We were passionate about the material and had a take that matched Amazon’s appetites and ambition," added Payne. He continued: "We felt like hobbits. We felt like two very small people in a very big world who had just been entrusted with something that meant so much to so many different people."

The showrunners also had the benefit of relying on Bryan Cogman, a veteran writer and producer on HBO's Game of Thrones, who boarded The Rings of Power in an advisory capacity. Who better to guide Payne and McKay than someone with intimate knowledge of how mega-expensive fantasy shows come together? And when production finally got underway, director J.A. Bayona (A Monster Calls, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) was tapped to helm the first two episodes.

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>played by Robert Downey Jr

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>How does he keep getting jobs?
Spielberg literally appointed him as his successor. That's it. All those years ago where Spielberg claimed he got a job after sneaking on Hollywood lots over and over. All bullshit. It's just kike nepotism he pays forward

Nope. JJ needs to apologize and produce 3 palate-cleansing kinos in a row or he's not back in the cool club where people admire him for his craft.

That Fucking idiot.

Jar Jar Abrams = SHIT


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Give me acceleracers or give me death.

It's more like he wanted to be a Spielberg clone but he's underdeveloped as a storyteller and filmmaker.

He's fine when he directs and stays away from the word processor

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ladies and gentlemen, capitalist """cultural""" production

will the cars fuck

He proved himself early in his career with numerous scripts which made a lot of money and most of his Bad Robot projects have been very successful. If you can keep that up to a certain point (which he did) then Hollywood will forgive you forever no matter what you do.

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>the cars never leave the packaging

Acceleracers already exists. I don't need it remade.

I'm more angry about what he did to Star Trek than Star Wars because at least Star Wars is the same in spirit even if the writing was lazy.

He's coming for another franchise

Post Hot Wheels kino

holy shit that was fun
should i feel bad for watching it bros

Nothing can't touch Acceleracers, pure kino

Why are people blaming him for SW? TFA wasn't the best movie out there but it was Ok and opened a lot of doors that a competent director could have taken to make a good trilogy, the fault for SW lies solely on RJ he wanted to fuck it up intentionally. JJ tried to salvage the unsalvageable and everyone knows he sucks at concluding a story that put even more salt in the wound.

If anyone is to be blamed for SW being a mess is RJ.

>movies for play-doh and hot wheels
Jesus Christ, the 80’s are back.
>Have a crappy toy? Have a crappy cartoon or crappy movie based on it!

>somehow I feel bad for JJ. Lost was good. I liked a lot of his movies. His Star Trek were genuinely fun, and Into Darkness has an underrated inside job theme.
>There's a part of me that wants to blame his Star Wars on a "too many cooks" scenario due to Disney corporate overhead. He's an adequate director and makes fun movies.
>Hot Wheels might be a good fit for his directing style.

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>His Star Trek were genuinely fun,

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he'll subvert expectations by making this movie about matchbox cars instead of hotwheels

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