Tfw ywn engage in escapism on a tropical island in Thailand when it's 2000 and the world is not shit yet

>tfw ywn engage in escapism on a tropical island in Thailand when it's 2000 and the world is not shit yet

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Why didn't he just let the shark attack victim die and live eternally in paradise? I hate moralfags.

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>not shit

>when it's 2000 and the world is not shit yet
The world was absolutely shit by 2000 retard, you just weren't born yet.

the second wave of tourists would still ruin everything no matter the wounded guy

I was 5 and I'm sure it wasn't as shit as now

Then you were too young to remember it being shit. If you want to go the nostalgia route, then the 80's were much better.


I was waiting for it to hit me

I forget, did the people growing weed on the island know that the people were there?

This is some top tier zoomie cope. 2000 was still kino, better than the 80s in many ways due to technological advancements and culture hadn't completely degraded yet. Whatever was available in the 80s was still available in 2000.

The Phantom Menace and Jurassic Park 2 did mark a decline in movie quality, but to offset that the video game industry was making huge strides, Disney had a record breaking decade (Toy Story, Lion King, Aladdin, etc), and there were other blockbusters that were kino (Gladiator, Matrix, etc).

2000 was the last good year. Just look at all the kino released during the 5 preceding years. It still hasn't been topped.

Yeah, but they had a truce not to fuck with each other I think. I need to rewatch it

what year were you born

>better than the 80s in many ways
jesus... the state of zoomies

I want to relive 1995-2005 again

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they closed off the actual beach where that movie was filmed

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Leo has sex with the French girl who has a bf, has sex with the head woman who has a bf, invites the surfer dudes who get killed and end the commune. He was a real shithead

I'm halfway through the book and it's not really that much better than the movie desu

The year where I remember it vividly enough so I don't have to lie or make up weird argument positions on the internet to "own zoomers".

Not an argument.

the book ending is way better

right, so 1998 then.

As someome who was born in 85, i can barely remember the 80s. I grew up in the 90s but still watched 80s movies because of my brothers. 80s were noticably better in terms of movies and more so in general terms.

Lmao, yeah sure. Stupid faggot.

1999 lol

Any movie made in the 80s was available to watch in 2000, any song that was made in the 80s was available in 2000.
>in general terms
I don't know what point you're trying to make, and you sound like a liar.

I'm not sure why people on this website are so anti consumerist and then look back to the 1980's as the peak of society when it has routinely been defined as the decade of greed/decadence/extravagance

Yeah that's when you were born.

>the world is not shit yet
user, I...

Book was better.

The world was just inherently a kinder and more innocent place before social media turned everyone into blackpilled zombies

>technology good
>unaware of the cultural degradation that has been happening since the industrial revolution
>reddit spacing
David Kaczynski and his consequences have been a disaster for the human race

Ignore them. Everyone says 2005-2007 is when things turned shit, which is the years they grew up in, so they cope by saying "NOOOOO 2000 WAS BAD" because they think it's some type of anti-zoomer meme and not objective truth recognisable by everyone.

The world was a dark place in the late 90s and early 2000s for atleast half of the world population

So make a deal with the druglords on the island for weapons so that you can deal with future waves of tourists. They don't want more tourists either and would probably appreciate the help in dealing with them.

in 2000 the internet was still niche, 5 years later is when is really started hitting the masses. At the same time phones with cameras started being a thing, and then a few years later the iphone and facebook marked the end of it all.

>we can never go back

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>I was younger, knew less about the world, and have narcissistically rationalized my own ignorance as a difference in external circumstances

don't worry, Hollywood will make movies and TV specifically aimed at exploiting your nostalgia until the day you breath your last.

What cultural degradation in 2000 are you talking about? "Since the industrial revolution" is entirely too vague a statement, easily discreditable, and doesn't mean anything.

Is sad that almost every happy memory is from that time span? I feel like things went into a tailspin afterwards

The Internet was already widely available by then. Once that happened there was no going back and everything became much worse.

I was already an adult in 2000, you don't appreciate how different (better) relationships and social interactions were before the iphone

>unaware of the work song/traditional folk arguments of the victorian era
>doesn't understand that technological advancement erodes culture by necessity
How's your funkopop collection coming on?

White supremacy dog whistle: the movie

Old cultures die, new ones emerge
don't see the problem

hey wassup Etienne I just fucked your gf
hey Etienne we're in paradise and I'm the one fucking your gf, so really I'm in paradise
hey Etienne, I fucked your gf and then I cheated on her

It wasn't shit. The other user is bullshitting. It was pre 9/11 so it was something you couldn't even imagine now.

It's a global nonculture of consumption. There are ethnicities with under a hundred people left due to industrialisation. It is currently responsible for the genocide of native Americans and the enslavement of Ugandan children in mines.
But never mind the estrogen pumped into your body, the microplastics, the troons, the whores, and your niggerfied town, yoh have Netflix.
Goos job.

Again, extremely vague, easily discreditable statements that point to nothing in particular. Almost nonsensical with your references to Victorian era folksong.

The thread had devolved into 80s VS 2000, and you're here speaking about the Victorian era? Take your meds.

How many people did you know who were constantly using the internet in 2000?

Became worse in what way?

Why do I even entertain this.

>the genocide of native Americans
pretty most of them died before 1800


Tell us you've never been outside of the country without directly telling us you've never been outisde the country.

It is the fourth and you are a German, tge Romans have decided to encourage Christianity to make your noblemen more pliable. Your pagan noblemen and Kings were not rulers but leaders who did not dictate to you. You lived simply off the land as did your lord. You were equals. Now you are a vassal, you don't own your land and you are owned by a lord you've never known. What has been since time immemorial has been swept away.
Culture changes.

Etienne bros, we've been owned...

Tell me that you assume I'm an American without assuming I'm an American. You're right though, I've only been to 8 countries.
Zoomer cretin. Fuck off back to plebbit you doublenigger.
>wat does domestication since the accelerant was introduced have to do with domestication in the last 40 years
Honestly, you've made me pro-abortion.
Look into lithium production.

>don't worry, Hollywood will make movies and TV specifically aimed at exploiting your nostalgia until the day you breath your last.
The Beach took place in 2000 and was made in 2000. How was that "exploiting nostalgia"? Retard

>How many people did you know who were constantly using the internet in 2000?
Almost everyone. I remember playing Quake 2 and 3 at school and basically everyone was using Napster, MSN Messenger, Alta Vista, Geocities etc.

I was 25 in 2000. It was alright. Nothing like the fuckfest we live in now.

>Quake 2 and 3 at school and basically everyone was using Napster, MSN Messenger, Alta Vista, Geocities
>"everything became worse"

Pick one, stupid faggot.

How was the beach so secret when it was a mile away and visible from the main island? They just swam there lol