I have feeling that its going to be a wonderful day

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>You guys need to be more like a government bond... and mature.

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When did American Dad peak?
>yes they do
>yes, they do
>bad news about Halloween, Francine!

wat? iam about to go to bed.

>this show has been on for 17 years
What the fuck?

I remember it being okay. Is it still somehow decent?

See post number

Bully for steve

Now that the dust has settled, why didn't pudding man work?

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The sneed and the feed has a smile on its face

Season 7, but even at it's worst it's never been below a 7.5/10 show. And the new season is the best for a few years.


American Dad>>>>>>>>>>rotten smelly turd full of worms>>>>>>>>>>family guy

7-14 are all gold

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Roger is ruining the show

>when it comes to World War II, I gotta go with my boys the Axis

I haven’t watched american dad in a while. Is rogu still a thing? I hate this new character and I want him gone.

Hasn't reached it yet


Good morning sir

I hate this

It hasnt even reached it yet.

I love this

first couple seasons are the best. think after season 12 or smth it becomes crap


I have the money.

Do you eat?

>And assigning all the (You)s to the posts that are based

>Oh boy, it's swell to say
>That all the mods are gaaaaaayyyyy

Is go lower from about 3 to 14

It's 5pm dude

There hasn’t been many Roger centric eps this season

i saw you at the docks Yea Forums

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It's literally the only show on TV still making the show about characters and comedy and not politics. Even if the quality had dipped a little I still support it.

how do I wake up this refreshed?

for me, it's nerfer

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Ironically this show started out to mock conservatives but now it's the only show that is completely non political airing today.

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>My Wilbur...Kentucky.

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The sun in the sky has a smile on it's face
for all of the shitposters in this god awful place!

Oh Boy, it's swell to say
I love to post on Yea Forums!

That doesn't rhyme.

uh I dont remember this episode

I don’t know why I’m such a big fan of the Bazooka Sharks bit. Everyone being die hard fans of a expansion team in some shit-tier arena football league is a perfect addition to the show

It was good until season 13 when it became kind of bad. 14 onwards is unbearable.

I'm sure you could look for and decide on a peak but the thing is there was never a dramatic decline. It's still really good.

it hasn't even peaked yet

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The speedruns on this were great, can anyone beat this less than 4 seconds?


So, have you heard anything? Is Chaz gonna be okay?

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Around season 7/8 but it was never bad. It was always slightly better than Family Goy


Later episode just has randomly generated text. Loss of soul.

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I have no strong feelings one way or the other about this

it's funny how much better the show got once seth stopped being so involved

American Dad is for midwits, Family guy is the truth based retard and 300IQ choice.

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