Are you nostalgic for video rental shops?

Are you nostalgic for video rental shops?

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No I don't have nostalgia for not finding what I want/ everything being out/ getting ass fucked by late fees.

What's worse? Fags or autists?

no, shit sucked. they never had what i wanted, the candy and popcorn were too expensive, and my mom wouldn't let me rent the video game with boobs on the cover

not really, but i live in a place where there are still video rental shops.

Don't see the appeal.

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>get off school on a friday
>head home
>grab bike
>head to blockbuster
>all the good shit is gone

No i don't miss it one bit

Not really

Aaaaand it closed.

This. It's baffling that people will become nostalgic for absolute turds.


every aisle had the same new movie 50 times (all rented out of course when you went to the counter) , always got charged VHS rewind fees, ..... nah im good.

no they sucked, that's why netflix got so popular.
Seriously, what is it with Yea Forums and fake nostalgia for shit you never experienced? Some sort of tech-weeb-emo thing?

>Implying fags aren't autistic

Yes because I associate it with my pleasant childhood, doubly so because my adulthood is a low key nightmare this things I associate with a better time I have stronger emotions about.

Oy vey, goy! Buy de propaganda! Pay de late fees! You vill own nothing and you vill like it!

>no they sucked, that's why netflix got so popular.
most people don't remember that netflix operated a mail DVD rental service (and still do last time I checked).

What the fuck, he looks like he's 12 or something. Shouldn't he be watching Family Guy?

Man, you are just skewering Blockbuster with that impression.


Yes, but that pic is sad.

Yeah seriously, what's a preteen doing watching fucking Barney?

I miss having to wait for an actual random movie to come on cable desu. Netflix and internet offers so much that i mostly end up watching nothing

>Seriously, what is it with Yea Forums and fake nostalgia for shit you never experienced?
A lot of us here experienced rental stores. We were just too young to pay for them. Our parents handled the annoying financial parts while we reaped the fun.

they do, but I'm guessing that with their money problems lately they'll cut that back. But who knows, maybe it still makes money for them.

Emphasis on the word autistic user

I miss the box art and looking on the back to see if there was any nudity. My favorite was python because the cover was just a shitty python but there was a lesbian scene in it

still better than browsing netflix

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The creator of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is autistic and that show was edgy as fuck. This kid's just immature.


And just one panel section? It said he's autistic, not CNN anchor level stupid, good lord.

me on the right

imagine if streaming services had limits on how many streams can be going at once, and you had to sit in a queue waiting for it. That would recreate the video store experience

>getting ass fucked by late fees
just return your shit on time

Even if you make an imitation it still isn't the same, it won't have that blockbuster smell to it

yes but there's no deluge of cheap foreign crap and shitty netflix originals to wade through to find good things

There's 7 whole rows of Elmo, Barney and other kid shows, but then there's this at the top. What's going there?

Is the autistic kid planning a heist by watching The Town?

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that's the row for dads

Well, I'll weigh in on my opinion. Overall, I'm glad that they're gone because piracy is better than rental, although the upside of rental is that you're kind of forced to watch the movie instead of leaving it on your backlog for years, a rental is a commitment to watch. The best thing about going to video rental stores was just holding the physical movies in my hands; looking and at the covers and blurbs on the back.
To some extent this still shapes my movie-discovering preferences. If the cover or poster appeals to me on a gut level, then I'll give it a watch without watching a commercial. I loathe commercials, I prefer making instinctual gut-level choices about what I choose to watch, and if a movie can't grab me then I won't watch it.

true. Prime has been going insane with pushing their original shit, it's listed in every category, it's own category, fucking annoying

>Well, I'll weigh in on my opinion. Overall, I'm glad that they're gone because piracy is better than rental,
Opinion discarded

hey how do you all feel about having to watch the mandatory previews and FBI warning before every movie? Do you miss that too?

The only plus is that physical media stores tend to have a better catalogue than most streaming services. HBO Max and Prime Video are really the only exceptions.

A little bit, now that I think about it. I was young enough that going was always a treat, and I can't remember them never having what I wanted because there was always something completely new for me to see. I think that's what I miss the most, the novelty of everything.
I do remember my dad randomly bringing back a copy of Turok for the N64, felt like he'd chucked me a pack of fags and his car keys and told me to go nuts, felt all grown up.
Eventually I moved to hiring out movies and games from the library instead because they were much cheaper, then found online piracy, and haven't paid for a movie or tv show in about 15 years.

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>larry boy
Key know.

I never had any beef with the FBI warning because they were pretty short. The forced previews made me feel like I was in a movie theater, so that was ok with me too. Mostly.

>literal baby movies
When I was his age I was already watching The Terminator.

Just hit the skip button. Most Blu-Rays don’t have previews now.

Local libraries exist and are free.

Anyone else used to have a splicing kit and remove random sections and the final 10 mins of the movie before returning?

Just pirate at that point. I think you just proved that piracy isn't the boogeyman that it's made out to be.

Hell no.

No one ever did that.

I’ve become completely convinced that autistic people are all just sociopaths. Imagine holding your entire family emotionally hostage by throwing tantrums about blockbuster until your father pathetically reconstructs one just to get him to stop flinging shit. Sociopaths, all of their behavior is innately selfish and they just don’t care about the harm they cause, autism is evil.

>its all fucking elmo

I’m just nostalgic for the pre-social media era in general. I miss the early 2000’s.

The town was kino

We used to cut pieces from the school's betamax videos too, splice them back in at random places.

I always miss the need to return some videotapes.

Sure you did, right after your dad who works at Nintendo got you a hooker that looks just like Princess Toadstool and her heart is made of gold and also she's rich.

Autists hands down.

>Returns movie at midnight.
>Not good enough. Late fee for you.


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>Seriously, what is it with Yea Forums and fake nostalgia for shit you never experienced?

Millenials realizing there in their mid to late 30s now so theyre nostalgic from when they were happy little children, before dad left, spot died and mom got new boyfriends.

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