Any films with an art deco aesthetic, I've seen Metropolis

Any films with an art deco aesthetic, I've seen Metropolis.

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Second half of the new nightmare alley

who is this lush vixen I lay my eyes on OP?

Batman Returns has gothic expressionism art deco aesthetic

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why isn't this Hunter Schaffer?

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


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she's posted all the time on Yea Forums, but don't worry she's too old for the posters here. Stop simping she doesn't need you.


Damn Jesse Eisenberg looking good these days

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I refuse to simp and will never simp. That is partly why I dont like her being posted here because she is the only woman that makes simpiness come out of me.

Also I want to live in my fairy land where she is pure and not evil and twisted like every other woman so I try to avoid seeing her stuff that isnt music

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you'll have to learn the hard way

I have learned I am such an unbelievably bitter and lonely person. Listen to her song exist for love or any of her music but that one in particular keep eye contact and try not to fucking cry.
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italian Telefoni Bianchi movies

her music isn't very good, pull yourself together.

it's very pretty music, I am a nature lover and such

google "art deco in movies"

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bro if knowing good music was a straight trait, you'd be the gayest man on earth

Thanks, This is great

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Art Deco is QVC core

Just because she deserves better

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Who is this dude?

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How many gangbangs do you thinks she's done?
I'm thinking too many to count.

heilung but it's an 1-person-act by a manufactured zoomer hippie singing milquetoast folk with her tiktok persona

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I'm seeing her live in August

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Hudsucker proxy?

"The Abominable Dr. Phibes" and "Dr. Phibes Rises Again". Both from the early 70s, both with some nice Art Deco stuff including a wind-up orchestra.

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It always runs in the family.

i guess because im attracted to hunter

indeed but each individual has different interests

Who is this 3/10 and why should I care?

i feel this as well. exist for love makes me realise what i am missing out on in life and something i probably will never have.

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You cannot convince me, in all my experience, if one sister likes the train the other doesn't.
I have put this theory into practice. It's infallible.

>she hit the wall
9/10 times they still are hot to me. Is it because I am not an incel?

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>I have entered a thread full of things i do not like and now I am mad

but you entered the thread pal

>if one sister likes the train the other doesn't
you're saying it yourself tardo
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A thread about art deco aesthetic, you coombrained degenerate.

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