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Because you INSIST on showing this shit to kids.

Because that's gay as fuck

because the other one people are gay

because faggotry is wrong

It's normal to be normal.

ok groomer

because one is natural and literally promoted by our very own biology by means of procreation, and is usually brought about by a mutual attraction and unforced bond between male and female, and one is not, and is brought about simply by grooming naive and impressionable younger vulnerable individuals and traumatizing them for the rest of their lives, usually by means of force or coercion.

I’ve got nothing against indoctrination as long as its in the defense of good.

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Why are you even showing your kids Disney movies anyway?

Man on man is gross and abhorrent. Not even religious.

society functions off of procreation

>why is normal and healthy thing good and abnormal and unhealthy thing bad?

hercules did butt stuff with iolaus, and achilles did back door things with patroclus.
greeks were just perverts

Hercules is very based

One is natural as God intended, the other is homosexual deviancy intentionally designed to indoctrinate children.

Because we could literally murder every faggot and dyke and still have a society that ran along just fine for a thousand years.

The number of faggots a society needs to perpetuate itself is zero.

If it was 2 women it would be just fine. Gayfags are unnatural

Because being heterosexual is normal and the default setting?

Most greek heroes were gay

Because the top picture is normal and the bottom picture is sexual deviancy.

Anything else? You're not normal and trying to impose your perversion on children is child abuse.

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Because being straight is normal and being gay is weird and gross and a sin simple as

Penis goes in vagina not poop hole. Why is this so hard to understand?

>the moment you start pushing pro-ana memes on teenage girls they get butthurt, such hypocrisy

Let me guess, the same people who claim the dinosaurs were giant chickens and ate grains.

Because no one wants to see two faggots kiss but most people are too polite to tell it to their face.

>be careful around kids! they are like SPONGES! so impressionable!!
>we HAVE to show them gay sex and teach them about lesbian dildo parties!

Because homosexuality isn’t normal and a sign of a decaying society. But worst of all its an abomination in the eyes of God.

men and women are supposed to kiss. they are the ones that need to have sex so we don't all die off as a species. guys fucking each others butts doesn't continue the human race
I don't believe the two guys kissing is indoctrination btw and im also a huge fag

This, women are naturally bi, but men have no natural attraction to their own gender.

Lmao you’re quoting from the antiquity equivalent of yaoishit. Plato himself taught that all the degenerate content in contemporary myths was the result of corruption by Cretan faggots.

I'm from Latin America

Both are indoctrination. But one has the right doctrine, and the other has a false one.

faggotry is a mental illness

The viewing children only exist due to the top image. The viewing children are in constant danger of the bottom image.

Homosexuality is normal you retard. boys have been fucking each other since forever
the only people that don't understand this usually also believe in something they think created literally the entire universe lmao

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Because faggot shit is degenerate. Normal people kissing is normal. You vetted rimmed by your AIDS partner is not.

Top is normal, bottom is abnormal.

Children grow up watching their parents be affectionate to each other, fags have no businesses doing this in front of kids

Literally every kid on the planet has a mother and father.

The ones I grew up with obviously are good considering they have warnings plastered on them on Disney+(I get it for free from work)

because i don't give a flying fuck if children know my sexuality. i didn't ask for cartoons with straight couples making out in them to be shown to children, it's just something disney did. homosexuals on the other hand demand that children be exposed to their sexuality in the most extreme ways currently allowed (and the bar moves with each passing minute)

>women are naturally bi
No they aren't, outside of mental illness women are straight just like men.

Faggotry is abnormal and always has been.

Because men kissing women is normal and men kissing men isn't.
But you already knew that considering this is a low effort bait post.

Read the Bible

>Homosexuality is normal
You don't know what normal means.

Because being gay isn't in anyway normal.

Lol retard.

Because fagotry is a mental illness. Promoting fagotry in order to destroy the family unit is Marxism.

No, it's disgusting and always has been. Taking it up the ass has no purpose but to fulfil a hedonistic desire. It's wrong and you should feel ashamed.

Why would Aladdin and Herc be in the same geographic vicinity or time line to even be gay for each other?
Seems like a big leap to make straight characters gay.

>Children grow up watching their parents be affectionate to each other
ahah ya

The only people who think it's normal are the people who can't define what a woman is lmao

>Homosexuality is normal
I don't think so, Tim. But im in full support of hot sexy sloppy lesbian sex (ONLY if the dykes are hot and not fat whales)

where can i learn more about this

None of you understand the definition of normal, or you're just a retard. Homosexuality is normal and natural. Sorry lol.

Facts don't care about your feelings, faggot.

This is what single parenting does to the children.

>Why is it normal when you breath air
>But it's drowning when you breath water? Bigot!

Greeks being secret gays and perverts is a myth. You would have your head lopped off caught in any adulteras acts.

Yeah you guys are complete fucking morons lol homosexuality is totally normal.
God isn't real btw

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Naturally occurring, not normal, dumbfag.

Because top is as the film story was presented while bottom is fan fic tier shit from me tally I'll people trying to groom little homos.

Are french people idiots just have a guy stand infront of a greenscreen

>BenShapirocel doesn't know all women are bisexual because he only has sex with men
>calls me a fag

Because one thing was broadly accepted as a cultural norm before the fact of its depiction in the cartoon and the other is not so much, or not to the same extent. Agree or disagree with the rightness/wrongness of this, it is nonetheless indoctrination to try to instil the same level of societal acceptance of the second, by putting it in media pre-critical-thinking children watch, in defiance of the lack of broader cultural agreement with it. This is making no judgement about ethics, simply stating the fact that to attempt to push for acceptance of something where there is none by default is by definition indoctrination, that's literally what it means

It's population control. When Roy E. Disney died there was a complete turn around in the company and they started pandering hard towards special groups. They now want the people watching these movies to "grow up", mix races so the US ends up like Spanish goblin countries, get STDs like candy and then die out to allow other countries to bomb us and for certain people to flood the country that every other obsesses over.

Nope, dumb fuck faggot, it's normal. totally fucking normal. The only time you don't see it happening even in healthy societies is when you have a bunch of psycho holy book thumping fags suppressing it

Homosexuals aren't natural or normal, you have a mental illness user, seek help

faggotry is just hypersexuality

spartans literally builded their culture around raping and killing cute boys.

No it isn't. It's a defect in our biology, albeit an entirely acceptable one. At our core we are animals and we are programmed to eat sleep and procreate being gay throws a big throbbing cock into the mix and ruins the last one.

Still not what normal means.

You get the rope, faggots.

Stupid faggot.

Because heterosexual is NORMAL and homosexuality is ABNORMAL. No amount of posturing and complaining on social media will change that.

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They literally threw the gay babies off of cliffs I'm thinking based

One is normal and natural and the other is wrong and disgusting

Same sex attraction only occures in women. Homosexuality in men is shitty, gross, and unpleasant for all parties and if you prentend otherwise it's because you're hopelessly naive or have an agenda to push.

So is killing fags, so I don't know why you're always such a fucking drama queen when you get dragged by a pickup truck.

>gays accusing other people of being gay
Why do you do this so much? Is is self-hatred? Outside of mental illness women are straight, just like men.

>it's normal guys, just ignore the fact our own bodies try to kill us when we do it

Your favorite cartoon show main character acts like flamboyant gay so i don't know why this is any different

Murder is normal and natural as well.
You'd better lock well your doors at night.

>this thread still up
>thread about a funny YT account instantly deleted (at worst, mildly offtopic)
why are they like this?


I've met multiple homosexuals who became gay after being raped and/or molested at a young age because that shit changes a person. You ever met a gay who became straight after a molestation? Didn't think so, faggot.

Both are both

You are an idiot and a christcuck and have zero experience with women.

5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?

6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

That's why

You are an idiot and a tranny and will never be a real woman.

YT account didn't pay for shill threads. this is a natural topic of film discussion.


because kids stories should be about teaching them human ideals and assfucking doesn't belong in that category.

bible thumping worthless idiots get so triggered lol like 50 replies in less than 5 mins. fucking pathetic
I didn't say I was a homo and yes it's both normal and natural. I will never understand why so many on Yea Forums are so uneducated about fucking everything outside of how to suck on zack snyder's poop
You have no idea what you're talking about. that shit doesn't matter lol it's normal and other animals do it too. Sex is more than just procreation. it's for loving and bonding and that's why we succeed as a species so much. you people are so simple minded holy fuck
Not an argument.
No it doesn't, same sex attraction happens in men to. Sex between two men can be clean and healthy
I'm not arguing for things being right but keep strawmanning
you're an idiot and yes gay people can be converted too


Found the child molesters lol

I'm a cisgender man, retard. I'm sorry for implying your imaginary tradwife wants to eat pussy tho, I seems to have really upset you.

kill yourself faggot nigger

Yeah, we should indoctrinate kids into becoming tradesmen, electricians, plumbers, firefighters, construction workers and craftsmen instead of being faggots.

This is one of the reasons why gays are so in your face and annoying, because you discriminate against them like this
Get rekt

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Homosexuality is unironically good because it's voluntary eugenics. If you are dumb enough to believe in jewish meme your genes deserve to be removed from the gene pool.

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